Painful sleep

Hi all, can I ask? Does anyone else wake aching?

I'm finding every morning I wake up aching either in my ribs, lower back or hips. It started in August and at first I thought i needed a new mattress. I bought one which was soft/medium but that was no better so I bought a firm one thinking I had made a wrong choice and that's not better either.

I have bought a 9ft U cushion (ideally intended for maternity use) to see if that would help, bought new pillows and now I have run out of ideas. I now actually dread bedtime.

Any ideas gratefully received

Thank all

Love and light

Julie x

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  • Morning

    This is how I wake up every day even with my pain killer's, I to have tried New mattress etc.

    I know what you mean about bed time, I dread it if I take tablets to help me sleep then I feel groggy next day.

    Hope you find something to help, this weather doesn't help much.

    Sending you gentle warm hugs to get you moving.

    Trace x

  • Thanks milo4.

    I don't have any pain meds at the moment. My consultant stopped theme because he thought they were making me worse with a review appointment in 6 weeks. That should be tomorrow but has been cancelled. 😠😠😠

    Thank you though at least I know i'my. Not only my own in feeling this way


  • Hi

    Your never on your own, we are always here😃

    Hope you get another appointment soon, but in the meantime, keep warm.

    Trace xxx

  • 70kg 3inc deep memory foam topper on amerzan

  • The same is in my case I'm waking up every day with pain. But in my case hot bath in the morning helps little bit.

  • The same with me. I wake around 7am and everything hurts. When my oh gets up I do some gentle non-weightbearing stretching in bed which helps a bit. I love the idea of a hot bath but only have a shower - better than nothing. I seem to ease up when I get up and then have to pace myself to keep it manageable.

  • Hi, yep thats the joys of how bad our muscles must tighten up with the pain during the night. No surprise many can't sleep and those who can wake up in such pain. I have suffered with the latter for many many years. As I have got older it as become unbarable. I too can not take medication so my hot water bottle is like a second skin to me.

    I do know the less I do the worse the pain. So movement no matter how slow or for how short of time really is a must for me . 30 years of waking to this kind of pain can be soul destroying. But no matter how much pain I wake with one thing I know the sun will still rise and set. So I have always tried to push through rather than round the pain. Some days it works some days it don't. But yes I understand completely how you feel.


  • I have a 3inch memory foam topper on my bed. And there's no way I could attempt sleep without it. Also have one on the single caravan bed. I started with a 2 inch but now find I need a 3 inch.been using them for years.. I get them off the famous auction site. But the last one I got, I paid a little bit more for it and it did have a name to it and a cover so I'm hoping it will last longer. I used the old ones by cutting them up and using them under chairs or spare bed in house or for a night away from home.

  • Hi Rosepetal60 is that a memory foam topper? X

  • Yes, sorry, forgot to put that word in, I'd better edit it . Thanx for alerting me to it. 🌸🌿🌺

  • Yes,often,but I find the inner strength to keep 😊

  • Hi ....Memory foam has been a godsend to me and I wouldn't swap it for the world...hope you find your answer soon without coughing up too much lolly!!!

  • It is so wearying when this happens, I think most of us have suffered this at some time.

    If you are a back sleeper you could try putting a flattish pillow underneath your knees to ease the pressure on your lower back and hips;

    If you are a side sleeper, again use a thin cushion or pillow between your knees. I believe you can buy a special "block" that keeps the knees apart and helps with hip pain.

    I hope this helps you and you get a better waking up without pain.


  • Thank you all for your help some good ideas and support. You people are brilliant.

    Love and light


  • Have you considered you may have restless legs? It creates a lot of lower back and hip pain. The other advice about getting up and moving no matter how small is crucial. The less we move, the more we stiffen up then the pain increases. Fibro is cruel, relentless and energy sapping. No wonder it affects our mental and physical health so much.

    Hugs to you x

  • Hi Julieanne45

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I quite often wake up with horrid rib pain. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • even though I'm not in flare up period, I wake up in pain everyday but it's not severe, my legs and bottom of my feet are always sore. I thought it's something I would need to live with now. Be great to know if there is a solution.

  • Well marie_2016 I bought a memory foam mattress topper yesterday. Just used ever bit of today's energy putting it on and tonight I will try it out.

    Hoping to wake withoutthe aches but I don't expect miracles either lol.

    I remain hopeful we will find lots of solutions (what else can we do)

    Have you tried insoles for your feet. I have some gel ones that just cushion a little, not a solution but just a little comfort is better than none

    Love and light

    Julie x

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