Sleep issues - anyone have experience with the sleep tracker apps?

Hey guys, sorry, yet again, for going quiet for a while. I always read the daily digest and try to keep up with all the posts.

I wonder if anyone has any experience with the sleep tracker apps? I recently started using one and realised just how poor my sleep actually is. My deep sleep never amounts to more than 11% of my night and I wake very hour at least once, usually more.

I already take Nortriptyline to help with sleep but it seems clear my current pattern is not good. Last night my actual amount of sleep was 4 hours 10 minutes and I woke up 14 times (totalling 38 mins) with only 7% deep sleep.

I will be keeping track until my GP appointment in a few weeks but if anyone can put my mind at ease that I'm overreacting or that it's not as bad as it looks etc, or have any ideas how I can try to improve my sleep, I'd love to hear from you. 🙂


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  • I've heard of them before, but do they do one just for sleep? Or is it just the fit bit?

  • Actually I downloaded this one onto my iPod. There's plenty around it would seem. This is connected to a fitness tracker thing but the app is just for sleep monitoring.

    Mostly they are movement based so measures activity level, which changes depending on what sleep you are getting. It's not a fail proof idea as other factors can affect the result (like a cat moving around on the bed perhaps) but it gives a general idea of what sort of sleep you are getting and whether it's fine or whether it ought to be explored further through your physician etc.

    Because my deep sleep (that includes REM sleep) seems to be shockingly low, I'm hoping someone here might have an idea or two about improving sleep quality.


  • Got you. I would ask my GP for a referral to your local sleep clinic. Most Fibromites have sleep problems. I have sleep apnoea. I was meant to go to the sleep clinic for a CPAP machine, but found that amitriptylene knocks me for six. I could well be snoring, waking up etc but I'm not conscious of it. I do feel better for it though so something must be working. I don't wake up with limbs doing solo acrobatics during the night any more lol. The sleep clinic attach you to a machine to monitor your sleep at home! Not in a hospital environment. Could be worth giving it a go for yourself 🐸

  • Thanks for your reply. Sadly amitriptyline reacted badly in me so went on Nortriptyline instead and it has made a big improvement over the last three - ish years, but not enough. Some days it's very hard just to open my eyes.

    I try not to complain as my daughter suffers insomnia quite badly and she can't take medication (makes her throw up). It's not unusual for her to go to college on under two hours of sleep. Do my problem seems much less than her own.🤐 But I will discuss it with my GP when I see her in a fortnight.


  • What is name of app?

  • Sleep better.


  • Thank you!!

  • I have not used one myself but your sleep pattern does sound poor. I have a C-PAP machine from the hospital and it measures my sleep and my breathing. As I have sleep apnea it constantly dispenses air all night (or in my case for my 3 hours in the morning), as I hold my breath whilst I am sleeping.

    Since your sleep pattern is so poor it may be beneficial to ask your GP about a sleep test for yourself? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken. I will be asking my gp about it. Not sure if she'll suggest testing or just upping my nortriptyline.

    Typically I had a better night last night but any deep sleep is still oddly sporadic and for short duration.

    I shall push for testing simply because of my lung condition, as well as asthma, which may well be contributing towards the problem.


  • I want to gneuinely wish you all the best of luck my friend :)

  • How much noise does your C-PAP motor make? I've put off going to the sleep clinic, but I do have sleep apnea and my rheumy is of the belief that it causes my Fibro. Not my belief I may add. Regardless, I really should get something done about it but it's the noise and face mask that is stopping me. I couldn't scuba dive as I can't stand anything over my face, despite giving it a go? All the best Ken 🐸

  • Hi my friend. It doesn't hardly make a noise at all, unless you take it off your face while it is still turned on. So there is no noise to keep you awake. However, the face mask is a different proposition! It can feel restrictive at times and when my asthma or COPD has been bad I have pulled the mask off in my sleep and thrown it on the floor only to wake up in the morning and realise what I have done.

    I decided to have it as I was monitored and informed that I was holding my breath up to 17 times and hour. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your sleep apnea.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • 17 times an hour? OMG Ken. No wonder you use C-PAP. I don't think I am quite so bad, please note the think. I am aware that I can hold my breath for quite a long time as I wake up gasping for breath, but I wonder how often I hold it for a short while. I don't have underlying chest problems so don't suffer for it, apart from the not getting real sleep so aggravating Fibro bit lol. I can ask to be referred to the sleep clinic if I change my mind and decide to monitor my breath holding.

    I hope you have as good a weekend as possible 🐸

  • Thank you my friend, and I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this x :)

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