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a little confused

18 months ago received a letter from DWP asking for me to collate details of Bank Balance / Savings etc as they were to phone for details - they never did, I rang them and was told to ignore it

3 weeks ago I received similar letter I have got the details required but as yet no contact from DWP has anyone had similar experience

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  • That's strange as I would not think that is something they would want you to reveal over the phone and I would think they would want paper evidence of it if it is required.

    I wonder as well if anyone else has had this. X

  • Never give bank details over the telephone under any circumstances xx

  • No don't ever give your details out over the phone, it could be a scam especially if they told you to ignore it.

  • Hi,

    DWP have been doing this now for a few months .Grr fog brain makes me forget what they call it but it is normally a visit to your home to go through all your income and outgoings to see if what you are paying out for is consistent with what you have said in benefit claims.Eg.if you say on a disability benefit claim you don't have pets or can't go out then see bank payments to a pet shop or in shopping complex they might question you how come but from asll the ones I have heard back from asll has been fine.But ! Only at a home visit or office and not over the phone.

    So don't give out details via phone and check I'd if home visit but do have details together and dfont worry.

    Hope that helps

  • Hi should have mentioned I get state pension plus pension credit

  • Never ever give your personal details out over the phone, even if they say they are the DWP. There are a lot of scammers out there.If the DWP want to contact you then they will by letter and then you can phone them to confirm the letter is from them. Get the number from the internet, dont phone the number on the letter if you are atall suspicious in case it's a scam. If in doubt always seek advice first xx

  • That doesnt sound right at all. If you are on pension credits it would normally be the Pension service who contact you regarding bank information unless you are in receipt of attendance allowance or disability benefits. The DWP and pension service would always want info in paper form. Sounds too suspicious to me. Please be careful and as others have said dont give out your details over the phone and if anyone visits make sure they show their ID. I always check contact numbers online. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • I also agree with the other respondents that you should never give personal details over the phone, not in this day and age! It may help to ring them and just double check?

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Yes if they are genuine then won't mind that you are careful.

  • I agree this does not sound right. I think it could be a scam, they would not ask for this sort of information over the phone.

    Please be carefull

  • It is possible someone has made a malicious phone call and said you are faking it. If you get a letter stating it is a compliance interview, get immediate legal help.

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