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Pip tribunal was awful

Worst experience of my life

They had sent a presenter from the DWP which I was told by my representative that they hardly ever do that.

This guy had me on tears, he was really intimidating me, he kept making faces at me everytime I was speaking, he was shouting at me, he would ask me a question then talk over me while I was answering, the judge had to tell him off 3 times for the way he was speaking to me and for making faces at me, 5 mins after I got in the room he took all my 6 points off me and left me with nothing

So it was a nightmare and I ended up with nothing 😞

I am so angry and feel cheated.


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That's horrible, i'm so sorry! Who should've been in charge of assessing your points, Him or the judge? I dont understand. What did your CAB have to say about how they treated you? You must be feeling terrible! xx


Hi tulip, the guy from dwp had the power to take away points or add points but then after everyone has spoke to me the 3 panel members had a discussion about what should happen and they all agreed that I wasn't entited to it, said they dont have enough evidence and I am not seeing enough specialists for my conditions, which is my doctors fault, was very unfortunate to have a presenter from dwp there, my representive said that they are very rarlely sent to tribunals, he was very unprofessional and made me out to be a liar, I am so so upset xx

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I am so sorry. There does seem to be an increasing number of DWP and Judges without compassion but have a conscience bypass. xx


Hiya that is exactly what I went through.the man was in a wheelchair and he was horrid to me.I had a panic attack from it.then when I received my outcome.I was told as I could dress myself and feed myself I got no points.I had mine in Birmingham. Just wondering if we saw the sa!e nasty man? x


How horrid, but what is worse is that I am not surprised by the DWP but I am by the Judge.


I am in Scotland blakie23, my tribunal was in Ayr, worst experience of my live, was reduced to tears, struggling to breath properly, shaking like a leaf and this horrid man was sat next me sighing and rolling his eyes at everything I said, I am appalled at the way I was treated in there, if I had any strength left in me I would be putting a complaint in about him but I am totally exhausted, hurting all over and just wanna hide away for the rest of my life 😞 x


I'm so sorry to read this, I wonder if they do this deliberately to put people off appealing? Please put in a complaint - when you are feeling stronger. At least so that they think twice about doing it again. Take care x


Hi achydunlin, I can't appeal against this or anything, the tribunal is the last resort, only thing I could do is wait a while, get more evidence and then apply again from the start and have to go through the whole thing again, honestly don't have any fight left in me so I wont be doing that, could possibly put in a written complaint about the horrible guy who acted very unprofessional by making faces behind my back but will leave that for another day, right now all I wanna do is sleep and try to forget it my terrible tribunal xx


Bless you have a lovely warm bath, hot drink and go to bed, try to forget that horrible man, it isn't easy but just for tonight and have I hop a restful sleep. Good night. X


Thanks everyone, I've just woke up from a nap, feeling a bit better now, will just keep plodding along and hope that one day things will work out.

Thanks again everyone 😊

Lyndsay xx


I am so genuinely sorry to read that please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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