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Why do I feel so low


Some times I hate myself for feeling so low I try hard to look at all the good things in my life but I still feel robbed. why can't I run and play with my Granddaughters why do I feel so worn out all the time. I know its fibro I know I can't help being this way but when I get like this I cry a lot which I know upsets hubby as he feels helpless he can help me dress and do all the everyday things he does for me but when I get like this he does not know what to do.

I am getting a lot of days like this at the moment .

any advice or help to lift my mood would be grateful before I get that low to do something silly .

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What meds are you on , if any, maybe you need a meds reveiw... Sometimes our bodies get used to meds and don't work as efficiently... Are you on an antidepressant ... I had to try 4 before I found one that suited me perfectly .... I am not depressed anymore but it helps me sleep....

Have you ever asked your GP for councelling I thinks lots of us on here myself included have had some form of councelling at one time or another....

I really think you should visit your GP .. With someone to support you to explain exactly how you are feeling... And of course if you feel down like now ... Post on here or contact the Samaritans they are there to listen, but it sounds like you have a wonderful OH

I don't know how long you have had fibro, if its not been that long and it could be a few years it does take a long time to get used to the way your life has changed and its usual to feel angry and depressed ...but it will get better

Vg x

Corpew in reply to Hidden

I have had fibro for 16 years but never felt this low before and if I was to list all meds it would take half a page main meds are nefpam pregabalin steroids zaflucast bit of a mix but not just got fibro

Hi Corpew,

Sorry you're feeling so low. I guess we all get times when we feel like you do, but depression is treatable, so as VG says, you would get help if you told your GP how bad you are feeling. Once your depression is treated you will feel much better and be able to cope.

I hope you feel better very soon, so please keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on.

Moffy x

Corpew in reply to ladymoth

thanks Moffy will go to GP as I need to see him for swollen legs they wont go down and are painful sorry for moaning xx

hi corpew,

you are not alone in what you are feeling.

there is a huge change in our lifestyle, the plans we had for our future and self-confidence..

we grieve for the "old us".allowing yourself time to feel a grieve is important.

I tell family & friends .I'm feeling low and just need to let it out.

but things do improve.

we adapt, make new plans, find and appreciate new interests and learn to roll with the disappointments, and learn how to pace yourself..

this doesn't mean that everyday is great. I have bad days, but have learned from the wonderful, supportive people here that I am not on my own any more.

Here,people listen, understand, don't judge, and offer helpful suggestions.

I agree with vg and moffy and hope you get help with your depression, the right med's and counselling.can help.

your hubby.sounds lovely.

please come back on and let us know how you are.



Corpew in reply to hamble99b

thanks Sandra as I said to VG had fibro for 16 years and thought I knew all pit falls but seems a new one as bit me on the bum will see GP xxxxx

I dont think the long winter and rubbish weather has helped. Yep see gp and see about happy pills. Luckily you are not on your own, a supportive oh is always helpful. Finding simething to do ie a hobby is agreat help as it can involve you and helps you switch off from the painand feelings of uselessnesss for a little while xx

Hi, this awful weather hasn't helped anyone. Today is back to rain and wind after a few days of sunshine. I've felt low too, but getting outside even into the garden for a bit helps. But do go and see your GP as low dose antidepressants can do wonders, but they can take up to 6 weeks to work, so be aware of that. Good luck. x

Oh Corpew, I have actually dragged a duvet under a table and cocooned myself before when my depression was bad!!! Under the computer desk actually. Hub took a call from my daughter and he walked into the room saying "I'm sure she was here a minute ago, (bends down) ah, she will call you back!"

Funny now but not at the time.

I now take citaliprim (sp) and had, at the time, some counselling. You need to take only baby steps but as long as you feel you are doing something positive towards getting to gp, asking abuot meds etc, that positivity will, in itself, propel you forward and, like a snowball, hopefully you will gather up confidence and some answers and help.

Hugs Ali

Hi hun

Speak to yourGP,and say how u feel.Your not alone we all feel like this with fibro.I'm grateful I can still work,unlike others that can't,but believe me I often feel awful and can't gointo work,even though i'm only voluntary.Please get help hun.Hugs.xxx

I feel for you, I understand the frustration sometimes you can take the disappointment other times it seems overwhelming I do find weekends the hardest. Husband and kids went bike riding on Monday, I felt happy for them but sad for me, I so much wanted to jump on that bike and be part of the 'family'. I decided to drive and meet them where they had agreed to stop pushed down feelings of 'oh i will stay at home then' and felt better by meeting them, at least I felt in part involved. I think sometimes it is find a way around things but this is not easy when you are feeling low and depressed. Maybe some medication is clashing or is causing you to feel lower, some drug side effects can be low mood, so may be good to review your meds too. Sometimes a little holistic intervention can help, like reflexology, a nice hair cut or a manicure to make you feel a bit special can help. I read somewhere that a 10 second hug can help relieve tension and give you a sense of wellbeing, I did not believe it until I tried it, have used it on my kids too, there is something about the 10 seconds that seems to have an effect. Can explain it. Warmest wishes.

Sorry that should have read can't explain it!


So sorry to hear you are feeling so low. All the advice given above is obviously good and can't really be added to.

The only bit I think I can add is about your frustration that you can't run and play etc with Grandaughter.

My Grandson is 7 and I had so many things planned that I wanted to do with him. Now I look at the areas of his life that I CAN still partake in. Sometimes I am merely an observer when he does things with others, but other times I have lists of things prepared for us to do in advance of a visit. He has ADHD so can be quite challenging, but views these 'Grandma' activities as our special adventure time. I'm waffling a bit, but one of the things I do is keep a 'bank' of things we can do together. I have a RED box for things I can cope with on my bad days. YELLOW for the things I can do on 'OK' days, and GREEN for better than normal days.

When he visits he asks me what colour box he can choose from today and we take it from there.

It ranges from him bringing photos and bits etc from home ( things he has done between visits) - (we then add them to his scrap book) - to a visit to the swimming pool where he can play and I can wallow like a beached whale!

When it gets too much for BOTH of us (him with his ADHD and me with Fibro etc) - I suggest a pyjama type day in front of the DVD.

Sorry this is such a long and drivelling post, but 'fog' setting in.

Please don't let this awful condition drag you further down - go get your meds sorted and take gentle hugs from all of us on here.



80% of seratonin is stored in the gut. Mayne its soomething your eating that's building up toxons? Its worth looking at Lectin groups (google the Lectin story) its worth checking out nightshades for instance. They can really make me feel sluggish. Replacing potatoes with sweet potatoes and cutting out tomato and peppers...and tobacco has made quite a difference to my feel good ability.

I also keep a positive event diary deliberately leaving out negative thinking.....trying to trick the chemicals.....

I hope you feel better soon xxx

Hi there is not more to be said,I quite agree with all the other posts. I am the same ,and have read all the comments and some even help me!! So thankyou x x

I am sending you a 10second rainbow hug x :-)

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( :-) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I no how you feel as I am the same i still can't get my head around it all as i cant run and play with my kids it hurts a lot my little girl has her birthday coming up and she want to go the a dration manor for her birthday i no i cant go with them my hubby is taking her as i wount be able to walk that far i hate myself for have this and taking my life away as i am still young only 34 and have kids 15/10/5 i have no life it really gets me down and all the meds i have to take just to get me up

gardaqueen in reply to stoker

Seperate heartfelt hugs for you.


i cant run about with my grandchildren..but i can sing in a stupid voice...know silly songs and make them laugh till they wet them selves...bake cakes in strange colours..can make a song up about any thing they ask me...read books with all the art of a comic performer..and they love me!..they dont care i cant do cartwheels any more but i have explained why..please try and focus on what you have pet..xxxx

Thank you all for wishes and help been to GPs tonite and now happy pills will blog in a few days to let you know how its going

THANK YOU ALL for everything xxxx

I have had a really bad day yesterday so tired , ached all over do not know how i got to work good job i only work 8hrs a week it is light work . I do it to make sure it keeps my brain working and makes me take pride in myself , i am 65 this year i know i cannot do it much longer also suffer with SADs roll on the warm weather .

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