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I miss everyone lol!

I am on a short break at the moment and the internet connection isn't brilliant as I am only on my phone but it feels like forever since I wrote a blog and had a chat with people even though its only been a few days! I am actually glad that today we have rain as we have done a lot of things over last 4 days and I am knackered! My dad and step mums answer to everything is 'fresh air' which I agree has helped me, I have had 4 full nights sleep for the first time in I don't know how long but they are struggling to understand that walking is difficult for me, how easy I tire and how much pain I get in. Again, I haven't been anywhere near as bad because I have been able to relax and forget about everyday things for a while but I still struggle so I am greatful of the rest today! Hope you are all as well as can be and enjoying the bank holiday.


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oldestnewest glad your resting today .and my moms exactly the same and so is my fellas parents.

ive pushed literature into there hands etc.

the thing is becoz we all look generally okay apart from the dark circles around our eyes and lots of sleep.

im sick of explaining to people that im sick and in lots of pain.

we just distance ourselves away from those people.if they love you then they will try and understand a little.

good luck take care and keep blogging i find it helps alot.x


So pleased you are having a rest Hj, it will do you the power of good. Don't worry too much if p.eople don't understand, people who love you will know that you tell the truth and they will see your pain and your exhaustion. Other people don't really matter in the grand scheme of things. We can spend our whole lives explaining to some people and they will never understand because they see with their eyes and don't look deeper into our souls to see how we struggle every day.

Take care Hj and see you back with us soon. Relax and enjoy the change of scenery, a change is as good as a rest so they say. :)


sometimes, as with ourselves, accepting an illness is hard, especially for those we love. as someone once said "Denial is not just a river" !

enjoy your holiday, sandra.


yes sandra! i am a little mixed and confused as part is positive, part is in denial and keeps saying pick your self up and get a grip and then i just drop (suffer) part thinks i just going to give in and throw in the towel with work.. its a maze and i hope find the end soon. I am confident and organisedish and pretty strong (have to be) but its true no matter how much we help each other we all in the same position end of day, some just have different added illnesses along side it ...

ahhh love to you all xxx caroline


Enjoy your break Holly

Julie xx


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