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Good evening everyone

I have been sent to a esa medical even though ive suffered ill health 15 years and never had a medical in ten years ,I suffer anxiety depression psoriatic arthritis and awaiting a consultant on new medication and possible fibromyalgia diagnosis and I'm on strongest co codamol trazadone at night and in morning,amyltriptiline as well as aspirin and simvistatin,as its been a long time I'm wondering what to expect and a nervous wreck at thought ,I filled in form on my worst days and expected a quick pass back ,sorry for the long post as my heads racing x

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  • To be quite honest unless someone is very, very ill with the new system it seems as though even those like myself who were given an indefinite award are being called in for a medical. I sent off my form from the Post Office by registered delivery so could track when it was received at their central sorting office and within a week an appt.came through to me that proves it had not even been read!

    They will probably "try it on" by sending you a letter asking you to go to an assessment centre probably nearly one and a half hours away, their excuse will be that that is their earliest appointment when I am positive that they are seeing if you are fit to travel that distance. I am not sure whether it is Atos or Capita in your area but you can look on the websites and it will tell you where you nearest assessment centre is. If you honestly feel you are unable to travel to the centre ask for a home assessment and a letter from your GP briefly outlining why it would be difficult to travel would help with this.

    Always take a copy of your filled in form with you as it will be good to refer to. They will ask you questions normally in the order they appear on the form so you could do some notes as to the areas where you feel you have the most difficulty and put pointers down to remind you of what you want to get across. Remember to answer the questions as though it is your worse day. Most places have cameras trained on the approach to the centre so be aware that you will be observed we have even known the receptionist to be observing not just the assessor. Whatever you do don't travel by public transport and try to have someone with you.

    Another good tip is to use recording equipment you will have to be able to give them a copy and keep one for yourself but it keeps them "honest". Good luck with it all and do let us know how yoou get on.x

  • Thanks rose wine

    The centre is about 40 mins away and I am getting driven there and accompanied in to the waiting area and will ring up Monday for them to record it ,ive all my form printed out and will give answers based on my worst day ,I did request a home visit and was ignored and my doctor isn't on duty to day before medical so guess I will pop my tablets and pray the journey goes well and the medical ,thanks for taking time out to reply x

  • Yes you ring on Monday re. recording but to be bekt and bracers with it pop them a letter in the post so they can't say they didn't know you wished to record. Let us know how you get on.x

  • Will definately let you know how it goes ,as my family have said all my conditions have worsened over time so cannot possibly see how I'm found fit to work when getting to the toilet can be a struggle but you hear the scare stories and what people are put through .

    Ty Again rose I needed a blether to regain composure x

  • Hi finny12000 and welcome to our friendly fibro family where you can get help, support, advice and information. Have you seen our Mother Site ? Here you will find a wealth of information including guides and links including a link to our benefits adviser Janet.

    It seems as though everyone is having an assessment at the moment and it is not unusual after so many years without being seen.

    I note that you are being accompanied to the waiting room and wonder if you can consider your accompaning person to go in the assessment room with you. Not only will you get a boost to your confidence but also another person adds weight, particularly if that person is a close friend or relation who knows you well.

    As rosewine has said, there will be cameras all around, including in the waiting room. If you have written that you cannot sit for long periods, make sure you fidget or get up and move a little. Put all of your forms and identification in one bag and give it to your partner to carry. Let him/her search for whatever you want in the bag, especially if it is on the floor.

    Try to manage without your painkilling tablets until after the assessment, it sounds sneaky I know, but necessary.

    If you look to Related Posts on the right of your post you will see other members experiences of ESA. More can be found if you type ESA in the search box above.

    There is no set time when you can expect the result, some have taken only a fortnight, others 5 to 6 weeks. If you have not heard by that time, give them a ring.

    If you lock your post you will get more replies. An unlocked post can be read all over the internet as does the replies. Instructions to lock can be accessed via Pinned Posts.

    Wishing you the best of luck, and hope to see you around the forum.


  • thanks Kay will look at link and around site and the benefits advisor

  • Let us know how you get on I was by passed the assessment put straight into the work side I'm appealing ...

  • My assessment was fine, I was seen by a doctor. I drove myself to the assessment centre, didn't have anybody with me and carried a bag with the things I need to have with me. I started by telling the doctor that I'm aware that most of the forums advise that we turn up in dirty clothes with unwashed hair and not carrying anything, because the assessors decide that if we're presentable and carry anything then we can't possibly be disabled or ill. I said I find the assumption that being unfit to work means you are dirty and smelly extremely insulting, that I have never left my house looking like a tramp and don't intend to start now. I said that being disabled or ill does not mean I've lost my self-respect, it means that it now takes me a lot longer to get ready to go out looking presentable, it takes me longer to wash dirty clothes, it's very difficult to wash my hair and I now carry as little with me as I can. I asked her to please do me the courtesy of understanding that caring about my appearance in public does not mean that I am not in pain, does not mean that I am not chronically fatigued, and does not mean that I do not struggle enormously with the various problems that come with my medical conditions. Also the effort required to drag myself to the assessment centre looking like a human being meant I would need to sleep all afternoon and did not mean I can still cope with a working day. I said all this quietly and politely, without sounding aggressive, just matter of fact. The doctor conducted the assessment respectfully, I answered all the questions as for my worst day, and an hour later I was on my way home. I was put in the Support Group with no specified time limit. There's nothing to be scared of, the worst that can happen is that they turn you down, in which case you go through the appeal process, where the majority of claimants win. That's a pain, but it's nothing to be frightened of. Good luck - keep your self-respect and go in with your head held high.

  • Thank you tabby cat 🐱,ive been up all night and even looked out a tent if made homeless (anxiety) I will take onboard what you said especially about self respect lol

  • I had the same about 18months ago and as I had no money and my GP charges £25 for a letter my support worker took me to the assessment but when I got there they said the lift was being serviced and as I couldn't do the stairs. It would have to be postponed I had got myself into such a state by then. They said even if the lift had been working then I couldn't go up because if the fire alarm went off and the lift was shut down it was a health and safety risk. They said I should have had a home visit but my support worker had asked for that! So went there for nothing came out feeling a nervous wreck two weeks later I had a letter saying I was In the support group so makes you wonder whether they were watching all the time! I had filled the forms in2 years earlier had had no new forms and no letters or anything from them so they had no upto date information on me at all. I had gone a long time without medical and was awarded DLA for life and was on incapacity benefit they said they were changing it over to ESA but I had had a medical in 2010 which was supposed to be changing it over to that but it never did! Had my PIP in November last year and was awarded it for 5 years so I am hoping I can relax a little now. I think the main thing is if you go to them assume they are watching so don't sit absolutely still if you are waiting for a long time. I am sure you will be fine. Good luck

  • Hi finny12000

    I have pasted below a link entitled: Preparing for you ESA assessment:

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck my friend and fingers crossed for you. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • ty author looking now

  • well made it in there and waited a hour and a half and was actually glad to get in room with nurse ,she said you have had tias in past ,you need a doctor to do the medical ,there's one available 2 hours later ,I said I'm sore tired and haven't energy or fitness to wait about and I'm awaiting a new date ,the nurse was actually lovely ,so awaiting round 2 😐

  • evening all

    had medical with doctor today ,she seemed very to the point ,looked at screen typing whole time and actual physical medical lasted 20 secs as was done in pain bending knees ,she wished me well for consultant app in march going out door and that was that ,had my dla to pip form to post today as well do I guess round number 2 ,thanks for any advice and posts as I went in with attitude I'm ill have disabilities but I'm human and have value in my life x

  • hi all received a txt today 4 days after my f2f that they will ring me Sunday morning with outcome of the meeting ,just wondering is it fairly normal to get a decision that quick x

  • afternoon all

    got phone call today claim refused and no other thing on screen ,asked for assessors report as well as there's which is being sent out ,called cab and asked me to get all evidence together before coming in ,phoned housing let them know situation for mandatory ,doctor calling me Wednesday and all family that help me writing letters ,will go through there report with a fine tooth comb and highlight all inaccuracies ,I won't go down without a fight as there not classing my disabilities as frivolous ,id love to work and pay my way but unfortunately can't at present time

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