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new pieces of advice

Hello everyone: sorry for being away so long. I have been reading posts but I just haven't really had the energy or motivation to reply. Anywhere else I might be judged for that but here I know I'm safe.

So anyway. My current problem is exhaustion. I am so much more tired than normal but I'm fighting it. Slowly. My mum gave me some great advice the other day and a few things have really hit me this week from the tv. I've put them together here for you. They may be of no use. But they may help. And that to me will be a little win. (Explained below)

1) slowly slowly catch a monkey

Mum said this this week with regard something totes different but I took it inboard for fibro. Take it slow, no... Slower still... Eventually we will win. The fibro is a hare and we are the tortiouse. We will get there in the end.

2) I won't give up

If you haven't heart I won't give up by Jason mraz then you need to. I think it has a great message. That almost chant like saying to yourself. I won't give up... Even when the road is tough

3) little wins

This just came to me - I know it's been said before but it finally stuck. Anything that is a success - ie I just did the dishes - I'm giving myself a little win for. Like a mini celebration that I did something good. Everytime I acknlodhe it - and it seems to help.

4) hard left

This was something that a character said on some horrid made for TV movie. However I lived the sentiment behind it. Instead of hitting a brick wall.. You simply take a hard left. So when something goes wrong (from dropping an egg to being paralysed with pain) I don't think oh f*** anymore. Mearly.. Time for a hard left turn - cooking without eggs or changing my days plan to relx.

Hope you are all ok

I won't give up.


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Sometimes I just love uto bits usay the right things at the right moment jase is a special man petal


Also, just to add something... The pain clinic had a statement too... Do more on a bad day and less on a good day. In other words when you are feeling ok-ish, don't try and do too much as it will make more bad days



Lovely that is and agree a lot even if sometimes its harder some days.

You keep the positive and the smiles as i too say as others follow a long .


Caroline xx


Thank you. I am also struggling with fatigue at the moment. I sleep at least 8 hours at night and at the moment sleeping 2 to 3 hours in the day.

I am using 3 alarms and my mum phoning in the morning to get up and my daughter in the afternoon/early evening.

Just don't know what to do about it.


Fibrosam, I agree with what you have said, and Jess35, My pain clinic and osteopath has said the same, on a bad day, even if you get out of bed and rest down stairs, that is a good achivement and excersice. I also am suffering from fatiuge at the moment, even though I am exhausted, I just can't sleep. I managed to get dressed today, without my husbands help, cor blimey....It took me an hour, exhausted me, my husband told me off for not getting him to help, and Atos, say am capable for work, crazy.....Well I hope you're feeling better everyone, and at least we know we have each other for support .


Wow! Must be the weather. I am struggling with exhaustion too. I just can't stay awake. I have no energy at all. Am now going for another sleep. Gentle hugs all x x


That's very inspiring! Thank you Sam! XXX


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