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fibro, depression and diabetes

i'm new on here today, does anyone have fibro, depression and diabetes? my diabetes is bad - going to the consulatant soon after 2 yrs of having high blood levels but i dont know when i feel ill - like sea sickness generally "ill" if its the fibro or diabetes. i feel very down at the moment and feel like there is nowhere to turn, ive stopped taking all my meds as nothing seemed to be working and have not seen any difference since stopping was taking 22 a day of various still on diabetes tabs but they are not doing job. been to see psyco bloke but he said i was "just depressed" after having felt like massive panic attack. i cant hack bad news, stress, even planning a day out i get so wound up i ruin it for everyone. i used to do it all and still cant get my head round unable to do so much and if things are'nt perfect i freek out. my fibro stops me from doing so much even tidying up the house is a major effort with 4 kids, my husband has to do all my old jobs as well as working - think he resents my "lazyness" and i feel his bad vibes sometimes which in turn makes me feel worse and more worthless i know he does the most fantastic job but i dont feel like the mum any more which makes me feel so bad. does anyone else feel like this? i would love to chat to others in the same position. I am 34 but feel like i'm 94. thanks for reading xxxx

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hi im 48 and dont have diabetes but fibo and depression anxitey etc i was fit mum of 4 plus 2 step kids 10 years ago out playing netball 2 nites umpiring ran my own buisness now im still a mum of 4 plus 2 step kids but i also have a twin called fibro he is stuck to me permently causes all sorts of trouble.

my husband wasnt good to start with called be lazt etc but now he does everything and more but its taken him a few years and that only because each day i showed him somthing on fibro or told him how much pain i was in i take him to all my hospital and doctors appointments so he has learnt to live with it i suffer major panic attacks and i hate leaving my house but i know i have to so i only do when i have to i get people to visit me instead, i think sometimes i cant beleive how fiy and healthy i was the things i used to do and now cant do any of them but when im on a good day not much pain i try and do as much as i can just to show hubby ib proud of him and i tell him every day thank you even if its just making him a cup of tea, but keep talking to your hubby tell him what your feeling as the more you bottle it up the more depressed you feel.

i think once you got your diabetis sorted that will be a help to you and might start to make you feel a bit better but i send you lots of warm hugs and keep talking this site is one of the best for answers its helped me alot ive joined lots of fibo site even one in america because they are awake when we are asllep or ment to be asleep so it gives me people to talk to or rant to plus they get up to date info on new drugs etc remeber just keep talking and explaining to hubby how you are feeling and when you noy in pain give him a big cuddle and say thanks xxxxxxxx


hi and firstly welcome to the site you sound likre you need to be here bless you . you will find so much support for yourself on here and you will always have someone to talk to and you are not alone now

you sound lik all of us on here basically you have lost your old self but the key is to not let fibro rule you , you have got to learn to rule it i dont know how you will do it but we all must try or we will have no life you must try to concentrate on the things you can do not cant you just try to adapt your life where you used to do the whole house /washing/ironing all in one day spread it out acros the week and if your kids are old enough then get them to do things round the house and help you that way they realise that yiu have got an illness and you need help now it will make thenm better people too and they can tidy there rooms make there beds i am sure most kids if asked would be onlty too willing to help if they know your ill especially

the other thing is trying to comr to terms with this stupid thing fibro that is so hard to do as you look the same so you dont look ill

i have not got diabetes so obviously you have that to deal with too i am sure someone on here will answer you regarding that but just wanted to say hi and welcome love to you diddle x


I have all 3 plus arthritis so I know how you feel. It is good that you are going to see a consultant at last. Like you my blood sugar readings were all over the place while I was on just tablet treatments. My consultant put me on insulin twice a day and it made a hell of a difference. My HBA1C has gone from 9.5 to 4.9. Sadly this did result in me having more "hypos" so my dosage was cut and now im on an HBA1C of 6 and you wouldn't believe how diferent I feel. The fibro and depression are still bloody awful but some of the dizziness, wobbling, nausea and general "ill" feelings have gone away. Changes don't happen overnight but they can happen, so please don't let the diabetes get you down. I hope all goes well for you and you start to feel better soon. Soft hugs xxxx


Hi and welcome to the group.

I don't have diabetes and my fibro is manageable so I'm very lucky.

Hope you can get the diabetes sorted out as soon as possible.

Hugs Sue xxx


thanks for answering. was up all night and have ended up back downstairs after 3 hrs "sleep". my husband understands as ive been like this for few yrs now after car accident, bt think he tries to keep stress away from me but ends up boiling over and all comes tumbling out. the kids do help alot especially our eldest but they cant half make a mess/noise!!! my blood levels are usualy in the high teens /twentys and go no lower than 14 on any given day - which i know is bad. i was feeling realy bad last night hurting and aching, starting to flare i stress over little things - cant help it!! just wait to be seen now xxxxxx


Hi Chubbymum. Ive got Fibro and diabetes too.

How do you control your diabetes??? diet, tablets insulin????

Do you visit the diabetic specialists often??

Im very lucky with the fact my hubby and kids (2) are great. We both have our own hobbies to let off steam.

Youll find theyre a nice bunch here and a bit obsessed with cake. Arent you Diddle



Hi Chubbymum and welcome, I don't have diabetes but I do have a long list of other conditions and we are all here to support one another

Gentle hugs x x x x



hi im new i hav fibromyalgia polymyalgia athsma diabetes the list is endless i sleep 2hrs a nite 4 if ive been out for the nite with a friend, i was diagnosed 2yrs ago but found to have had them 12, you cope because you have to, well i do, even on bad days you have a cry and you pick your self up and you force your self to do things wether you want to or not.

if you dont do things it wins and no matter what pain im in how long it takes me to get there i wont lay down to die i will just pop a couple extra painkillers and get on, its hard but its life as we know it now


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