Hello my lovely friends so iv desided today, I'm currently having a bath with de-stress bath salts an bubbles, then I'm gonna dry my hair and put some make up on, today I'm gonna try for a attitude of AND, I really can't be bothered today with my OH and his midlife crisis so he's can stay were he is ( his mates sofa cos he got drunk) and I will get on with my day, yesterday he really upset me but today I'm not gonna let him, love to u all shibby xx

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  • Hi Shibby89 hope you have a fantastic day hunni keep positive

    sending hugs xx

  • Well done

    Go for it extra bit of lippy who knows he may think you have found someone else


  • lol I look super sexy and I have told him off so much that I don't think he dare say anything lol lov shib

  • Thats the way to do it. If he doesn't give much of a s*!t about you and your feelings then leave him to it and try not to let him upset your space. Hope you enjoyed ur bath...oh and make-up . Well done cos that is a major effort most days isn't it xx

  • Defo is jfk71 just though is try to say for a change xxxx

  • Hi Shibby89,

    Well done you go girl. Think of yourself hope you had a good day ☺. Lol xxAnnxx

  • Great attitude, knock 'em dead girl!!!


  • Thank you xx

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