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Knee pain

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Hi I’m new here. I have recently been diagnosed with fibro after suffering with back back, and recently knee pain, since being diagnosed with M.E in 2012!

My query is this.

I had a hot radox bath last night (the muscle relaxing one), haven’t had a bath for a few months as takes too much energy out of me ( usually shower) . As soon as I stepped out of the shower my knees were killing me. They’ve actually woken me up with the pain. They feel like they’re throbbing now. I just don’t get why after a relaxing bath that I would be in so much pain. Really wondering if rheumatology missed something with my knees. There was inflammation on X-ray but she never mentioned the X-rays when I saw her for a diagnosis. I currently take amitriptyline for the pain. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Good morning B12helpme and a very warm welcome to the group it's good to have you aboard.

If you would like to lock your post this link will show you how. Most members prefer to answer locked posts. This keeps what you write private to this community.

I also have knee problems like many other members. I have to use a bath as the shower is too painful. But I understand feeling the knee pain worse after a bath especially when it's playing up. I think it's the heat of the water making the heat (inflammation) around the knee worse. Like burning your finger and then running it under a hot tap if that makes sense. It is quite early in the day for me lol

I hope you have a very pleasant day and we see you again on the forum :)


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