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so tired


Hi everybody, im Lou Lou and im new on here. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in november 2017 after being in pain for quite a few years , every day now i feel like im dragging my legs around and last night i couldnt uncross my legs without using my hands, im having physio and doing exercises at home , plus taking amitriptyline and tramadol but im not feeling the ease. feeling very down today.

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Hi lou_lou, and a very warm welcome to this lovely forum. You will get some good information and tips here, and meet some lovely people.

I'm sorry you're in a lot of pain and feeling down today. If you're able to have a bath, try some Epsom Salts in the bath water, as they are good at helping to ease aches and pains. Heat of any kind is helpful - electric blanket, hot water bottle, heat pads etc. I hope you get some ease soon xx

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Thank you for replying MOAL61 and thankyou for the advice . Will get some epsom salts tomorrow and try that. xx


Hello there lou_lou2018 It.s very nice to meet you. Sorry your feeling a little low right now i know it happens to the best of us that's for sure. I have had fibro for 30+years and like everyone else get my low mood days so can completely empathise with you. On such day I really do try to distract myself with some gentle hobby or a book.

For me distraction helps me get through the rough,tough days. Do you have any hobbies or crafts at all? Or maybe some relaxing music or a little self pampering can help lift the spirits. I do hope you have a better day tmw and can get some restful sleep this evening :)

If you need help with anything please just ask. The members and admin team are always happy to help if and where they can xx


PS you may like to take a look at our main website it's full of great information you may find helpful :)

I understand I have a lot of down days I just try to live with it but I think it gets to all of us u are not alone take care

I went for a short walk and my back felt as though it was grinding bone on bone and my legs were like lead...I do get days like this and just force myself to keep going....I am so jealous of normal healthy people it's almost like I feel angry all the time. We all have good and bad days.

This forum is wonderful for moral support ! Welcome 😀😀😀

Thank you for leaving your comment , its lovely to chat to others who have the same condition. Been through a lot this past two years , mum having breast cancer and dad being diagnosed with alzheimers so its been non stop for me and as everything has slowed down i just feel like im falling apart and im only 36. my knees are wearing away and i also have a pace maker fitted to make my bowel muscles work as they was totally distroyed during child birth which left me bowel incontinent . i think im just feeling a little run down .

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