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PIP update

Hi not too long ago I had a pip assessment. Then after 2 weeks I got a phone call to say I will get pip but she could not tell me what rate over the phone. I couldnt believe it, I couldnt wait to recieve the letter. About 10 days later, got the brown envelope which said I am awarded standard care component and I got high mobility,, this has been a long 6 years of not giving up. I was refused DLA twice with pathetic excuses. In the end I lost my job and managed on ESA only. So pleased the way PIP has gone for me, hopefully more of you will qualify. Just dont give up, I nearly did but im so glad I carried on. Its going to make life so much more manageable. And my stress levels are lower now. Would still rather be better but this will help me so much.

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Brilliant I've got my assessment on 30 the Jan I'm dreading it


Excellent news x


Wonderful news I am so pleased for you it is like having an extra special early Christmas present. Spend a bit of the money on a little treat for yourself it gives us all a ray of hope.x


Such good news. I am so pleased for you. Joolz.x


Thank you so much for sharing your good news, hopefully it will give inspiration and hope to many members. I hope that you have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful pain free new year.

All my hopes and dreams for you



That is good news hope it comes early in 2015 for you . I had the assessment at home three weeks after a letter saying they have all the information and I am still waiting to hear the out come. Fingers crossed it is the right answer for me!

Happy Christmas



Well done

I am going for it again in the new year.

Be Well


Excellent news :-) what a good note to start the new year on!!



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