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Sick of cold weather :(

Okay so I no I'm moaning here, but the pains are getting worse.

I could have cried myself to sleep last night I was in that much pain,

So I think il have a bath and see if that helps, as I have pain in my left hip and at the top of my spine. :(

Maybe I should live in a hot country at this time of year. And dose up on dehydrocodeine. I took extra last night due to the pain.

Saw a comment on Facebook today from someone who has FMA and was on DLA low mobility and managed to get high, but I am still going to wait till I see the FMA specialist. Would I be in the right to ask or demand for a wheelchair, cause I'm sure being patient is getting dm no where. I'm still going to complain that my appointment at the Pain Clinic has been cancelled.

Does anyone live on the Newcastle, Sunderland or South Tyneside district and have managed to get a wheelchair, as would love some advice.


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i dont live in your area i use wheel chair.but had to buy one myself .i sugest see your g.p and explain how you feel and ask out right.i have weak muscles so cant walk far.arthritis in knees and other joints,and other health problems besides .i cant take pain relief i use magnet wraps,which help and arnica gel.hope that helps.


Thanks. I have been to my GP but as he is new (changed a few months ago) he won't and said there was nothing he could do. I even cried it did nothing I did the same to physio nothing. Even tho it states on the NHS website that the physio can send u, I was told no.

I have spoke yo my kidney specialist and he agrees that I should have a wheelchair so I might see if he can help me.

Thanks again will keep in mind what you have said xx


Hi again have you got rumatologist they are help full.i bought one as couldnt balancing and walking short distance .ask your kidney consultant to write a letter may be.what are your health problems.i bought it from ar paid it in six months.


Hi ribbonpink,

I'm still waiting to see my rehumtologist. As the cold weather of killing my hip.

Yeah I have an appointment in March to see them so il wait till then and if I still havent seen rehumtology I will ask my kidney specialist.

My balance has been really bad recently even if iv only been sitting for 10 minz I'm all over the place.

My health problems are:

Chronic kidney disease




Hearing impaired


I also see someone for my eyes as I suffer from blurred vision



Hi Susan i have fibro ,hiatus hernia,ibs,arthritis,weak muscles,dizzy spells,cluster cysts in kidneys and you have dry eyes ,that can affect your vision.try magnet neck wrap for pain.whats pcos .xx


Hi, hope you are feeling a little bit better today. I sympathise so much about the pain you are in. I have had times with so bad sleep, that I haven't had one night's proper sleep in three months. This can be a really crappy illness sometimes!! Perhaps you could try a few things that I've tried. There is sports massage, which can hurt a little when it is being done, but will give you a much better quality of sleep after. There is Pernaton Green lipped Muscle Gel which you can rub into your joints/hips. Also a jacuzzi is very nice and swimming helps keep the joints mobile. If you've got any thing else I can help with , please don't hesitate to ask. Take Care, cutebird xx


Hi could you explain what jacuzzi?

Sleeping isn't a problem I can sleep for England I seen to sleep for more then 12 hours.

Thanks again xx


Hi just thought I'd let u no I have my electric blanket and it's great. Haven't woken up in pain :) really good so happy I got it xx


Hi Susan, the jacuzzi is just the normal hot tub and lovely bubbly water. I love it. I find it a bit like the hydrotherapy I used to have. But sadly the local hydro pool got closed, (in the nhs cuts!!) Glad you can sleep ok. I find I don,t always get enough of the deep sleep, so always have some fatigue every day. Good luck with everything. Lots of love xx


Hi Cutebird,

I could go to my dads he has a jacuzzi bath, love his bath it's a lil wider and longer for ppl who are tall like myself.

I have a bath at my flat but as I have a bath lift I end up not being on the bottom of it, which is a little annoying. I prefer a shower if I'm completely honest easier to get out of.

Hope you are well xx


Hi Susan ,I am fine. Hope your dad's jacuzzi bath helps you. I wish I had a jacuzzi bath at home too. Have a great christmas. Take care, cutebird xx


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