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Hemp update

Hello everyone, I hope you are as well as possible. As you know I have been trying this hemp oil with cbd. Out of last 10 days I got 7 nights with good relief and then sun/mon night I was awake back to square one. But last night slept really well for 6hrs, thank god.

Possible cause for the two bad nights may be the dreadful ear ache and bad throat. Also I'm suppose to use capsaicin 2-4 times a day. I do but always have to stop it due to extremely painful burning side effect. Its brilliant for the pain but during the night it's like red hot pokers are pressing into the areas I apply it. Actually burning and area looks like bad sun burn. And I only use cream sparingly. Does anyone else use this cream and experience the same?? I have not been able to use it continually over the years due to same result. It doesn't settle down regardless of how long I've persevered.

Stopped using cream.

Applied ACV (apple cider vinegar) and olive oil to my ear several times yesterday plus paracetamol

I got good relief and took 15 -18 drops of hemp cbd oil and had a good sleep.

I hope it's okay to share this with you all as I'm hoping we can at least help each other. Remain blessed and as well as possible. Soft hugs xx

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Hi Olivia1 and thank you for your update which makes interesting reading.

The hemp oil seems to be working well for you, how do you get it? Is it on prescription?

Sorry to hear that you have had bad earache, how miserable.

I haven't used capsaipin cream, and I am a bit reluctant as I have sensitive skin. Just a thought, would you be able to mix it with some ordinary, aqueous cream or Vaseline to slightly "dilute" it? It may help to stop the burning a bit.

Please do keep sharing your experiences, it is always useful to learn of any hints, tips and ways of doing things.



Cibdol Organic 4% Hemp CBD Oil Drops 2000mg Cannabidiol

If you google 'quintessential' they have the cibdol brand and it's cheaper than cibdol's own site. Still relatively expensive but they don't charge posting. They are uk based.

The first one I got was Dublin based company but at €38 for 10mls it's too expensive. It's not available in ROI on prescription.

I also take gabapentin and I'm on a morphine patch.

I too have very sensitive skin so perhaps that's why I have such a strong reaction to capsaicin cream.

It's silly money to pay for pain relief when it would be cheaper in the long term for NHS prescription.

Remain blessed and as well as possible x


Hello Olivia1

I know that it became legal to buy the hemp oil with CBD in October last year.

The THC has been taken out of it which is the part that would usually give the "high".

I was just wondering how long you have had your ear ache?

If it has been more than a week perhaps it would be a good idea if you were to see your GP just in case you have some type of infection?

Ear ache is horrendous. I suffered with it massively as a child and had an Ear Nose and Throat operation when I was 3.

My GP recommended that I try the capsaicin cream, but as most of my pain is a burning feeling I didn't want to add more burning to the feeling if that makes sense.

I think you are wise to stop using the cream if it is burning your skin.

Lu xx


I use chilli oil which I imagine has the same effect as your capsaicin cream. I mix the oil with another oil , almond or rapeseed if I am stuck. This reduces the over burn especially at night when the area overheats. You could mix your cream with body lotion maybe.



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