Emotions,depression and sensitivity

Hi, I know depression is part and parcel of fibro but I'm fed up of feeling so easily upset and sensitive. I seem to spend my whole life beating myself up about things. I convince myself that people don't like me and I get so upset and hurt by people and just can't let it go. Sometimes I feel like I could put my brain on a table and watch it going round and round! I just feel emotionally so fragile and seem to let my emotions run my life then regret some of my actions. Is this fibro or just me I wonder?

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  • Its fibro, I agree with the way you feel and sometimes its hard to hide. Rest and dont let no one make you feel guilty. This is a bad illness, I hope you feel better soon x

  • Guilt!.............I live my life on a huge guilt trip and am so hard on myself. I think being a perfectionist doesn't help and being unable to hide my feelings must make it hard for people to be my friend though I do have 2 reasonably close girlfriends but even they don't understand really. I'm just so complex,I hate being like this!

  • Hi there, that sounds just like me. I get hurt/upset by others actions far too easily and spend hours going over and over it in my head and all that does is make it 10 x worse. I know what you're going through but please try and take a deep breath and stay as calm as you can - it's not easy................ x x

  • Thanks. Glad to know there are others who understand.

  • I'm also a very sensitive soul when I think someone is talkin about me it cuts soo deep , I no I take things to heart, but its very hard and I also do wat u said, I replay it over and over until it does my head in, I think it is fibro, cause physical pain hurts us and hyper sesativity to other stuff must include emotional pain too , us fibros ar just Sooo sensitive . Take care Michelle

  • I agree with all of the above answers...I am very sensitive without Fibro ! but I must admit I am more so with this flare up I am having at the moment! Even if my daughter does not call me or try to see me I think 'Oh no I have upset her...or she is angry with me.' Then when I say anything she gets angry and I just cry...........She calls it my worrywort playing me up and says" look call me back when you are not so emotional coz this is not helping either of us! " I dont know this Fibro sure takes over doesn't it .

    Love and Light and (((((((((((((((((fluffy Hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    XRD x

  • Totally agree -- the slightest upset or disagreement and I am a total wreck. The hurt from one cruel word can stay with me for days afterwards. I try and avoid situations that are confrontational and would sooner walk away from an argument than get involved in it. I always worry what other people think about me. I also dissolve into floods of tears when "nice" things happen -- so I seem highly sensitive to any kind of emotional situation. Looking back at my clearest memories -- I always seem to remember situations which have involved some sort of conflict or hostility towards me most vividly -- evidently these are the events that have left the biggest impression on me. Take care xx

  • Yep that's me too. I'd go so far as to say its not just that I'm sensitive but sometimes its verging on being paranoid. I'm always expecting the worst and going over scenarios in my head about what I will say or do if this or that is said or happens. It's exhausting! In work situations like in appraisals I've been known to cry my eyes out if theres been anything negative said about me no matter how insignificant. Sometimes I simply cry because I'm crying then I can't stop, its madness! When I think about it I must be a nightmare to manage and that upsets me too. It's a pity this illness is so invisible in some ways I think we fibro folk need to learn to be kind to ourselves and steer clear of situations that press all the wrong buttons but that's easier said than done.. x

  • Hi there you sound exactly like me!!! Can be really tough to live with can't it,i saw a Psychiatrist many years ago who was a wonderful caring Doctor and he said i ought to wear a sign telling others "Fragile,handle with care" One thing we can say is that we have empathy i'd rather be that way than someone who doesn't care or understand what it feels like to experience real life changing sadness it enables us to help others i guess, but yes it is very hard to live with especially when we feel hurt or let down i spend many an evening in tears, we mustn't give up hope of finding strength to deal with what life throws at us Take care Love and hugs Della xxx

  • A lot of what you are describing is Fibro related Newaysgirl, it can make us feel very down and our emotions very heightened.

    Have you spoken to your GP about this, are you taking an antidepressant, if not, even a low dose might help keep your spirits up a bit and help you to deal with things a little easier. It might be worth having a chat with your GP about this, maybe have a meds review too to make sure your pain relief is helping you as much as possible and that any other symptoms are being treated too.

    Please let us know how you get along, we do care about you. Take care, here's a hug for you. (((hug))) xx

  • Hi as i've said on other recent blogs i've made on here I have managed to come off amitriptyline this year with the help of a Naturopathic nutritionist. I was doing fine until having been off medication altogether for about 3 months then started to get my symptoms back. It was at this point just over a month ago that I turned to 5HTP,St Johns Wort,Valerian and Siberian Ginseng and have found them to be of great help in that I'm sleeping better am less anxious and not as down. Its early days but after 8 years on medication and 2 stone of weight gain I am determined to persever with the herbal approach and remedial massage. I've lost the 2 stone this year too. Come to think of it whilst on the amitriptyline I was still as sensitive and sometimes down. There is no cure regardless of what we take its all about managing the fibro. I have to say finding this community blog has been a real encouragement as I'm seeing more and more that my issues are similar to other peoples with fibro, its quite a revelation! Anyway thanks for your concern and advice. I promise I won't ignore the signs, if I get any, that the herbal approach isn't working. X

  • Yes it is the fibro I'm exactly the same on a real low at the moment and finding it very difficult to bounce back : (. I am hoping when I go to the support group I have found next week it will help!! Take gently care everyone xxx

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