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so down

How much have we fibro and me sufferers have to go on like this, its getting me so down every day its just wake in pain, feel tierd go back to sleep, its the same thing day in day out. Some times i can sleep up too two days in a horrible sweaty sleep so depressing, esp when you get people who say pull your self together and have a night out, if only i could. If i go for a slow walk to my mams or do a bit light house work thats me asleep for the rest of the afternoon and night, sorry for ranting just feel really down and just want to scream xxxxx

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im so sorry your feeling so down, i know how you feel , its hard to pull your self up from all this, i had a reasonable good week last week , but today was just like you , it started last night when i was aching all over and in pain, i got up this morning had to take pain killers right away, my legs felt like jelly and my balance was all out, i tend to fall when im like that, but i went to do a little shop and came home , i had to lay down and i fell asleep for two hours, my shopping baqs still on the side when hubby came in, what i try and do is pace my self take one day at a time , if i work one day i have a rest day the next , if it means i sleep then so be it, its so hard i know , but try it i do feel better working my days like this , on my rest day i just potter or watch telly , the other i set my self a goal to do my house work , the next working day will be my washing and i find i manage to keep up with things better, try it out , its not perfect but i feel it the next best thing, i feel that by the end of the week i have done things, it makes me feel more indepentant, take care and god bless suex


Ignore those who tell you to pull yourself togethr .... it's not really their fault - but they just haven't got a clue.

Do what feels best to you (or least bad) and let everything else be someone elses problem not yours.

I've had a bad fibro day today; head, shoulders, knees and toes and back and neck and groin and glands too. BUT tomorrow is another day - hopefully a better day :-)

Julie xx


hi, i agree with sue..i sometimes sleep for days,and think omg its fri/sat etc again! it may sound silly but i have started to make a list at night..go to letter,..etc ,small things but at the end of the day you feel as if the days not been wasted,and are you deppressed? its a vicious circle,we sleep because we are depressed..we get depressed coz we are sleeping!and the less we do the more we are tired..hard i know when your in pain...but sometimes we have to concentrate to break the cycle..take care xx


Thanks for your replys, its just its so frustrating at the moment i always try to set goals the night before but most of the time i over sleep even though i have 3 alarm clocks on, yes 3 lol, i just feel exhausted all the time i would just like even 2 days a week where iam normal (what ever that mines ha ) hope you all have a good nice painless sleep gentle hugs paula xx


We are always here for you Paula, we understand how you feel, we really do. Don't take any notice of people who don't understand, who haven't a clue about our pain, our fatigue and total exhaustion with battling every day. It's hard for people to understand who don't live with it.

It is like Pondminstrel says, a vicious circle that just goes round and round and sometimes we have to concentrate, so true. Somehow we have to break this circle but we can only try to do this during a better period. It's no good trying it when we feel low and so poorly as you do now. Once you get a better day set yourself one challenge and just focus on that one thing, have rest before and after doing it. It doesn't have to be anything enormous, it can be just getting out of bed, making yourself breakfast, reading the paper, any one of those things. Let's face it, just one of those things is such a victory some days. Other days we can't even manage one thing. If you achieve this one thing and the rest period afterwards, you are slowly pacing yourself. Maintain this for a few days and then if you can manage try introducing something else again with rest periods and so on.

I know it might sound impossible, but I do this. At one stage I couldn't even get out of bed for months, then slowly setting minute challenges I started to do things again. Yes I lapse back often, but when I feel a bit better again, I start pacing again. When you pace with rest periods you build you energy resources too. It's slow, but it works and once you've learnt how to do it, you can do it! If I hadn't managed it myself I might have doubted it, but it is possible. The secret is rest periods, they only need by for 15 minutes or so at a time, but slowly you will acclimatise and be able to introduce more into your days and also regulate your bed times and wake times.

If you don't understand what I've tried to explain please message me and I will try to clarify.

Happy to help! :)

Take care Paula and I hope you feel better really soon.


Oh paula i really agree on all been said above.

I set myself little goals to keep myself going and help with depression.

I write to my kids every day and then tale a very slow walk to the shop.

I pop my music on my phone which helps with pain.

I rest in intervals.

I meditate now when i can.our days take over and we lose ourselves.tale care chin up.x


I just read you post, it sucks doesn't it, I'm thinking of you

Hugs love Nicki xxx


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