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Hi there I'm Kiel I'm a 27 year old male. I have depression, body dysmorphia diaprder, generalized anxiety disorder, ADHD, depression and now I have fibro!! Honestly the worst luck ever. The fibro has really got a hold on me the last 7-8 months. The pain I suffer from my back all the way down to my feet and including one testicle is hellish. I also have thoracic outlet syndrome. The reason that brought me to this forum is that I have just discovered that I am infact not crazy that clothes can actually cause you pain!! Boxers/pants the waits band hurt so so so much I'm a small and even getting underwear in xxl hurts!! I can't wear the fashion skinny jogger as the waist band feel like they are cutting me in half. If I do wear them it's to walk to the shops and back and I can't wait to get in to get them off!!! With the tos and fibro mixed in with the allodynia that I suffer now it's a total and utter nightamare. My whole body is attacking me and everything that has caused me pain may it be a head on a pillow or stitching on the inside of socks it all makes sense and all adds up now that I know I have the allodynia. On that note I only discovered this yesterday!! I'm on the maximum dose of gabapentin and the middle strength co-codamol but it doesn't work. Well it works if I lay naked in my memory foam bed and don't move a muscle at all!! Since that has all got worse I've stopped going out with friends when I could make it out the door. I no longer want to drink alcohol as it just makes me tired and not that that's any change!! I can't even sit in my sofa any more it causes me to run screaming in the opposite direction due to the pressure it puts on my lower back and hips!! I'm at the end of my rope with this pain situation. If it wasn't for the clothes being an issue I could cope!!

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  • I am so sorry for everything you are going through. You will always be in my prayers.

    God Bless😊

  • Hi Mitchell198989

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted for you below a link to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of all the issues that you live with and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • So sorry to read about your dilemma and suffering. It must be awful for you. Soft hugs x

  • Sorry you are feeling so low, fibro tests you in many ways. Clothes, jewellery can be an issue, I am glad to remove as much clothing as possible when I arrive home after being out due to the irritations of waistbands etc. The only answer is to wear as much loose clothing as you can find, even a Kaftan indoors is a great help. I hope you have reached out to the Charity MIND who are extremely supportive with anxiety and depression and are getting the help you need from your GP also. The worst thing is to stay indoors suffering alone so please find the support you need and keep coming back to this website for support as well.

    Kind regards.

  • Hi there and welcome to our friendly site I'm sure you'll find lots of help and support on here,.

    Clothes are an issue for me too, I used to love wearing polo neck jumpers in the cold weather which helped with the arthritis in my neck, but now I can't stick the tightness as I feel as if I'm choking I can't wear wool or anything that's not very very soft ,everything either itches or rubs my skin, I find as Joyia says loose soft clothing is best, unless I'm going out I wear a long loose housecoat all day!!! .Well I am an 'old hippy'. 😃 It's so comfy I don't want to take it off, I have a few in different colours. I hope you keep posting as there's always someone on here ready to chat, take care

  • I understand how you feel hoodys are a killer for me. I have one polo neck that I cannot wear feels like I'm gonna pass out with the pressure! It's not fun at all! Currently after a year and a half of clothes shopping I'm still unable to find anything that won't cause me pain. For in the house I only have one pair of joggers one pair of shorts and one jumper that make me feel human. Anything else I own or buy hurts. Due to the bdd clothes are a major part of that and not being able to wear what I want so that I can feel good makes both worse than they actually need to be!! I have just looked in to a kaftan and I think I shall purchase one to see if this makes any diffrence! I was thinking of trying a onesie but feel this may be just as bad as it's all connected. Have you tried one or anyone for that matter? Hope today is a good days for you and you can seize the hippy world!! 😀

  • Kaftan I would say would be better than a onesie. Hopefully it helps. ..I always end up in shorts and vest tops with a snuggly dressing gown.

    Do you or anyone else have problems with microfibre cloths aagh I can't stand them in the kitchen and have to throw them away as they hurt my hands it's so strange 😯

  • This will sounds so strange as per lol if I use micro fibre cloths or towels they kinda like stick to my hands and it makes me breathless. Clothes seem to do that aswell. I can have boxers on and feel totally out of breath like I'm gonna pass out. Take them off and I can breathe properly! Even if 2 sizes too big!

    I am always in shorts aswell but always freezing so heating on full blast!! Lol 🔥 I must admit today is a really bad day for me... had all my meds and the pain still won't ease even though I haven't left bed all day!!! Sorry to moan on but sometimes you just have too!

  • Not tried a onsie I'd have thought they'd be a bit warm?

  • Welcome to the forum Mitchell. Yes clothes can be a real problem. I can't stand labels it is as though a patch of hot knives is cutting into me. I have had to return things like pyjamas that I have bought as I have taken them home tried them on then realised within half a minute the waist band seems to be scratching me. This nylon stuff they seem to now use to stitch many garments is the worse. A vest or top that has any lycra in is a no and always have to have a size up. Haven't worn a proper bra in a good 6 years.

    I always try to have natural fabrics next to my skin, cotton jeans, vests, at shirts etc rather than any synthetics.

    Don't feel alone in this as there are quite a few forum members the same. Sometimes it is these things that get us down even more than the pain.

    Yes social life gets very constrained as people suggest things and we know we could just not do them. After having to say no a couple of times they stop asking as they tend to interpret it as though we don't want to go rather than there is nothing more or we would love to do but we know we would just spoil it for the others.

    I hope you will find the forum a good support for you and look forward to your future posts.x

  • It's so horrible... I return clothes like they are going out of fashion (no pun intended) I struggle to go out most of the time but if clothes need returned it's only s short window. See this is the thing people say they understand but nobody can unless the suffer the daily pain. I have jumpers in xxl that kill the day lights out me writhing minutes! I hope you are having a good day today rosewine and are relatively pain free!!

  • I agree difficult to understand unless you go through it yourself.

    Have to struggle up to town in the cold and rain to get my prescription not worth taking the car as nowhere to park near to the chemist, grhh. Dreading ringing up for the results of my blood test this afternoon but needs must.

    I reckon those that suffer will have to move somewhere warm and join a nudist community, lol. Bye for now.x

  • I totally agree about socialising and not spoiling it for others I usually say no straight away rather than later being ill and saying it.

  • I think I have to do this myself! I'm going to Bulgaria in 3 months with my cousin and a friend. I'm worried the whole trip will just be extremely painful and I'll ruin it for them! I'd rather not go but I'd paid so much now!

  • Don't worry about it now just pace yourself and get as healthy as you can be for now and deal with the holiday later 😊

  • Hi Keil so sorry to hear of all your problems I too have body dismophia and I cannot bear clothing against my skin.I struggle with mattresss and have a goose feather topper I have been referred for assessment for an adhd/aspergers syndrome assessment but will probably opt for a private assessment as the NHS waiting list is so long i am currently trialling a medication called flupertine it's available get in touch with me if you would like to talk I am based in West Yorkshire Hayley x

  • Moonmix2000 thanks for your reply... I too struggle with beds the only bed I can sleep in is my own any other bed and I can't cope longer than a couple minutes! Pillows feel like bricks sometimes aswell. What is the flupertine for the ADHD or the fibro?

  • Hi There I struggle to sleep or get comfortable on any bed. Might I advise a feather mattress topper with an electric blanket under neath?I have tried all medications for fibromyalgia to the point of taking ketamine (it was prescribed) and sativex a cannibanoid. The flupertine is prescribed for chronic pain and is off licence. It's only available via the London Pain Clinic through Dr Chris costs £150 per month.I am on day one so too early to tell if ut will help. I probably have aspergers with some ADHD traits and I am female but my brain is more like a mans!

  • My mattress is great but I may try a electric blanket thanks for that! What would you say was he better one? Obviously they didn't work as you have changed but one must had gave a bit more relief... Im on gabapentin as I said but I have read that amitriptyline might be better as I find with the gabapentin that as long as I don't move an inch after it works but if I move then back to where I started. You will have to let me know how you get on £150 per month is something worth considering if it works!

  • Also another question... has anyone had Botox for this condition?

  • Hi I tried botox for muscular spasm near my spine four years ago the results were horrendous. My pain increased and has never gone back to how it was before.I bought my thermal blanket from a company called snug as a bug on ebay.great value I have tried all the medications you mentioned but didn't find any effective

  • Oh god that's not good to hear at all... I'm sad to hear that as was given a slight glimmer of some relief! it's strange how doing something to help can make things worse. Ah I shall give them a try. One thing I can suggest to you if you haven't already tried... maximum strength ibuprofen gel (shop bought stuff is crap) I find it takes the edge off a little but not for long. It's cold when it goes on so it can be soothing. A friend had gave me a tube to try. She was given it whilst suffering breast cancer, I have since been prescribed it by my gp.

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