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Update 5/6/17

So me being demanding and asking for every blood test under the sun, is now finally showing me some information.. I had loads of CBC everything normal apart from my white blood cells which have be low since 2014, thyroid check normal, liver, kidney.. herpitits, Lyme dieses normal.. so I tell the doctor I want my testosterone done levels for reinsurance. 3 came back wrong cause the doctor take enough blood, and one came back saying my test is what a 55-65 year old man should have, I am 24 btw. This must be why I have lost a lot of muscle mass, been drained, low moods always crying, problems with the old chap. But i still don't understand why I am having muscle fluttering and my lymph nodeds being raised all around my left side and right side of my neck.. heard anxiety can cause them to become a problem. More bloods tomrrow aswell.. would anybody know what the bloods are called for diebetes as I have been tracking my suga levels and I am eating very clean and well, and they always seem to be high from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed.. also is there a test that can look at more than just iron b12 and folic acids.. somthing to check the full spectrum of minerals and vitimins? I know that might sound over the top but I'm fed up of being ill and getting told there is nothing wrong with me when there clearly is! Also my blood go from being silly low to stupidly high but my heart rate is normal 50-65bpm when relaxing to waking..


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Either a fasting glucose or a hb1ac for diabetes

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Thank you very much, did a 12 hour fast from the day befor which I had low carb intake the day befor which I had a reading of 5.9, then I done one 1hour after food and it was 9.8 and there was only 25grams of carbs and 3grams of which were sugars..

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Hi Ant92

I am a diabetic and I use a little blood sugar monitor to test my blood myself from just a pin prick. The starter kits which come fully complete with needles and blood strips etc start off at about £12. Using one regularly could help give you a more and fully balanced picture of your blood readings?

Your low testosterone could be caused by a myriad of factors including pituitary gland issues, inflammatory diseases or even too much iron in the blood. So I would talk to your doctor about any possible causes?

Requesting a full spectrum of minerals and vitamins is a very good idea, as too little or too much of something can cause problems.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I hope you find out what's wrong and something can be done. Well done for being demanding, sometimes it's the only thing you can do. Only we can tell when something isn't right with us, I wish doctors would listen and test for possibilities rather than just the usual.

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Anxiety can cause a lot of problems, certainly the flutters you feel but it is good you have so many negative blood tests, although that can seem frustrating in itself.

You could Google blood tests for Diabetes and compare results with your own.

Your doctor may refuse more blood tests for vitamins and minerals because of cost. However you can get these done privately, it is not too expensive and will put your mind to rest.

I am sorry I am not familiar with testosterone levels and accompanying problems. I would ask for a referral to an endocrinologist if it continues with no improvement.

Good luck for some good results!



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