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Sleep Quality

I know that Fibro causes sleep difficulties but over the last 7/8 months my sleeping has become almost a childhood memory. I now sleep for about 2 hours, wake up, go to the loo/feed the cats, go back to sleep, wake up about two hours later - a vicious circle. I am totally exhausted and have tried everything to get to sleep. From over the counter sleeping aids - Kalms, noctura. I even bought some Phenegan Elixir from a UK Chemist on-line. When I read the information leaflet I was very concerned so I telephoned a well known chain of chemists who told me under no circumstances was I to take the elixir because of the medication I take for Fibro i.e. morphine mixed with the Phenergan would be dangerous for me. Yet Phenergan is advertised on-line for Fibro. Apparently, you are not supposed to be able to buy this medication without a prescription!

My GP won't give out sleeping tablets to anyone.

I've tried listening to specialist CDs to help me sleep. The 1st one I bought nearly gave me a heart attack. I was lying, all relaxed in bed waiting for the CD to begin when suddenly seagulls started screaming. The noise was so loud it could be heard in the living room and I jumped with a start and this was the start of the CD on a very low volume that was supposed to help me sleep! Good job I can see the funny side now. I wasn't happy then

I've tried listening to the radio on low and even books on CDs but all to no avail.

I would love to try meditation but I don't know how

I am desperate to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time.

Can anyone help or suggest something I could try.

Thank you


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Firstly it doesnt matter if you only get two hours if it is the right sleep. So aim to stop fretting about sleep :)

Now get relaxed have a warm bath or shower.

Take a large glass of water put beside bed or chair.

Sit(in my case) or lie get comfy enough pillows/cushions.

Your head should be supported your back straight your hands in your lap loosely held open. Relax your shoulders...

relax your neck.....

relax your legs ...feet toes...

have a gentle wiggle... now you can start.

I imagine a picture or place where the sun is high in the sky

if you looked up your eyes would have to be almost shut to squint up to

see a sunny orb...

The sea is so.... blue and I can hear the rythym of the waves very gently

scrolling up the pebbles and pulling them back in to the sea....

Breath deeply from your tummy... breath in and hold it at the

top of the breadth now let the breadth gently escape till it has all gone.

The breadth at the top is the still point and practise taking a breadth in

and hold at the top slowly release. At the top there is a gentle point a

calm point. Try this five or six times no hurry .

Now gently concentrate on your body your warm comfortable and at

ease with in it. Your pain has lessened and your are begining to feel

sleepy. Dont fight you can just relax your mind hear the waves gently

gently up and down the beach............calm so lovely refreshing!

Close your eyes be still...................

I hope this helps there are many ways to meditate using phrases prayers objects dont be afraid just try it. You will feel calmer and more relaxed in your body.

In love and light



Thank you so much. I became really relaxed just reading your post. Can't wait to try it. Thanks again. I'll let you know what happens. S x


I have been taking Trazadone 100mg x2 or 3 at night this med has realy helped with my sleep, I only slept 2 to 3 hours a night now it's much better , ask your GP about them, they are an antidepressant , with having a bath , same time to bed every night and learning relaxation techniques and not being hungry or too hot to too cold it should all help . Good luck


Hello Ginsing

I tried your relaxation and visualisation technique and I added tightening my muscles and then slowly relaxing them and I fell asleep within about 15 mins. I slept for about 2 hours but when I woke [to go to the loo] I remained tired and fell back to sleep within about 5-10 mins of getting back into bed which is brilliant as before as soon as I woke that was it for hours on end until I managed to fall asleep again. Thank you so much for your help.. Sx




Thank you. Had never heard of this medication but after looking it up on the internet it seems to tick all the boxes. Thanks again.



Glad to help!


I am much the same as you and normally only sleep 2 hours at night Which is terrible. Sometimes I feel more tired after 2 hours than before I had the sleep. I must say I am very lucky to have an excellent doctor. She has just given me zopiclone 7.5mg but unfortunately only for 7 day so will see what happens when they are finish. She hopes I will be in a better sleeping pattern by then but I am not so sure


Zopiclone is a fantastic drug but the Doctors have been told that they cannot prescribe it to patients who have never taken the drug before or are currently taking it. They have also been told not to give more than a week's supply at anytime. I only know this because I asked my GP for this medication - as I'd had it years ago - and this was his response. So even though I know that zopiclone works I am denied access to it. Never mind.

Thank you for your reply.

Take care.



Amitryptiline is the only thing that keeps me asleep. Very low dose melatonin has also helped in past

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Unfortunately, Amitryptilline does not agree with me. My GP prescribed these tablets for me a few years ago to help with my pain. He requested the lowest dose. I had to see him the following week as Amitryptiline had a really bad effect on me - I ended up sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth crying my eyes out. So I am unable to take it.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Take care



AW - I know the feeling, I have dreadful sensitivity to many drugs. Have you tried melatonin?


Hello MJD14.

Thank you for your reply

No, my GP has just left me with Duloxetine [anti-depressant that helps with pain and makes you drowsy]. The melatonin might cause the duloxetine not to work as well. You see, I've had depression for over 25 years and after trying every type of anti-depressant over the years we, the GP and I, managed to get it right with the Duloxetine so I don't want to take any chances with it. However, I'll ask my GP when I see him next - you never know, melatonin could be exactly what I need. Take care and look after yourself. S x


Really feel for you - lack of sleep exacerbates everything else. Natural things like sour cherries before bed and hops and lavender pillows would bey next port of call. Hope you find something that suits you soon. GPS only prescribe melatonin if you are over 55, but you can buy it over the counter in america, I buy mine online.


I think I'll get some sour cherries today. Thank you


Bought the cherries to day and am going to have some before I go to bed. Thank you for your help. S x


Ask your doctor for a low dose of Nortripytylin to help you sleep. It is similar to Amitryptilin to may be better tolerated. Nortripytylin has stopped me having muscle spasms and cramps at night time, so helping me sleep with less disruption.

I also use melatonin (Circadin) but you may find you can only get this prescribed initially from a sleep clinic consultant.

Overall, as Ginsing has recommended - RELAX !

Even if you are not asleep, relaxation will help you get more rest and lead to better sleep eventually

xxx Maggie


This is one of my posts from another post that I've copied and pasted here :)

** My personal top tips on getting a good nights sleep **

I used to have VERY disrupted sleep patterns (damn those Alpha waves) but now sleep through most nights. This is no mean feat as I travel a lot with work and often have jet lag. I'll share some of my top tips! :)

I find that aromatherapy really helps me. Especially the Neals Yard Remedies Night Time ready-to-roll remedy, and the Dreamy Sleep body mist from The Body Shop.

It's very important to get ready for bed in the correct way (sounds silly, doesn't it). That means: no checking the phone last thing at night, no TV, no computer, no games console. Basically, no screens, as they can hinder the development of melatonin, the hormone that promotes sleep.

Reading before bed is great, and can help quiet the chatter that can sometimes kick in at nighttime, which usually says "you are never getting to sleep tonight, no way, not a chance".

Make sure your room isn't too hot - your bed should feel cold when you first get in it.

Your curtains should block out ALL light (or most of it). If you can see across your room when the lights are off, the curtains are closed and it's dark outside, then you need to invest in some blackout curtains. Or an eyemask, which is cheaper, but can be annoying. Also, fling your curtains open first thing in the morning to get some sun. The more sun you get in the morning, the more tired you'll be in the evening.

Lastly, your mindset is key. If your brain is constantly telling you you won't get to sleep, or you'll wake up in the middle of the night, or likes to give helpful reminders about how many hours you've got left till you have to be up, then you need to tell it to shut up. Honestly. Try practising some PMA (positive mental attitude) before bed. Envisage waking up after a restful night of deep sleep, feeling refreshed and ready to go. Lack of sleep goes hand in hand with increased pain levels, and increased pain levels go hand in hand with lack of sleep, so it's a vicious circle.

You may not believe me, but you are the key to a proper, restful nights sleep. Medications can induce sleep, but it's not, technically speaking, the right kind.

Best of luck, I really hope you feel better very soon xxx


Thank you. I'll start tonight getting ready for bed properly. I'll let you know how it goes.

Look after yourself.



Hello, last night I tried your suggestion together with some other advice I received from everyone here and I managed to get to sleep quickly last night. Please see my reply to Ginsing. Hopefully, the longer I try these suggestions the longer I will sleep. Thank you very much for your help. S x


Use something herbal like Bach rescue night it's help me a lot batter then sleeping pill's.


Have you been tested for sleep apnea? Might be happening and there is equipment to deal with it. Good luck.


Thanks Uzmakayani, I'll give it a try. As I've said I've tried Kalms, and the like but they didn't work however, I'll definitely try Bach Rescue. Thank you for your suggestion.


I suffer from an over active bladder and have exhausted every medication and the hospital urology consultant told me that I had 2 options one was to carry on the way I am waking 6-7 times a night every night or have a colostomy bag fitted which is for me is a complete no no.

This lack of sleep was affecting me morally and mentally and made me very very unsocial so they referred me to a phychiatrist and he prescribed me a tablet that is really wonderfull in that it gives me the quality and qauntity of sleep I crave.

I was told that I was to use this medication very sparingly only 1-2 times per week and not to use it every night as it could be addictive so I only use it when I am on my last legs and desperate for a good nights sleep.

I am more than willing to let you know the name if your interested but I cannot now as I am not at home but in the internet café. If you do want the info let me know.


Hi Heliboy911, I would really appreciate it if you would let me know the name of the medication you are taking. Thank you. Take care S x


Hi Sandy the name is Zopiclone 3.75mg.

I took 2 tablets on my first day of being issued them at approx. 40 minutes before bed and all I remember was getting into bed and awoke at 09:30am the next day and could have slept for more so I reduced it to 1 tablet per night and it still gives me 7-8 hours of uninteruptedsleep.

The only thing is the Dr will only allow me a small amount of these over a long period so I only use them sparingly.

Hope all goes ok for you and let me know how you get on.

Cheers Ian


Consider Melatonin, works for me -but careful not to become too dependant!


not sleeping is the pits isn't it. I can easily go 2-3 nights without any sleep at all. if you find something that works, please share. all the best with the great ideas you have been given x


I use the Honest Guys guided meditation on YouTube. I suffer with extreme anxiety and it has really helped, even my psychiatrist and psychologist have said they're useful.


you could try the meditation on Headspace. Just 10 minutes a day - it is not supposed to be done at sleep time (except for the sleep time programme) but it worked for me.

You can get 10 sessions of guided meditation free by going on the Headspace site.

Good luck - and if you do find anything new we will all be glad to hear of it.

I find that I have to keep changing what I do - what works on one night will not work the next. I honestly can't remember the last time I had a full night's sleep.

Jane :-)


Thank you. I'll give that a try. S x


I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you for your best wishes. You are so kind. I hope you have managed to see my posts today - using some of the advice that was given yesterday I managed to have a better quality of sleep last night. I still woke every couple of hours but that is to be expected with it being my 1st night trying these suggestions. I know a longer sleep will come in time.

This site is marvellous, everyone is so helpful and kind and you know that everyone is sincere when they wish the best for you. I am so pleased that I found this site.Thank you again for caring. S x


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