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Sore legs and can’t walk


Hello this is really upsetting me been crying today as I can’t physically walk for any length of time , it’s getting worse ,

Also my shoulders keep clicking any suggestions what that could be 😃

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Hi friend. I know exactly how you feel. My legs were the very 1st things to go on me and still are. I can still walk, but my God the pain and fatigue in my legs is crippling most of the time. In regards to your shoulders, that is part of having fibromyalgia. I find that stress (tensing up) and some form of physical activity can cause that type of shoulder problems. I hope you get some relief, take care, Mags x

Hi Jackie

I have the same problem with my legs and arms. My knees are so sore i sleep with a pillow between my knees and my legs ache. My ankles are sore to touch. My feet are so sore it is hard to walk. My arms ache as well. Every week something else hurts. That is fms for ya! Hang in there and think positive thoughts. Stress makes it worse so be kind to yourself

I know how you feel - it can be very dehabiliting - I also get numbness in top of legs so it’s can be incredibly painful and cold too thoughts are with you both

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I get the cold feeling on my legs a bit like cold air is being blown on them but it’s not. Very weird

Yes so do I Patdoyle I often think there is a draught from somewhere and end up sat by a radiator trying to warm cold muscles,, the only remedy is movement really and daily stretches, once the muscles build/pump up less cold feelings get in, I also put a TENS machine on sore muscles incl. arm tops and at night I have a Toning machine with pads.

I've found the only thing to do is treat the individual symptoms. When I ache all over and so tired I can't stand up, I try to break it down into what I can do and what I can't.

For sore, aching legs that don't seem to want to work I massage in magnesium oil, soak in a hot bath. Lie down with electric blanket on or hot water bottles.

I take the painkillers that work best and if I'm desperate add a few drops of CBD oil under my tongue.

For shoulder pain I use heat, either wheat bags or heated cape. Perskindol gel. For neck pain I add in Salonpas patches.

I've found it's the only way to stop the pain overwhelming me, by breaking it down into parts. I also go through in my mind parts of me that don't hurt. Some days this might only be my ears and nose but I tell myself it's something.

At the moment I'm also looking into hypnotherapy to see if that will help.

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I would like to try hynotherapy as well. There must be something in the dark recesses of my mind that affects my brain to make my body feel so much pain. I know stress is bad and makes me worse. It is hard to live without some stress though.. I also think i should start meditating. Let me know how hypnotherapy works for you if u decide to do it. ♥️

Steroid injections can help your shoulders otherwise they can become frozen shoulders like I have myself and life becomes very difficult then ..I've had mine frozen now for over twenty years!!. I am unable to walk unaided but am learning that gentle exercise is good and the massage with magnesium oil is excellent.good luck with it all.

Could,nt agree more with your methods rollo

Rollo I feel your pain. I only had a frozen shoulder for 1 year but in that time I was prescribed liquid morphine which put me off eating and I ended up needing a blood transfusion my iron levels were so low . You’d think someone could help you after all this time Hope they will x

Hi Sorry to hear of your pain,i have the clicking in my shoulders do they feel like they are going to come out their sockets i have had it for ages and every so often both my arms go dead i cannot do anything very frighteningxx

I too have experienced this- have you had the shoulders xrayed or scanned? there could be some osteoarthritis setting in or like me, I had a calcium leak causing my shoulder to freeze compeltely, Ive had it treated well.

Hi i've had RA for 16 years so i assumed it was related to that.It's the fact that my arms go completely dead and i'm unable to do anything which is worrying me

Yes hun so do mine, BUT muscles do deflate with RA OA and fibro you do need to pump them up- buy a TENS machine (ebay very cheap) and try it on those poor muscles, mine are starting to ache being on the pc for nearly an hour and so is my lower back (not sitting right causes this) Will I ever learn..... Seriously if your hands start to get pins n needles that needs intervention we shouldnt assume evrything is related to our diagnosed illnesses.

Thanks i will look into a tens machine,if i sit to long in a chair i have to stand up in 3 stages lol i do tend to assume that everything is related to either my RA or fibro or side effects from my medication

my knees are stiff on the insides after sitting at the PC, I sit on a special cushion and Im sure it serves one purpose and causes another!

I get clicking in my right shoulder, both knees, and sometimes ankles and big toes. I'm fairly certain that it is osteoarthritis, as my hands have been bad for years (fingers all crooked) and it tends to be hereditary - both sides of the family have it, so pretty well bound to cop it!

I know how you feel I'm also struggling with leg pain taking lots of meds but also a carer for my severely disabled son no help with him carry on smiling no pain no gain gonna try walking a bit further from my car xx

yes I hear you ALL, my legs get the worst of the fibro- may I tell you what I,ve tried and use to keep pain under control/bearable? firstly-pain relief, secondly, excercise them/stretch them- if you havnt been shown how to do this safely then ask your gp to refer you to physio who will give you a sheets of daily excercise, yes it hurts at first BUT I believe no pain no gain(and I am really poor on dealing with pain) thirdly-sleep in a warm bed-electric blanket or hot water bottle and a pillow between your legs, try to stay on either side as I,ve found if you sleep on your back (unless you have a remote control bed to get you up) you will probably go stiff and find moving hard, once on board with a physio find out about alternative therapies WITH your pain meds- like hydrotherapy, acupuncture,, all ths will take time but daily stretching DOES help to keep legs moving,, try not to be a couch potatoe unless you are sadly in a wheelchair and cannot trot about BUT STILL get some physio input, the pool I go to has apparatus to get people in/out of the pool, its very warm around 32 degrees, its heaven once in there, I also use a local pool that has a jacuzzi, the lovely warm bubbles help my legs and shoulders too. ON dry land I have a TENS machine that I can use whilst mobile- very cheap online or at LLoyds

I agree Gladys and if we had a hydrotherapy pool nearby I’d be there every day !

Hi, I was given a TENS machine by my hospital - before I went to pain management course proper. It was free and the only thing I do pay for now is replacement contact pads, which I get off Amazon, although I think they are pretty much widely available. It's worth checking with your gp to get you sent to your local hospital pain management team. I have to say that that was pretty much all they were good for at the time!

I too have a clicking shoulder.. I was told I have some calcification in the joint through wear and tear but when the pain gets really bad in it I get a steroid injection which is a great help. I sympathise about the leg pains too. My hips , thighs lower legs ache all day every day they’re also very tender to touch so I can’t advise I was upset last year about how little distance I can walk but try to go swimming and aquafit to keep moving without pain

Hi im the same .my legs kill 24hrs i find to help put your legs up..sleep on your stomache .my hands and arms and shoulders kill aswell .so it looks we are in this all together x sending hugs

It really get you down , just want to wake up with no pain , I am going back to docs as meds not working 😫

I asked for some tramadol .said no keep on co codemal and gabapentin .they dont do much .hosp gave me sleepin tabs as you can yell they dont work .hope you get better help then what im gettin

I asked for exactly same said no tramadol are too addictive . So it’s co-codemol and Pregabalin for me , gabapentin gave me sore belly so had to come of them .

I am having a lot of pain in my hips and got Hematomas in hips deep with in the body yes the tens helps but as soon as I take it off the pain returns I have to sleep when I can as I can’t sleep at night it’s so painfull and it’s also very hard on my boyfriend/ carer cuz all he wants to do is take my pain away

Yes I feel sorry for my hubby , he works full time , I think I am in a flare as it’s been about a week n half I have had this horrific pain in legs and feet , I am sore all the time but not like this .

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