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ESA Medical Assessment

Hi, I have my medical assessment at 4pm tomorrow and not to put to finer point on it. I am a wreck just thinking about it. I suffer with Fibro, osteoarthritis, depression, high blood pressure and a panic disorder. I would definitely not be putting myself through this if I was able to work. Would appreciate some advice if its not too late.

Thanks x

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just answer the question, dont babble on at all.they will try to get freindly with you like asking what you watched on tv the night before, dont fall for it....say you dont watch tv.....it will go down as you sit about watching the tv all day.....just be blunt and dont babble on....the very best of luck to you....fingers crossed. let us know how you get on.x


Hi Scorpia lady,

it is all about answering as it is and be as your worst days too because if they think that your ok it wont help.

This is from what i ahve read up on.

like you am a wreck too (good words to explain as) i am self-employed and had to stop the physical side and am now running it and it is so darn difficult as my planning and thinking and organisation skills seem to have gone out the window these days, always forgetting something or some one and feel really really guilty.

my work is my pride and joy and would give anything like anyone just to go back as at 43yrs old i have another 20+ yrs of working life but that is so not how it is now.

why would we want to give up money and lifestyle for benefits is beyond me.

so i really truly wish you all the best tomoro and keep us posted how it went too as it is good to hear everyones experience how it went and how you are dealing and coping with it all.

Thats all you need to really say your a 'wreck' and wish it could be different!!

they will no doubtebly ask lots of questions and really go through fine tooth comb and the moer medical back up you have the better , so make sure you take with you any letters etc to the appointment too.

big fairy hugs and try keep relaxed. easier said than done i understand that, but if you worry yourself over it you will make yourself worse too .

caroline xxxxxx


Thank you both for your speedy and helpful replies. I will definitely let people know what happens tomorrow as I hope to be able to offer some insights to all who need it.

Soft hugs and much appreciation

Nikki x


Good luck, I have my assessment soon x


i have been to 2 of these assesments and my advice would be to take as much medical info as u can even if u have already sent to dwp they dont take someone with you and if possible have someone drive u to assesment.

they observe u on way to exam room ask a lot of questions always awnser as if it is on ur worst day.and as someone has already pointed out they will try to trick u by being freindly and ask about tv kids grandkids hobbies ect.

then comes the physical bit if u cant do any of the things they ask u too do tell them so and dont be tricked by the just try if u bend anyway even by fraction then u can do it.

but then sorry for bad news they lie twist ur awnsers and say youll be back to work in 2 months.

good luck let us know how u get on lin


Please take someone into the assessment with you - comes in handy to have another person there with you to act as a witness to the proceedings.

Make a note of what you wear - don't get dressed up, wear everyday casual.

Don't wear any make up or over do your hair

Carry little or nothing - eg leave your handbag at home or in your car & if you have any medical info/paperwork with you ask your companion to handle it.

Don't open doors, ask your companion to do it.

Don't get involved in conversation or think the assessor is being nice & start opening up to them

Last year's Ch4 Dispatches about ESA followed an undercover GP going through HCP training & the ATOS trainer told the new recruits: "We shall remember this new benefit, Employment Support Allowance was meant to take people off the benefit. . . . this was specifically designed to take people off incapacity benefit"


The last one I went for I was on crutches and in a lot of pain I had ,had. Fall a week b4 and my ankle was black and blue took 6 months to heal but 6 weeks to get back k to looking normal she asked me to get up leave my crutches and come over to her it wasn't far but I said I need them..she said leave them..I hobbled over whinging it was awful.she said stand straight and don't lean on bed..I couldn't I leaned she got really stripping and pulled my hand from the bed..she wrote on report I could stand and walk Unaided...if it was now I'd have called the police or someone to complain she assaulted me by pulling my hand away and I fell against the bed I was in shock and cos I'm not in right frame of mind all the time I didn't report it...but I appealed and won..I didn't have to go for last one as I was going into hospital next day and I didn't get called this time cos I'm still recovering from screws and rods in my spine...but I think I had a nasty piece of work..I know other ppl who have gone thru and been fine..one was over in 15 mins one was 50 mins the 15 mins had to appeal the 50 min didn't..they make up mind when see you I think.. bit like driving test they can only pass so many so even if you pass you fail and have to do it again..it is terrifying and I lost a lot of hair and my symptoms got worse..but it's like most things it isn't as bad as you think..good luck xx



I have been through this aswell, my sister had hers before me and gave me some very good advice, here it is: get a lift to the assessment and get dropped off outside take someone with you to help you open doors etc. If there is a lift use it, if you have trouble walking tale your time and stop every few steps, the security guard that was there for mine watched everybody and I think he reported what he saw to the examiners. Be careful what you say, give clear answers, dont waffle. If they ask you how you feel on a good day make sure you tell them you dont have good days,

I am pleased to say that my medical was successful and I am now in the support group, thank god!!!!!!!!! Lots of luck with yours xx


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