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Fluoxetine, depression, unemployment


Not too sure how to start the post but here it goes... It seems like my world gone upside down in the last couple of months. My work has been extremely difficult and long story short as a result I had to resign to avoid further mental and physical damage. They made me suicidal. I have been signed off for a month and after that decided that I'm not going back to work. I am currently trying to find a job but because of constant tiredness and fibro fog I feel like I'm so stupid and wherever I go I will be making mistakes and get in trouble. I lost all confidence and I am panicking about interviews so much. I feel like stress has overtaken my life and I get a blank head. I am currently on 20mg fluoxetine and feel I could not care less about anything. Motivation is below zero all I want is sleep I slept 13h on Tuesday. I am scared my partner will get annoyed with me as he is financially supporting me atm. Not sure where to turn for some help with jobs as obviously with fibro and chronic fatigue I would like to avoid working in very physical jobs but then eg. I'm terrified of phones To me everything is terrifying atm and I feel like I cannot achieve anything and everyone is judging me. I do feel ashamed of my illness and find it difficult to admit it to employers as I think it's a turndown straight away. I know I sound like a whiny teenager but I'm actually 34. Just seems like all is pointless and I'm just unnecessary part of society plus I'm not British which makes me feel even more guilty although I'm not claiming any benefits.

I'm sorry for a weird post. Is anyone feeling of did feel similar? If yes is there anything I can do or turn to for help?

Lots of warm hugs

Kami x

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Hi Kami

You have come to the right place, you are not alone, we are here for you 💝

It's a very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable forum, hang in there, try to rest, do some breathing exercises to help the panic, some one will pop up and give you advice very soon

Sending you big gentle warm hug

Take good care sweetheart

💝 💝 💝

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Hi try not feel guilty you are ill and partner should know this but he is supporting you financially at moment that helps .you do have mental ilness as well .so please do apply for esa and pip and see if you get it do not feel guilty .and go to docters for a chat asap .if you do theses 2 on monday it will be a start .and ask doc if any community wellbeing teams at surgery


Oh bless you Hun, I’m so so sorry you’re going through such an awful time atm.

As ajay has advised, please do apply for esa and pip. It makes no difference if you’re British or not. These are benefits you have every right to apply for. Employers need to be sympathetic towards your health.

You also need to see your gp asap. You need their support, you might need to increase your medication etc or have better pain medication etc but you definitely need to see a gp. You’re definitely not an unnecessary part of society. You have an illness that has taken over your life. You need supportive people around you. You’ve definitely done the right thing coming onto this site. It’s a lovely, friendly site and we’re here for you. You can speak to us about anything and there’ll always be someone to listen to you.

Please take care of yourself Hun and don’t be too hard on yourself. Try not to overdo things, get plenty of rest and lots of love and gentle hugs to you xx


Hi there kami and welcome I've sent our main link for you to read fmauk.org/. Don't ever feel that your not part of society you are part of a massive fibro family who can relate to what you are going through right now. I differently think stopping this last job was the right thing to do don't be hard on yourself your body needs time ,rest, Give yourself this space and then maybe in the future you can look for something with less hours and more suitable. Also this link will help you should you need some help with claiming extra help there's no shame most people here have found their selfs in this situation healthunlocked.com/fibromya... . What ever nationality we are we are only human and I'm glad you have a supportive partner who I'm sure just wants to help get you back on your feet again. If you would like to lock your post /posts here a helpful link too. Take care Kami ( what a lovely name) look forward to seeing you post again xxxx. healthunlocked.com/fibromya...

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Hello Kami welcome to this wonderful site where you can talk and get advice on litteratly every subject under the sun, 1st things 1st I think you need to go and seek advice from your doctor, their is nothing to feel ashamed about feeling below par and needing professionally help, please go asap and let us know what your GP says, we are all here for you, take care, thinking of you Love pammie xx🐞🐞🐞


Hello Kami and welcome to the lovely forum. First off I felt guilty like you do still do some days that my partner financially supports me but you never asked to be Ill nor did I. We are strong as we’re living life and dealing with a chronic illness. You have every right to apply for benefits that is an entitlement to this country so please don’t feel ashamed i eventually applied for ESA 6 months later than I could because I had never been on benefits before and felt guilty about not paying my way too. As peeps above advise get an appointment with your GP to start the ball rolling. Rushing back into work in my experience was not good for me and set me back further. Take care Steve x


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