just joined Hi to you all

I have just found this web site and i find is amazing and also comforting. I was diagnosed last year although i have had it some 5 to 6 years. I thought i was going made. The more i went to the doctors the more they fobbed me of. You have coccydynia that why you are in pain. I have had that since i was 15 years old! You have S. V. T. That's why you have chest pain and feel faint. I have had that all my life! Its your sciatica playing up. NO i have had that for ages too...WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!

They even said i was addicted to pain killers?

At this stage i was beginning to think it must all be in my head. I even began to doubt myself. Am i going mad?

Then after years of different tests and adding more and more labels to my condition ( arthritis too ) they finally told me it was FB . At last someone believed me that it was not all in my head.

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  • we ve all been there, Ive had diagnoses of migraine , trapped nerve, siatica,arthriis,flat feet, anything bar what it was, I hope youll enjoy this site as much as we all do

  • A warm welcome jaffercake, I'm fairly new to the site too. I think it's invaluable and wish I had found it much sooner.

    Take care xx

  • welcome jaffercake i am new too n I love talking to people lol there are so many lovely people on here and they have all cheered me up no end - I really do feel n know I am not alone when I come on here - love the name btw - take care hope to chat to you again soon xxxx

  • Hi Jaffercake, welcome everyone is so friendly on this site. Hope you find it as good as i do. Hug and love to you. Helen xxx

  • Hi and a big warm welcome and a gentle hug xx

  • Hi Jaffercake

    i only joined 2 weeks ago and foung loads of information on here and so friendly soft hugs paula x

  • should be found lol my typos are bad x

  • thanks to all of you and yes i find you all friendly and welcoming hugs to all x

  • hi jaffacake welcome to our fibro family soft gentle hugs to you xxx

  • thank you harvey hugs to you too

  • Welcome to the site xx

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