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Stupid, I know... But does anyone else find that their foggy brains limit their ability to hold down a conversation any more? Thanks!

I find the prospect of holding a conversation with anyone, even my own family, daunting. I just can't seem to think of anything to contribute. Social gatherings send me into turmoil these days! It's so frustrating it makes me feel stupid. Does anyone else feel like this? Am feeling very isolated ATM and apart from the physical aspect of fibro feel it is relentless in it's symptoms. Sorry - rant over ! It is a beautiful day and am going to try and enjoy it. I hope everyone else has a nice day also:-)

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I am ok at casual encounters with strangers because I banter. Fortified by the fact i will probably never see them again.

But I dread the get together sometimes. And feel that I have little to contribute.

So you are not alone.

Take heart. And act the part. Just smile like me and top tip.

Ask people about themselves it saves having to think. As off most go.

You are not an only child are you.

I have a theory that if an only child you sometimes feel huge responsibility for others.


It's not a rant ,it's an honest opinion on how most feel ,I would rather keep to small social gatherings now ,I have just been invited to an old school reunion ,what would I say there

"Hi how are you I failed I got divorsed after 25 years of marriage and I have ended up alone with a life altering disabling disease ,sorry had a bad night , I am usualy quite perky not today " I would not know what to say to people I can't concentrate on long conversations I lose my thread in conversations ,and I get stressed which makes me worse , sorry that's a rant I am having lets feel sorry for myself day ,I get them when I haven't slept and haven't paced properly and I hurt sorry again ,shadow x


Sending you something to cheer you up shadows walker.

Reasons To be cheerful.

Utterly brilliant.

You might have to copy and paste.

Have lost the knack since getting an ipad!

Tips on embedding anyone.

Ned x


Thanks ned used to love Ian Dury and still do just forgotten , you made my feet tap and you made me smile :d sorry for being a grump ,and I just managed to copy and define and get to YouTube from here it took me about 30 minutes but I learnt something to day it's only taken 3 years :d something to smile about :)

Chris x


You have some tenacity. Well done.

I find some music uplifting.

Couldn't live without it.



Thank you need I have been told hat before :d

I used to play music all the time before I became ill :(

But I stoped :( shame on me I have had a sleep with my beagle cuddled up for a good hour had baked potatoe and baked beans for tea. :d

And now I am ready for strictly :d every mans worse nightmare :p

Thank you :d Chris x


I have just ordered a mini iPad as my ipad 2 doesn't like ios8

It's gone all glitchy and stops and starts itself , and sometimes it won't let me post :p it doesn't do it when it should :d


That's really interesting Chris, I've had the. Notification about iOS 8 for a while now but haven't installed it because of potential "glitches". Mind you have been pondering on an IPad Air for a while now so will have to carry on thinking and weighing up the costs etc., but you have confirmed my fears on the update !! Thank you :-) :-)


Have you felt the weight of mimi I pad , I decided on that model because , it has camara ,and microphone ,and speaker of iPads 3/4 but screen of ipad 2. And it's lovely and light I nearly went for 3G version then thought that I don't go out that much know and I get emails on phone so it seemed silly ,I had a look on the apple sight first then went from there and of course I have friends who are in to technologie and new how I would use it ,so it seemed silly to buy something that I wouldn't use ,the pad has been slightly better this afternoon but it is so iffy 3 of us bought our iPads at the same time ,and I am only haveing issues because I put Ios 8 on ;(


My daughter updated her device and is having real problems and wishes she hadn't. My advice for what it is worth is leave wee alone for the time being :)


This morning i had 4 adults and 2 children in the house. No way could i follow the conversations,and the noise nerve grinding. so I sat up my corner till it started to get too much then into the kitchen to do a tidy round and a bit of washing up.

Back to the living room again till it stated to grate, then upstairs for a short time. Back down taking my doll with me as an excuse for going up.

You get the idea, as soon as it gets too much i vanish, sometimes i just sit on the loo for a time.

Hubby knows that i do it and why, so will cover for me if anyone asks.

I just wish that i didnt have to and could join in with the fooling about and laughter instead of running away.

Sue xx


Oh dear i was feeling sorry for myself when i typed the above reply. :O

I didnt realise until i read it back.


I don't think you were. It sounded more like an explanation :)


We all have days like that - I don't think people realise how debilitating this thing is. X


I can't (use what little bit of energy to) concentrate if more than one person is talking. Noise grates on me too.


Personally there are days I am fine and others I seem to have trouble getting words out of my mouth in a sensible way, the conversation becomes stilted as I have lost my train of thought. Usually makes for giggle for everyone else :)


As I tend to speak gobbledegook most of the time, I try to keep away from conversations :o I must say I agree with a lot of what nedd said and does - I must try harder to put it into action.

Seriously though, I have found myself less and less social as time has gone by and find it very easy to not accept invitations as I know the noise levels will jangle my already sensitive nerve endings. There are many events happening in my village which I could be part of but choose not to because I know either I won't feel up to it on the day or I will end up with a migraine or much increased pain levels because of all the stimulus. That probably doesn't make sense to you all, but it does to me in a funny way. :o :o

Foggy x

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I didn't realise feeling like this was a symptom I thought it was me being grumpy and antisocial which was something I never was , but have become. I am happy to be with my children ,and my other Judith and a couple of others coz they understand ,but as time goes by I do a Marlene Dietrich "I won't to be alone " perhaps I should change my user name :d



Maybe it is just me being a bit anti-social also!


Not at all , it is this damn illness unfortunatly , I just keep reading patterns and I am sure you do to :(


I am exactly the same, I enjoy family nights but I avoid social gatherings as I cannot string a sentence together. only my siblings understand how I feel as my sis and bruv (my mum had 2 sets of twins) have lupus and ME so both have brain fog. it can be amusing as we help find each others "lost" words! ;)

hugs x


You know it's bad when everyone else ends up finishing you sentences! X


Oh yes, oh yes.




Lol! X


Lol! X


Hi Blazer123

I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue and I can categorically say that you are not alone! Sadly I have had this one more than one occasion!

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thanks Ken - it could be worse! :-)


I have the same. I try and ask about the person, but avoid things about me. general things like the soaps can be a good topic, partic. if you aren't up to date.


Sounds very familiar!


Thank you everyone - perhaps if we all got together in a room we would all be just fine! :-)


I am so glad that it is not only me, I can just about manage one to one conversations if I am not to tired or into much pain.

I have almost stopped going out any where where I might have to talk to lots of different people I just get so tired and confused,I find the noise just to much.

I used to go to church not every week but may be twice a month but I have had to give up going as it got to be so stressful I was losing sleep worrying about it.

Luckily I have always enjoyed my own company so don't mind being home alone.But if you where a social butterfly before Fibro then it must be very difficult for you.


I don't mind my own company - we have lots of animals too so they're always good company!


I've always been introverted to a degree. But now I have to force myself to be with people. I am lucky to be able to go out for two or three hours and not get exhausted (some days), but I am not a big participant in conversatipon.

I secretary/do the business part of a group meeting I am in. I have to condense some things in the business reading, rather than read them word for word or my words will trip and I'll get lost in the paragraph - this is totally new to me. Lately, every time I get to one point, I start looking for a section, thinking I've skipped it, but finding that I haven't gotten to it yet.

I know that's not exactly the same. I talked to my sister last week and that went well, but she is on 50mg of morphine, so no wonder.


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