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I feel so weighed down!!

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Hi all I haven’t been on for while been unwell and bizzy, so just wondering if anyone else does what I do? So I start things and just never finish them like good eating exercise new hobby ect and I just give in I think it is my moods and I no it sounds so silly like (we’ll just keep at it) but it’s like I cant I put so much effort into to organising it then I do it for couple days and then give up. My fibromyalgia has kicked in big time last few day I feel like I have weights on and it’s even hard to move. My back n legs are hurtingme and I just allway feel like I get 2/3 ok days and the rest back to pain fatigue and starting all over again 😔

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Thats exactly how i feel although i seem to get one good day in a week and the rest i cant even get out of bed and im 26. I don't know how ling you have had fibromyalgia but since ive known about mine i feel like somebody has fast forwarded 60 years n my bodys is about to give up!! Hope you get more good days hun xxx

I have had it for 2 year and I am 28 and feel 78 it’s terrible when it’s like this just really feel like you dragging a massive weight behind you doesn’t it hope you are well thanks for replying

Thats ok hun, my neck and shoulders are so bad today i cant even sit up cause when i do i just want to drop my head forward or backwards. How you feeling today ? X

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Hi there, sorry to hear your struggling. I'm afraid pacing s the name of the game when suffering with Fibro. Pacing ourselves is hard to do I've been trying to do it for the last 30 years without much success to be honest :(

Maybe your trying to do too many things at once which can feel very overwhelming and then we end up doing nothing. This can make us feel very frustrated. I'm sure we all understand how that feels. I would definitely read up on the pacing technique I'm sure it would help you get to the end of one of your hobbies /projects. I do hope you have a good day :)

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