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DSS persecution?

Well after being investigated las October by the (random) selection in the DSS checks, I now find myslef being investigated once again. it was so stressfull last year it made me very ill and took ages to get back to what is normal for me. Yesterday I get another letter, more threatening than last year and called them straight away only to be tole I have to get information from my bank from 10 years ago. I went straigt to the bank (in tears I might say) and after trying everything they could they say they can only go back 7 years. So it seem acording to the lovely (not) DSS lady I could be looking at prosecution even though I have filled in every form honestly and given them every fact of my life by phone time and again.

Yesterday I seriously considered if I could carry on, been years since I felt suicidal but I really think the government want us all to check out. My life is hard enough and I really don't know how much more of this I can take. Usually a happy go lucky girl now I am permanantely on the verge of tears. Sorry to off load but I am at end of my teather as lady on phone had great pleasure is frightening the lift out of me with fines and prison. If I get taken to court for being an honest person I really will give up.

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Morning Devonlady,

This all sounds horrid is there any one you can talk to about it? I mean a friend or may be citizens advice where you can get free assistance and an understanding ear. Even you doctor may be able to help but what ever you do dont give up you sound such a lovely lady dont let them grind you down. Stand firm and try to smile in the face of adversity but hun find someone to check through everything I hope you have kept a diary of it all gentle hugs to you x gins


you must must must seek legal advice asap.i dunno why they are continually after you like this but its harassment and unless they have concrete proof you have something wrong?then surely they cant keep coming after you?

go and see c.a.b if not and explain everything how you are feeling what they are doing to do?

how you are totally innocent and ring them first thing monday morning okay?

you can get legal aid also so i strongly suggest that you seek help there too.

that way once you have got all the advice given it will ease your mind and you can put steps together to start clearing it all up.

ive been there with court etc and i didnt like it one bit and it was scary but you ainet done nothing wrong and must continue the fight?

do you have anyone else to support you right now?you can through this on your own?go and see you gp and tell him how your feeling you will be given help there?and maybe he could help send a letter to these evil people letting them know how stressed and on the verge for you?>?

please please dont just hope this will go away seek legal advice and get it sorted once for all.

were all here for you and really hope you get it cleared up soon.

stress is a bad thing and maybe ring up this number and ask to speak to someone higher about it.but i would personally seek legal advice first?

good luck.x


How awful for you, i am really disgusted at the way you have been treated, these people are bullies.


First of all go to your GP and explain to him/her how you are feeling and she should give you pills to help with depression. My surgery has a councellor who comes from hospital and you can discuss your problems with them.

Then go to your local CAB or DAB and they should tell you what to do. I would also make an appointment and go and see your local MP and then write to your newspaper and tell them how you have been treated. I would also request an appointment with the manager of your DWP and ask for an appointment with the manager, there are some stuck up bitches who look their nose down at people on benefits, i know as i worked in DWP and left as i couldn't put up with the back stabbing and two faceness of them.

I am always here as are all members of this site for you and you can send me a message i am a very good listener.

I am very concerned for you but please please get some professional help and let me know how you get on, and you are not alone as we are an extended family on this site.

Take care

Bonnie Lass


Have DSS given you a reason for wanting this information ? Have they told you exactly what it is you're supposed to have done ? Don't say on here . Don't give out that kind of information but just check that they've fulfilled any legal obligations to you.

I've never heard of them doing random checks , it's important you know why the check is being done.

Next step would be to seek out a local law centre and try to get some legal representation because benefit laws are very complicated. If you can't do that , try CAB.

Please don't allow them to bully you . They may very well be entitled to check but that doesn't mean they can be allowed to destroy you. Please find some help.




ladies I have been in tears reading these posts and I thank you all for your concern and for all the advise. I do have grown up children who are a great support which is good but how do you tell a child how your feeling in regard to this? Would worry them to death. I have had a very stressfull life but came throught it all and just jog along usually happily enough. It is just the last investigation in which I was found to be totally clear of any wrong doing just got me so low I am not sure I can go thought it again. I part own a house with a man, friend not partner. I put in ten years ago 100k as my stake in the house share as i could not aford to keep my house that I owned and lived in. In the ten years I have not had any problems and have always told the dss when I first started caliming tax credits that this was the situation. They have never had an issue with it before. Now they say that I have to prove we are not a couple, how do you do that? Camera in the seperate bedrooms maybe, oh and he lives away most of the time anyway having a room to come back to when he is not working away? I have to provide proof that I paid the 100k into the first property, moved four times and banks don't keep records that old, fortunately origional solicitor has that, phew.

I am going to go to my doctors on Monday or Tuesday as I can't stop crying and that is a slipery slope I don't want to go down again. I am also going to fold my small business as just don't want anything to do with tax credits so will only have my disability to live on. may starve but suppose I could do with loosing a bit more weight, yes can still find something funny in this. I am not saying I am going to do something daft right at this moment not that low yet but I remember the days of going to bed hoping not to wake in the morning and that is sort of where I am at now. Aparently this is depression, I never knew that before so just lived like it for ten years. i am going to make apt for citizens advise and see a solicitor. In so much pain it is unbelievable but then you all know stress does that so here goes on the merry go round (not so merry) of health colapsing again. Sorry if I worried you ladies and I will try and fight the buggers if I can x


It's up to them to prove it if they think the man you own a house with is your partner, not you to prove he isn't.

What they are asking for is unreasonable in my view. I use an internet bank and unless I physically print off statements they are only held online for 12 months . As I'm not connected to a printer I generally don't do this. I wouldn't be able to provide any statements further back than 2011 if asked. Nothing I can do about that !

I think it is wise for you to seek legal advice on this. And yes, see your GP because this kind of stress would make even someone who is otherwise fit and healthy feel ill.

You've been totally transparent with them right from the start so I really can't see what they can do about it. They are being over zealous . Hopefully they will back off once you have a solicitor fighting your corner.

Big gentle hugs for you.



Thanks Helen, This is the seconed tine I supposedly have come up for a random check, doesn't feel very random feels like they aare activily trying to destroy me. I am so tired today just sitting upright is a struggle.

I think I will definately shut down my little bear making business and see if they can find me a job that I can do and not be fired from for having high illness. ant think straight to now what is best today. Been back to bed for two hours and stil hardly function. xx


That would be a real shame Devonlady . What kind of bears do you make ? I love bears, I have quite a collection including some one off's and a Steiff growler !

I'd say stick it out , at least working for yourself you can pace yourself , if they put you to work you can't.

If you have a company website , please PM me your site name so I can see ! Don't put in on this page though as we're not allowed to share links , and I wouldn't want to cause you more trouble.

I'm sure a solicitor can put a stop to the harassment- because that's what it is in my view - so try not to worry too much until you get to speak to one .




Hi, I love making the bears but just doesn't make me a living and having to claim tax credits is what is causing me a lot of hastles that I just don't need. I will send you my facebook details with pics of my bears on. I collect lots of bears myself xx


Would love to see your bears on FB too... I'm also on FB as are some of my teddies :) xx


hi and bless your heart nobody should be made to feel like that or put in that position it is disgusting

firstly did you get the name of whom you spoke to? if so you need to call them back and tell them you want to speak to a manager and insist it is a manager you talk to tell them exactly what happened and how she threatened you they should be abe to trace the call and listen into it also write a letter too telling them the same details

please do not feel you are worthless and life is not worth living think of your family and friends and how they would feel if you did anything the dss are not worth your life they need to get people who work on the phones to be more sympathetic i have encounted this behaviour before and i have called back and spoken to the manager and they have sorted it out

so please do call them

you will get it sorted and you will be ok .now you go and sit and have a cuppa and anice relax and calm yourself down write down all you need to say too i fin that easier so you dont get in a muddle love to yo diddle and dont forget that is what we are all here for to listen and help you love and hugs xxxx


good luck sweetie and enjoy life stop worrying nothing is worth you to get so down xxx


Hi Devonlady please don't let them get you all upset as I have read in others comments they are the ones who have to do the proving not you its sounds a lot like a witch hunt and your their witch sorry to use that analogy don't let them get to you as others have said get all of your advice and please try not to let it stress you if at all possible. My prayers are with you it will work out alright you just have to stay possitve good luck . Love Sithy


Thanks everyone and I am felling a bit less stressed this afternoon, still very teary but guess that is to be expected. I was so shocked I didn't get the ladies name and not the usual dss number and there was no warning about the fact calls were recorded so I think this is because they themselves don't want to be recorded.

I am getting less upset and more angry which is good really still very stressfull and my right leg and arm is killing me and I had to go back to bed today for a few hours. I am going to go to doctors and get someting to help me keep stable and I am also going to kick the DSS arse. I may be a witch Sthandra but they will wish they hadn't hunted me.

I am going to see the MP he was fantastic last time they tried to force me out of benefits which is what I think this is actually about.

I really thank you all for your help and comments. xx


This legalised harassment is scandalous. I would definately get in touch with the CAB and MP.

Surely if you and your friend sign an affedavit (spelling?) to say you are not in a romantic relationship but simpley friends who share a house then their whole investigation would disintegrate.

I share the ownership of my house with my ex-husband ... it is hardly unusual is it?

Julie xx


Hi Devon lady

I have just been bullied by DSS for 6 months. Luckily I had help with all the calls and forms from Tenancy Support (At Local Council). you may have a department where you are.

Last month I asked to speak only to a manager and wished to lodge a complaint as they kept saying they wanted more or had not received papers sent. She was far more helpful.

"This week they tried again the not received line for the last paper they needed" so I went straight to complaint. They got back to me an hour later and found it. Should not get all sorted.

Sadly there are no staff on the front line talking to claimants that have any experience as job cuts in the Civil Service have been severe for the past 15-20 years.

Every time you or your legal support call, ask to be put through to a manager as they will have the experience needed to help sort out your situation.

You could make an appointment again with a manager and take a witness, even as for it to be recorded. They should be asking for nothing before the date of your last successful case as this could be seen as bullying and also would be against their procedures.

Just the fact that you have braved putting a blog here will help so many others, thank you for that.

I am thinking of investing to make a living for myself as I have just moved to rented accommodation and sold my home. Nothing we do is easy, but this Government will not be there forever!

Love and prayers for your situation to be rapidly sorted xx


Thanks so much I will take on board all that you have said as I had successful case last october this is excellent news if they can only go back that far. I was worried about posting this blog but if it helps others to than glad i did.

Thank you Fiona I am feeling a bit more positive and I have already told them I would get affidavit signed, I can[t spell it either. I have th document on its way to me saying I put in the big deposit and then if they take it further I will take it and them all the way to humanrights court if I have to. Had a blooming nuff of this DSS xx


Good that you feel more positive, you've made me smile.

Keep fighting. In all the lows we will still have good days and we never know what the future has planned for our good.

I believe God gives us no more than we can handle, even if I keep begging Him to lay off. The fights we have can help so many. So good we have this place to speak to each other. It is a wonder this Government lets us speak to each other!

Thank Google for spell checking my posts!

Best wishes xx


I dont understand why they leave it so long before they find things they think they can "do you for". 10 YEARS???? Perhaps theyve got a secret department that looks through old records to try to harrass people to worry them. If they did their job properly, they would know youve done nothing wrong and leave it at that. Did you give them information BEFORE the events or after? ("This is going to happen next month", for instance). Because If you tell them of an event happening in the future, they dont do anything with that info, so it looks like you havent informed them and they call it fraud. You have to tell them within one month of it already having happened. Ive given them info in advance loads of times and its not been acted upon, so it has resulted in overpayments etc.I have been harrassed by Tax Credits for a considerable "overpayment", but I had done everything they asked of me,so if they cant do their job, hard luck, Im not paying for their incompitence. I have stood my ground for 3 years and insisted that I held my part of the bargain. In my opinion, advance info is more sensible,then things are dealt with on time, payments stop when you ask them to, and no overpayments occur that result in you having to pay money back, making you short of money for weeks. As for you proving that you and your friend arent a couple, perhaps letters from your neighbours might help, If they know hes not there a lot of the time. Last I knew, if someone stays at your house 4 nights or more, in there eyes, youre co-habiting. But it is possible to have male FRIENDS. Ive got more male friends than female. But its just one of the ways they think they can "catch you out" and wrongly label you a "benefit cheat". It really annoys me that you cant have a life, just because you need financial help. If you know youve done nothing wrong, dont let them try to say otherwise. YOU know youve got nothing to hide, so sod them, let them try and prove otherwise. You can ask for copies of recorded phone calls whether you phoned them or they phoned you. Also copies of all correspondence between you both ways.If theres anything missing, it looks suspicious on their part. What are they trying to hide?? I wish you the best of luck and hope it gets sorted soon so you wont have to worry any more. xx


I have from day one given them every bit of information Bumble bee, and reminded them every time I renewed.

I own a house with this man nothing more nothing less except he is a friend, having to pay for him to do afidavit for them, costing me money here.

Due to all this today I cannot use my right arm at all lost all strength in it and sever pain here and all over body, eyesight has almost gone in one eye, Stress is a killer literally.

I have every bit of paper they have ever sent me fortunately but have been renewing over phone cos they loos the paperwork otherwise, now think will do both.

I went through this paperwork yesterday and low and behold this is the third investigation I have had in five years. Little excessive? No just plain and simple harassement.

Oh and the man is only ever here max of two days per week often not even that as he works all over the country and the house is an investment for him.


I think that you may have a neighbour who has reported you as cohabiting, or maybe as claiming benefits unjustly. Often these complaints go to the Council who pass them on to DWP.

I suggest you try C.A.B. as your first port of call. they have solicitors who can advise. It is in your favour that you have already been cleared of similar allegations.

It is particularly nasty behaviour, but DWP pays people to inform on any 'cheating' they report.

Cheers, Midori


I did wonder if that could be the case but surely if they get report they would look at the previous assessments? Also I have moved house since the last one so that would mean it was someone I know and I don't know anyone who would make up stuff about me so that is a worry in itself.

Well on the plus side I know I havn't done anything wrong so they can't prove I have. I do know from working in the law previously that being innocent is no guarantee that you will not be found guilty, as I was told on my first day working for the police the law is not about justice it is about bits of paper.


Another crazy situation how can they do this so soon after the last case was resolved. I cannot add anything much to the advice given but to wish you good luck. Do you have any friends who could confirm in writing that you and you house sharer are not a couple, even better if they were old work mates x


Yes I can certainly provide that sort of testimonial just don't really want to involve friends in this if I can help it. I am going to copy and send affidavits and the proof of the downpayment I made on the house then going to see what they say. It is up to them to tell me exactly what they need from me and I want it in writing for when I take them to court for harasment.

Thanks for the good luck wishes. x


Hi, My daughter was investigated about 3 years ago, she'd had a nervous break down, been in hospital, agreed upon discharge to go to a day hospital, as she is disabled physically as well she was picked up, and dropped off by car each day. Suddenly they thought she was working, she had to produce letters from the hospital etc, they took weeks to reinstate her money, and decided she did owe them money, as she was spending a certain amount of hours each day at this center and having lunch there, it was a dam hospital run day center!

Then about 5 month ago now, they stopped all her payments again. She had absolutely NO money for NINE weeks!! Her boyfriend, and myself were having to feed her, and her cat. Because of this I have got in the red, a month behind with my mortgage, and a couple of other payments! When she did eventually get everything reinstated it was without any arrears being paid! So as a single person, all her bills were over 2 months in arrears. We think a vindictive ex friend reported her in the first place, and they did send a form out for her to fill in, however she never received this, (not the first thing which has gone astray, even cat litter she ordered on line, her house is tucked away behind garages, so often missed), but the wonderful DSS weren't bothered about that, they sent the letter out, and that's all that mattered! The first she knew was on the Wednesday when she had no money!

Devonlady I hope you get this sorted out very quickly, just more worry you can well do without, little wonder you're depressed, but please try to stay positive, they are wrong, not you. Good luck.


Be Strong & don't let them get you down. You don't need the stress & worry! I've gone through something similiar but it was all caused by a malicious neighbour who thought she knew my business better than I did myself & thought she should report her "knowledge" to DWP..The fraud investigator that came to my house was totally bemused as to what she had been told. Some of them really do have hearts & common sense. As for your bank they are fobbing you off. I used to work for RBS & banks are legally obliged to keep records for certain lengths of time. Statements are 25 years & so are cheques. It's just that it time consuming to get them from central storage & go through them. If you ask for a copy of a cheque you wrote 25 years ago they have to give it to you. Best of Luck!


I have spoken to the CAb today and they say it is almost impossible to prove your not part of a couple if you share a house and that measn I will probably be in trouble. I have apt to see them tomorrow but I am more stressed that even. Have apt for doctors this afternoon, which should be fun as he wont want me to have meds to calm me down if I have hamving the sort of thoughts I am but without them I may just go over the edge. I will go back to bank but they dis say even on micro filsh they only go back 7 years.

I send message to mp poor man I gave him the lot about all htree times I have been throught this and told him the lady said I was looking at fine and custodial sentence maybe. Told him will top myself before that happens and I mean it I couldn't cope I find it hard enough now. Back to crying and crying so will be dark glasses when I go to docs later today.

My god I thought I had things bad but reading about your daughter stormy lady I am astounded. My mp is a careing man he has helped before but doubt he will wnat to get tangled up in this. Will let you know how docs goes late this afternoon.x


Hi Devonlady, I have read your story and as others have said you sound like a lovely lady. Please do not let these bullies drive you to destruction, we all know they want rid of us but we are all Human and as such Have Rights. I also would love to see some of your teddies, Perhaps you could make one with our fibro logo on it and all of us here who wish could buy to support Fibro if we wanted. Reasonable costs due to our benefits of course. Also would make a very good gift for friends/ family. Fibro Charity % perhaps. Hope you have a much better time after Drs today. Please keep in touch with us all how you get on . sending you soft gentle hugs. xx.


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