I have fibro/CFS and chronic depression/anxiety, have been taking Venlafaxine for nearly a year but it has not improved anything, in fact I am starting to get even more anxious. My normal Dr. Is away so had to see another after discussing my situation as this has all been going on for years, she prescribed Dosulepin 25 mg twice daily, I have to come off the Venlafaxine over a 2 week period. I am so scared it will all get worse and as the fibro is so bad I don't know what to do or where to turn. So sorry for going on but none of my family take any notice and I am desperate

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  • Hi I take dosulepin. 75 mg at night and it has worked wonders for me I have gone from having panic attacks from not sleeping to having 7 hours of sleep. Most nights ... It was the 4th antidepressant I had tried so I was getting pretty desperate and was getting anxious and worried about going to bed knowing I wouldn't sleep. These have literally turned my life around they suit me so well. Pain in the day is still there but everything seems better after a good nights sleep

    Good luck and fingers crossed they work as well for you

    VG x

  • Thank you so much for your kind words it has given me hope on one of the many dilemma's I have. I just don't know about coming off the Venlafaxine I just feel so confused and stressed to the max. I am so pleased that you are feeling much better but it says do not take with codeine and I have Dehydrocodeine for pain, again it says no amytryptolene which I take to help sleep.

    I have had other comments but when I go to the main site, it says the question has been deleted, sorry my mind is all over the place

  • Those were me.. You managed to delete me twice while I was answering :) ... There are two things you could try ring your gps surgery and ask to speak to your gp regarding the med contradictions or ask your local pharmacist they should be able to tell you... My pharmacist told me I was taking my gaviscon wrongly when I was taking that ... So they are very informed...

    VG x

  • Hi - Im in similar position..I too suffer with anxiety/mood swings/depression and been on venlaflaxine for a good year+ - Im not impressed with it and my weight has sored up. ...Have you had a weight gain ?

    I have a GP who thinks "fibro" is a trend/fad and not very helpful..I did come off a few weeks and tried another pill but it made me "too spaced out". Let me know how you get on

  • Hi Jellybaby, thank you for getting back to me re:Venlafaxine. Yes I have put on weight and it's awful it knocks my self confidence so much that I hardly go out, that is why I asked the doc for something else. I am so down just cannot get on the first step of the ladder. I have halved the Venlafaxine over he past week, but it has made me very tearful and every morning I wake up with terrible headaches. I feel like a spare part in my family as none of them want to know what it's like living with fibro CFS and depression etc.

    I will drop the meds down over next few days and will let you know how things are going. Take care and thanks again for your message :)

  • your not alone...keep smiling:-)

  • Thank you, you keep smiling too x

  • I am on Paroxetine for anxiety which predates my Fibromyalgia (the diagnosis of it anyway). Paroxetine has helped me but my weight has soared. Unfortunately I've not heard of an anti-depressant that doesn't put the weight on. I'm only on a low dose too but it has helped but now my blood sugar is high and am waiting for results to see if I'm diabetic. That will throw me if I am because the only way to lose weight will be to ditch the anti-depressants.

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