Sore ribs and breast

Does anyone else have the same problem I have been having very painful discomfort around my ribs and my breast . It gets so bad that I find it hard to breath and my muscles go into spasms around my rib age and my back. I have found that if my grandson leans against me to go to sleep that I find it very tender and I have to move him. It is really painful and I am getting this most days now if feels like someone is crushing my ribs and chest until I can not breath .Any ideas anyone xx

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  • Hi Michphil,

    Many of the members have discussed this on the forum before so if you don't mind I would like to provide this link below as you may find it of interest


    I hope it helps

    Best Wishes


  • Sounds like chostochondritis soreness where the ligaments of your ribs attach themselves. Front and back, my first fibro symptom and its with me now almost constantly.. In fact I notice more when I don't have it than when I do, there's a fibro page on the web I found by typing fibro and chest pain, I have had it 22 years, but as with all chest pain, get a confirmed diagnosis from your GP... I just rest up when it flares really badly and have a hot pack pain killers

    Good luck

    VG x

  • It was this symptom that got me my diagnosis, I told my Daughter about the pain in my ribs and she said it could be Fibromyalga Mum have a look on the internet.So I logged on and had a look and it was like looking at my medical history over at least 20 years so told doctor ,I suspect I have Fibromyalga. She agreed and sent me to see a specialist. who confirmed it .At last someone believed me thank God. Hope it soon improves .xx

  • Thank you for your replies I am glad I am not on my own with this I thought I was going to die the other night is was so bad I am going to see my specialist on Tuesday so hopefully he can give the same reply as you guys .

    Gentle hugs xx

  • YES, YES and oh YES, constant attacks of left sided chest pain have made my life unbearable for the past two years. I have seen cardiologists on a number of occasions, had a few trips to a/e but all have said my heart is normal. BUT normal painkillers have no effect on my pain, does anyone have any advice with meds that might help, as I have found nothing that works ??

  • Yep i have it to .. Lots of tests, trips to a /e . Four times on the lights ... Sometimes the pain is unbearable. I take naproxen 500mg x2 daily ..

  • Hi I get this quite alot of the time, I have been told by the dr that it is costochondritus ....

  • Yes I get this more often than not and is the reason my doc had loads of tests done and eventually said it was fibro,,,,he told me the pain is from muscle spasms. When it is bad it is agony! Like someone else has said I notice more when I don't have it as I have got used to having it most days.

  • Hi...Not sure if this will help you,.... I was taught by a musculoskeletal specialist (GP who specialized) to palpate for my ribs on my chest then go in between.. to the muscles and then choose the spot most painful and move above or below to the next in between of a rib and then gently push down and away from the midline of my body..outwards..this has provided a lot of relief, but I agree all ways consult a doc and if not heart or other issue then possibly see a physio to teach technique.... hope that is another thought that may be of use.

  • I have had a angiogram which showed I had a bit of a blockage which they sorted but they have said the pain I am getting is not from that so I am seeing my specialist Tuesday and I have an appointment with a specialist physio on Friday which I must admit I am not looking forward to I am glad (well not glad I am sure you know what I mean )that I am not the only one with this pain . Thanks everyone for your answers and advise

    Gentle hugs xx

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