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bad days and good days

good morning everyone .

i hope everyone has had a good week ..

i feel like frankensteins monster today ....stiff joints and painful aches everywhere ...

theres been a lot of colds around where i live and trying to explain to people that if i get a cold it sets off my fybro.......people can be so ignorant sometimes though ..

if one more person tells me " o its just a summer cold ..wont kill you " one more time!!! ...

i get that .." o you dont look ill " i supposed to wear a badge telling everyone i have fybro ?

proper sign for me would be woman on the edge not mess with her ! ... :)

as i sit here drinking my tea ...taking my pills and trying to numb the pain enough to get going ..all i can think of is the damn fybro fog has descended and taken away my get up and go again!!! ...

ah well will come back sooner or later ....i hope :) .....

rant over

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Awh bless....

Totally get it about the signage. ....

A friend gave me a Mood Calendar. ....I just turn over to one of about 25 words with accompanying image that describes me at the time. sits in full view on the mantle.

Its on 'cranky' a lot more these days!

I have great purpose and full of udeas and plans .... only to wake up next morning with a great fog depriving me of any get-up-and-go what so ever! I feel robbed!

Today I will look at the ironing and decide if I even care .....

Have a great day xx


I can really identify with your post. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia earlier in the year, after about two years of being told it was a virus or various other things. I am lucky in that I don't have the severe pain some people get, but am really struggling with not being able to get on with things. I have always been involved in many clubs and hobbies but these days rarely have the energy. After having a couple of good days where I feel almost 'normal' it is such a disappointment to go back to the fibrofog and hardly having the energy to do anything. Still, I suppose that I should be thankful that I do have some good days ☺


perfect description of me today, my heads really heavy having hard job to hold it up as my neck is hurting to. at least the rain means i don't feel like i should be doing something.

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ive just been round to my local shop to get some shopping now totally knackered and its going to be really hard to get up and do what i want too if only i could remember where my get up and go went i might be ok ....cuppa tea and a good dose of thinking about it is called for now methinks :) ....


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best.

All my hopes and dreams for you


PS. At least we won the ashes!


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