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miss a

hi ive had a benefkt reveiw re pension credit .yesterday asking all sorts of questions .ie to what money i had in my bank .if anyone lived here apart from myself . any part of the house thats made into flats .when i got married .although divorce in 1972.and my late husband dying 10 years ago .im 75 ill health. heart / strokes. and suffer terrible with anxiety .stress due to the loss of my child .so i carnt handle things due to the onset of dementia . is it right they are allowed to ask these questions .just for a reveiw of circumstances ..which ran out in june 16 2017.

please can someone get back to me as i get so stressed over the slightest thing .my neihbour as helped me put this together as she.s got more understanding than i have .also is it advisabble to give them my bank details or can they check themselves .without me giving them the details .something i dont like doing over the phone .regards annie

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Hello ben16 I am so sorry you have to deal with all this, I would call them and request an home visit or get some one to phone for you and request it for you. tell them to get in touch with your GP as you can not do a phone interview and let them know why due to your helth problems . And when you get a home interview please try and make sure you have some one with you xx



Hello ben16 - I would try to find yourself a Welfare Rights officer locally and take your forms with you for help, he/she will have all the info you need and what to divulge and not to divulge, I found mine very helpfull when I applied for PIP, the fibro fog was at its worst then and she was really helpful.

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If I am correct in reading all this was asked over the phone I would be concerned as normally Pension Credit is a form to complete unless you phoned them and knew it was correct number .

If you are already in receipt of Pension Credit they would have your bank details do you have their phone number if so I would check that it was pension credit who phond you .

Otherwise I would contact Pension Credits and check it was them who phoned you

Just to Safeguard yourself


Pension credit number 0800991234

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Hi Annie, I would never give out bank details over phone to anyone. If they have paying you pension credit they already have your bank details. They might ask if the details have changed but not for account numbers etc. I do think a lot of reviews are carried out over the phone now. I hope you are feeling calmer now, it is quite stressful to have to answer questions out of the blue, much better that they give you a bit of warning. Take care of yourself,


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