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Feel so old!

Rant alert!

This past week I've been feeling like a little old lady. There's so much I'm finding so hard to do at the moment, even just getting off the couch. I really don't know what to do with myself and I'm finding it hard to be my normal, chirpy self. I knew some days were going to be hard, I just wasn't expecting to feel so old through it. I used to take everything for granted and now I am paying for it ( or so it feels). Now I'm so slow, clumsy and sleepy, I'm finding it hard to adjust :(.

Sorry had to get it out of my system.

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It does take time to adjust and it is a grieving process.. I have had fibro for 23 years and I still have down days where I still look at people my own age and older who are much fitter and able. It may be worthwhile seeing your GP there are Lots of meds out there to keep your fibro at a mangable level for most of the time, i have even had counselling at one point when I just went through a period of not liking the person I had become.... I have come out the Otherside and have pretty well adjusted to the new me, but would I swap back if I could.. Too right. So don't be too harsh on yourself rant on here.... But if you haven't got the meds that suit you and help go back to your GP and see what things he can offer

VG x


Thanks :) I only got diagnosed 3 weeks ago so still waiting on lots of appointments and seeing how my new meds work. I think im just frustrated because I don't know what's happening behind the scenes. Plus frustration that I can't get out.


It's not nice is it, you look in the mirror and think

God who's this old biddy with the dark bags under

Her eyes,

Then you limp away from the mirror, and don't look

Because tomorrow you just might feel,better and it's

A horrid nasty b.... That we have.

But on the other hand, your not going to die, but your

Life will change, you will get used to some of the pain

And learn to live a different life with days when you feel

Almost like you used to feel

And there is so much going on regarding medication

We will get help, at some time,

Look at the good things in your life, and take each day

As it comes, if you worry about this illness then you

Will hurt more.

Learn as much as you can about fibro, I have had it for

A few years but I have learnt so much from in here and

Other information on the net there's lots of information

Out there.

You will come across people who don't believe you have

Anything wrong with you, we have all been there, no one

Really, understands fibro unless they have it as well

That's why people in here are your friends because

They have all been through what you are going through


I am only just beginning to bid farewell to myself as I knew her one thing I do know is that this new weaker person who cant do what she used to be brilliant at WILL learn to bebthe best she can be agsin msybe not atnthe same level but at whatever level it is I will not punish myself or feel bad if I can help it and what other people think is there opinion it doesnt mske it true they do not know me and at the end ofbeach day it will be me myself and my shadow left to cope I had to face the need to die before I could get up from the floor (no further to fall lol)hang in there step by step ask for help on here dont wait until you break as i did hugz petal


Thankyou everyone :) im in an emotionally better place today which makes things easier to deal with :)


Hi trae

That's good to hear. It's amazing what a good rant, support from good forum friends and a good nights rest can do :-)

I know what you mean though!

Love n hugs Karen xxxxxx


Yeah it defo helps lol :D x


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