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The Bad Days

The Bad Days

I know we are all different and we suffer this Fibromadness differently. I must admit I did not know what people meant when they said they could not get out of bed. I could. OK it hurt and it took forever to do anything, however I got up and got about. I felt a little proud about that fact and even thought that some people were just wallowing. And it is here that I apologise for that thought to everyone who has this Fibro thing. Yesterday I had a bad day. A really bad day. A day when if someone said do you want to be put down, I may just have said yes. A day when I could not get out of bed, I could not move, I could not do anything. So a huge apology and my smugness is now firmly back in its box. The problem with a lot of this is having the mental energy to carry on with life. Carrying pain around with you like a sack of potatoes is exhausting and when you have a few good days (well days when you can get around) and then a bad day comes and hits you on the head like an elephant in free fall, the depression it brings with it is overwhelming. That is the bit that is so difficult to explain to people. Most days I can laugh at it. I treat it like a monkey on my back. I refuse to let it rule my life. Yet sometimes it does. The monkey wins and all I can do is lay down and let it play. Still today it has eased up and today I am able to spend a little time here at the computer and attempt to change my working life so can earn a living. So here is to all our monkeys, and learning to live with them if we cannot get rid of them.

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Hi and welcome. This is such a great site, lots of us all have the same problems and we can 'get together and chat' if only on a computer.

I've realised I'm fortunate after joining the site, I'm not as bad as everyone else. All I can say is thank goodness! I'm just so sorry everyone is in so much pain. Maybe my turn will be coming soon, I don't know.

I'm still working and finding it hard but I can see from all the posts here that I'm lucky I can still do it. I'm at my worst in the mornings and evenings. Getting out of bed is awful but thankfully I do ease up a little for a while and then ache like mad all evening.

I was going to ask a strange question. How does everyone relax and sit on a chair or sofa in the evenings? I sit there for a while and then think, I must move. But then I can't and when I finally do, boy is it painful.

I've always been a positive person and smile through most things life throws at me and like a good giggle so it's good to find a site where there are likeminded people. Today my memory isn't at its best, I feel all 'confuddled'.


I really understand the thing about needing to move and not being able to without a lot of pain. I don't have an answer except to get up as often as possible. I used to love curling up on the sofa with my legs under me, that is out of the question now. Still, at least I can get up. Keep on going Sue.


I know about the depression of bad days. I'm having a bad week. Husband doesn't get it and travels for work so not always around. Kids becoming a handful. Poor pets are 3 and 4 and I've had this dice before they were born. They're the only reason I don't just lie down and give up. But right now in such a bad place. Worst it's ever been. I lie, last time this bad ended up with a overdose and being committed for a week. But that was twelve years ago and I've grown up since and have my babies. Still, one things for sure. Once this flare up over I won't complain about my 'normal' pain days!!!


Hi every1 I no how you all feel having the bad days, and when any1 looks at you and because you look ok then you must be ok!! Some1 told me to "google" something and after i had read it all i could do was cry & wish i had it sooner to let people read it just so they could understand just how our days really are.If any1 out there has any1 close that still doesnt understand, just ask them to "Google" the The Spoon Theory, and that should do the trick, it did for my friend n family. x


Isn't it awful. And I've noticed, I say to people I've got fibromyalgia and most people look at me blank and others say what's that and some say oh, my friend's got that but I find no-one actually knows exactly what it is. Well, those who don't have it of course. It just doesn't seem widely known - not amongst my friends and people I come into contact with anyway.

I agree with you 'bevhepting' I must remember to keep moving. I get on the settee after 10 hours with a small child and can't get comfy and when I move around trying to, I shout ooooh very loudly and then decide I'm better off not lying there.

Poor you mel, don't feel all alone, everyone here is in more or less the same boat. We can have a good chat. xx


I completely understand Bevhepting, it is better to keep moving.

There was a time when I had to give up work, but back now thank goodness.

The isolation was probably the worst thing for me, I had always been outgoing

but I lost my confidence totally. It feels so good to hear other peoples stories.

I just dont go on about it to my family, they have enough on their plates.

Thank you. SanieD


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