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I saw the GP this morning and it was ok. I had a few questions about various symptoms such as sweating, tiredness, ringing in ears, dizziness and depression. I dont want to just accept these are part of fibro and I have to live with them, but that seems the case. My blood pressure was taken and thats ok, the gp suggested reducing my meds as Im on amitriptyline and that causes many side effects, but Im not sure about this. He asked me to go for a blood test to check various things. He reassured me that there isnt anything else that can be wrong with me. He encouraged me to keep pacing myself to help with the tiredness, and keep to a good diet and exercise. He also suggested mindfulness to help with the depression and suggested I go back onto sertraline, I was on that for a while but stopped when I started taking amitriptyline, I didnt want to go on more meds.

How do others cope on a daily basis with this horrible condition.

Take care of yourselves. It is a warm day, and Im staying indoors as I just melt otherwise. I will pop out later as Im off to the fibro support group this afternoon.

Thank you


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  • Hi Golfer15 I think most of us to try to use our interests to distract us. Accepting this condition is the hardest thing of all the mother site will have a lot of information on there and can be very useful so please take a look.

    I'm just wondering I take it from the name you do like golf., on the bad days jigsaws are usually a good one.

    Reading through some of these stories is so inspiring small steps are the best do what you can when you can.

    The group is brilliant let us know about that the new people you meet etc. Keeping sharing as well as helping yourself your helping others and making new friends.

    Good luck on your journey my friend

  • Thank you for the reply. I have been diagnosed nearly two years now but still coming to terms with having this condition for the rest of my life. One of the hardest things is getting others to accept this to. When family say I'm difficult to live with, I feel worse.

    I have met some good people on here and find this helpful. It seems that having hobbies is one of the best ways to cope daily. I don't play golf much these days but might try soon as my son finishes school next week.

    We just have to find distractions and keep going. I do a small voluntary job but I have to limit my duties.

    Thank you


  • Hi Golfer15 it not just playing golf but thinking of things to do with golf magazines ect 3D puzzle you could send us pic when its done that would be brilliant.

  • Hi David

    Don't know if it would interest you but have you looked into Men In Sheds on the Island they meet once a week various locations on the Island .

    May be worth looking into.


  • Thanks, I have looked at this before. In fact I helped set one group up and I'm looking at setting up another group locally.

    I help with a group run by age UK.


  • Hi David. Why are we made to think we are making more of this than we need. I too have the tinnitus and sweating mainly at night. But I haven't spoken to my GP out it ,for fear of exactly that.You did the right thing going to see your GP. Mine is happy for me to see him every 4-5 wks. I always think if you don't go,they won't know you are still struggling.

    Hopefully ,your bloods will come back ok.

    I sometimes think if they did come back irregular they come up with something and be able to treat me and all would be ok. Life would go on as before.

    I spoke to my Counselor this morning and she does Mindfulness,id thoroughly recommend you going and learning the technique. You will get to meet others who are struggling with pain too. And you'll be able to relate.

    Day to day I'm struggling myself. An effort to get up and dressed. Pain,exhaustion and an over whelming feeling of unwellness. Do you suffer with that. It's horrible, if only the ESA could see that side of me or us hey.

    Well,im still very new to this forum. So,still finding the courage to reply to people's posts.

    I see you are off to your support group this afternoon. I hope you get on ok there.☕

  • Hi gillybean 1968, thanks for your reply. You are right about seeing the gp every so often to ask questions. I like to see mine every two or three months. He is fine with that.

    I will look into mindfulness again, I have looked at it years ago.

    Good to keep in touch. Take care of yourself.


  • Hi David, sorry to hear you are still struggling, we all have to find our own distractions from pain and depression. I find being around people helps, but as you say some of your family are finding it hard to deal with the way you are . Have you made any friends at your volunteer job, as yet, maybe that would be an idea, if you have to meet up for a coffee, or something. I tried Amitriptiline once, it sent me doollaly. But I have been reading up on it, and profuse sweating is one of the down sides of this med. apparently it doesn't make everyone sweat, but some can get it bad, like. Yourself. Do you think you could discuss with your GP another med that would suit you. It would make your life a whole lot easier, instead of staying in when we have nice weather. We are in for a hot spell. I hope you cope. Take care .

  • Hi Blue52, thanks for the reply. The gp suggested coming off the amitryptiline altogether to see if that stops the sweating. I might try that, I'm only on a low dose anyway.

    I am off to the fibro support group today and the people there are nice, and they all understand. I agree it it is good to be with others and this is a good group. A few sometimes meet up for a coffee between meeting. I will go to one of these meets.

    Thanks for the help. Good to keep in touch.


  • You are welcome David, I hope coming off isn't going to be too painful, but I do hope it helps. Have a great time at your group. And do meet with others in between. Take care .

  • Hello David- Nurse Gladys- Long time no speaky.. Reading your recent message I can relate to most of it, I too am currently taking Sertraline my gp did bloods for fatigue and iron levels, all clear and good, he believes many fibro sufferers suffer from anxiety and stress unknowingly, Sertraline cause insomnia and sweats which should subside in time, amitrip are not for everyone and many of us have had to go onto other meds.I still see a specialist physio who confirms everything my gp has said, the anxiety comes from feeling guilty that we don't work long before retirement age,we have the dreadful assessments to go thru they alone can be immensely stressful, even after the assessments we have the worry while we wait for decisions, will the benefit continue, everytime a brown envelope drops thru the door!! My physio drums into me every session, not to sit around, try to clear your mind of tiredness, go outdoors more and walk, whilst walking get your brain to tell those legs to move faster and don't appear to be dawdling, work harder in the hydro pool and don't use it to chat like many do. All these things have helped me, I have put on a enormous amount of weight and so dieting is taking over my thoughts at present, I also want to go to new Zealand by ship/air which is also something to focus on, searching the net for ideas on getting there takes my mind away from tiredness too. Talk to your gp about the amitrip with sertraline, he will be able to guide you on times to take both without interaction,, Good luck David keep intouch

  • Hi caz-54, thanks for your reply. Your advice is very helpful.

    Take care


  • Hi David,

    Having a positive outlook, combined with fresh air and gentle exercise sounds like a good prescription to me!

    You seem to be making good progress, don't knock yourself back, you have achieved a lot in this last year.


  • Hi Bluebell, thanks for the reply.


  • Hi golfer15, I'm so sorry to hear your going through so much.

    I'm so glad you mentioned the buzzing in your ears, as I've had that now for about 3 month. I also have had bad hearing loss. My gp is putting me to see an ear nose and throat specialist.

    I feel your trying very hard to keep positive about everything and I know it's very hard.

    I wish you all the best

    Angela x

  • Hi Angela, thanks for your reply. Your gp sounds very good for sending you to see an ear, nose and throat specialist. I mentioned the whistling sound in my ears and hearing loss but he said 'oh yes that is part of fibro' or side effects to the meds. He suggested coming off the meds, but I don't want more problems. I need this to stop, this buzzing is terrible and I keep saying pardon to my family as I can't hear them and it's making them frustrated.

    Oh well, we have to keep going. I feel a bit more positive today. I've just been to the gym and now sat drinking coffee with all the doors open but watching the news about this fire in London. There has been so much sadness lately and that affects my mood.

    Take care, have a good day.

    David x

  • Hi David

    Thank you for your reply too 😊

    Yes my gp was very patient with me which makes a big difference.

    I know how you feel , my husband keeps getting on to me about the tv being too loud but I can't hear it.

    My son has tinnitus and hearing problems and he's not on any medication

    I do hope you get a gp to refer you to the ear nose and throat specialist because it's very difficult to cope with the constant buzzing on top of everything else

    I'm very happy your having a better day today, and my thoughts too go out to the fire in london this morning

    Bless you and take care of yourself

    Angela x

  • Thanks Angela, just building up motivation to cut the grass. The weather is lovely but a bit too hot at the moment. I have a problem with sweating too, this can be embarrassing as I only have to do something physical for a few minutes and the sweat pours out of me. I think I will stay indoors for a couple of hours.

    I have to hang some washing out soon. My wife works full time and I dont work at all now due to fibro, depression/anxiety etc. I have a couple of volunteer roles but I have to pace myself.

    Take care of yourself.

    David x

  • Oh bless you David,

    sounds to me like your really trying to do things.

    I can understand your feeling conscious of sweting too much in front of people.

    You sound to me to be a very proud man who must find it very hard to watch your wife go to work and even the simplest of things to be hard for you because of your condition.

    You mus't be so hard on yourself. Thiis is not your fault and your doing your best

    Bless you

    Angela x

  • Hi Angela, thanks for your comments. I managed to get in the garden but not until 3pm. It was still warm then and I got really hot but I'm pleased with myself for doing the jobs. Plus I was still in the garden when my wife came home at 4.30pm so I got some Brownie points. I do find it difficult that my wife works full time and I can't work, I managed to get some benefit but I would like to be able to contribute to our income more. That is why I like her to see me doing jobs not sitting in front of the TV.

    Does your husband work full Time? Do you have family too. I have two sons, one is working and one is at school. They find my condition difficult to understand.

    My youngest son is cooking tea so I better go and help him.

    Take care

    David x

  • Hi David,

    I was diagnosed Fibro May,

    But previous to that for 2 years I suffered with a condition called Myofacial Pain Syndrome, which is so similar to Fibromyalgia, but unfortunately it turned in this. I too get very tired, and fatigued, and have fibro fog at times.

    I was suggested Mindfulness at the reghospital for 8 weeks which I start next Tuesday morning. I am sure that it will be of great help if you were to go.😀

    I have tried at least 3 different medications, gabapentin, pregabalin, and just tried Duloxitine, but had really bad side effects. So on nothing at the moment.

    Take care of your self,

    I toP

  • Thanks for the reply. Yes I'm going to try mindfulness soon.

    Good luck with yours.


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