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Im tired fighting :(

Havent applied for dla as its too hard and too emotional. My doctor says im not going to get any better and i need to learn to live with it and accept help.

I work 20hrs but im shattered doing it, i cant get in and out of my car very easily but i cant afford to buy a different one. I wouldnt know where to start with the blue badge, dla or anything else as there is no one in the area. The house we built (because we couldnt afford to buy or rent) had to have a downstairs bedroom and bathroom because i struggle to get up the stairs.

My health visitor has a lady coming to me once a week to let me have 1hr to myself to rest. Im struggling with the fact they have to say my son needs help so that they can put something in place for me.

I am tired fighting with the Fibro, myself, and everyone else. I really feel like giving up totally.

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hi mattjam

im feelin that way 2 2day 4 different reasons but i know given up is not an option because ma family don't understand me but they would b crushed if i did the easy option 4 maself.

please keep ur chin up and phone breathing space on 0800838587 i swear by them.

i hope this helps please don't give up xx


No i wouldnt do that i love my family with everything i have. I just read on here about people getting blue badges or not getting dla or not and its all such a fight and the stress is the worst thing for fibro why can the powers that be not see what they are doing. They really dont care and thats the bottom line. Sorry to be so negative, this angers me also as i have always been such a positive person i feel that fibro has taken everything away from me. :( But i will give myself a kick up the backside and put my fake smile on and get on with it as thats all i can do :(


If you have a health visitor she should be able to help you find someone to fill in forms. Try the cab as well.

Soft hugs xxx



Yes they will help but its a two hour drive.

Thank you for your hugs x Im sorry just having a negative couple of weeks will get back to putting on the fake smile soon :(


It's OK to take a break from fighting for a while. I have because even with cancer I was turned down for DLA recently when the Macmillan Nurse had filled in the forms for me. Right now I get just enough money to cover all my bills but nothing for extras and that will have to do for now.

I will take up the fight again in a few months when I know where I am healthwise in general. Please don't give up permanently, but I think it's OK to give yourself a break. When you are ready as has been suggested your health visitor should be able to link you in to other services.

Whippet x


Bless you Whippet it makes me cross that when you need it most you get let down! x Im only tired of fighting fibro my love i dont have your battles xxx

Big cuddles to you xx at least we all have each other on here xxx


Everyone who has chronic pain understands the way you are feeling. Don't give up with the DLA, give yourself a target of one or two pages a day and you will get through it. Unfortunlately we all have to fill in these awful forms if we expect to get any benefits. I am a little confused that you are receiving respite ( although only 1 hr) but you are still working. Many of my friends with fibro who are unable to work cannot get any respite. This would be a good time to fill in your forms when you have time to yourself. If you were able to get DLA it will raise your Tax credits and you may be able to afford to leave work as tryisupported down a job when you are I'll is a battle you are not going to win. Don't give up, we all feel like this but the odd day have the courage to try something new.


I get respite because the health visitor said thats the only help she can get me but she had to write down that my sons needs were not getting met and by me resting it would help. I dont have the energy to fill in forms in my 1hr as i can barely see when i finish work im so tired.

I know we all feel like this thats why i come on here so i can say how i feel without being judged. I dont know why some people get things and others dont but i just want my life back.


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