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Flu like feeling ? Load the gun !!! Joking

Hi everyone and happy new year to all xx

I'm sure you have all had a similar day but from the minute I got up yesterday I just felt awlful. I mean worse than normal.

I opened my eyes in bed and thought no this doesn't do me any good to lay here and feel sorry for myself so I got up and fed the dogs and just did small jobs. Ie put a bit of washing on and then put it in the dryer. I really paced myself and sat down in between every job like a good girl.

My husband has a six foot fish tank that we are trying to sell because it's become my job to look after and I've put my foot down to say no more but it still has to have the pump cleaned until it goes so I did that but asked someone to get it out and put it back for me.

Then I laid down for an hour before cooking dinner but after that I felt like I had 3 doses of flu. I don't think I have felt that bad for many years I literally didn't know what side to lay on in bed. I half joke and I wouldn't do it but I really wouldn't have cared if a vet had put me down.

I have had an emotional time in the last month with my partners aunt turning on me after me dedicating 10 years of my life looking after her and her husband. I have learned my lesson ! Then my dear Labrador collapsed on me before Christmas and was in the vets for 4 days. Luckily he is back home but they reckon he only has a few months.

I think that what we and people around us don't realise is that stress around us does not necessarily affect us straight away and can get us later on and can last a long long time.

Us fybro people seem to be a type !!! Very very soft xxxx

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What a stressful and emotional time you are having.

Sometimes we just keep going and going because we feel there is no-one else who can do it like we can. Then when we stop or give ourselves a breather it is like crash and burn!

I liken it to busy working people having the flu during their holidays or a migraine at the weekend. Almost as if their bodies are "allowed" then, strange isn't it.

Look after yourself and give in to some TLC from the family, you deserve it.


Ah. The dreaded stress and Fibro combination. Know it well. Hope you get some relief soon 🐸

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Hope you are feeling a bit better by now. Yes stress seems to make all the symptoms worse. So sorry to her about your dog they are such an important parts of ourl lives andanything tuat happens to us affect us badly.We are slow learners in not realising that we have to look after ourselves as well as others as from reading so many posts we seem to be there doers and carers of the world and we oftn forget to consider ourselves. I learnt a salatory lesson that the majority of people who Ihad helpedon innumerable occasions over the years weren't there for me when I became ill probably because I was of noise to them anymore but it makes you value the others more.x

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I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have been suffering and struggling so much, and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon. I am so genuinely sorry to read that your Labrador collapsed on Christmas day and that your partners aunt has turned against you. I think that you are totally right that stress can have an accumulative affect and takes its time to creep up on us.

Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thank you Ken. You are very kind. How are you doing at the moment ?

I meant to write back to you about the Voltarol suppositories or in the generic form Sodium diclofenac suppositories. I do not use these too often , probably 6 times a month unless on a flare. I was changed on to them from the tablets due to tummy problems and it does seem to help.I also take Omeprazole 20mg when I'm using the suppositories.

I use the 100mg dose and find that it does help with the pain. There are a few drawbacks to this medication and I'm sure that no one will mind me telling you what they are. We can all have a laugh about it.

1) you have to put them up your bum ( do not forget to take off the sharp wrapper as this can be very painful !!) I worked in pharmacy for 14 years I have many stories haha

2) Once inserted I find it best to distract yourself as it feels as though you need to go to number 2's. Don't ! It's just melting.

3) When you have been using the suppositories and you need to break wind go to a toilet to do this as there maybe some small leakage. ( this is the voice of experience ! Haha )

Now I have revealed my most intermate details to everyone I hope that this helps lol.

These suppositories have saved my sanity several times.

Happy New Year everyone and bottoms up !

Sally xx


Thank you so much for that, I genuinely appreciated you explaining more about them. I am going to discuss them with my GP next week so I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will prescribe some for me to try.

I am not too bad at the moment thank you, my pain levels are slightly elevated but not too much. I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today?

I want to gneuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)

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