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Hi all got my dreaded medical assessment tomorrow. My daughter will be coming with me. for those of you who have been through this and suffer with depression can I ask what sort of questions they are likely to ask around this subject? |It's just that if they ask stuff like suicidal thoughts etc I don't w ant my daughter there as ii don't want to answer this infront of her. I'm ok but would be lying if in the darkest days I didn't wonder whats the point....if you know what II mean.


Jo x ps sorry bout spelling bit all over the place through tiredness from not sleeping and worrying.


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  • Hello Jo

    This is just a suggestion, but if you do get asked this type of question, just ask the Assessor if your daughter could step outside whilst you discuss the subject with him/her.

    Your daughter can then return when you've answered the question.

    I do not see any reason why this request would be refused.

    Good luck

    Lu x

  • Hi thanks. I thought of this but she is very astute she would know why I asked her to but no other way round it. Thanks. Feel sick with anxiety about it. Got a feeling my claim will be denied!

    Jo x

  • I felt the same way as you before mine.

    You just need to be honest about how your pain affects you.

    Until there is a way of proving the pain, depression, anxiety circle affects us I don't know what else we can do.


  • I think you just have to answer how you feel you should with being totally honest and we it maybe give your daughter a better insight as to how you actually feel and she can maybe relate to you more health wise and help and understand you more . I know both my daughters came with me to my first ESA medical and were astounded to what I said to most thins as they thought I moaned for sake of it ... Good luck xx

  • I would have to agree with what has been said. Be honest with doctors and family members. They need to know what is going on. My daughter really didn't give me an option. She told me she was going because she wanted to know what to expect. Afterwards she said she was happy she went. She now knew what was going on and how to deal with this illness. Education is very important!

  • Thank you all for your support


    Jo x

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the bets of luck with your assessment.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken and indeed to everyone who has advised and helped me. Be glad when this is over! Then the wait for a decision. I've packed my mess and supporting medical info including decisions granted by atos and capita assessing me unfit to work from previous jobs. Hoping this will support my case!


    Jo x

  • Meds not mess lol

    Jo x

  • I know It's hard at first but telling your daughter will take the weight of your mind. She will want to give you all the support you deserve and It would be good If you let her in. The more you keepto yourself will make you anxious and probally make your pain much worse.

    Pls take a deep breathe and tell her. The very best of luck. :)

    Take care and soft hugs :) xxxx

  • Hello Joannie,

    Forgive me, but you did not say how old your daughter is as that would influence my response.

    I guess that you have had the assessment and I really hope that it went well for you. I also hope that both you and your daughter were not even more distressed as a result of it.

    Best wishes.


  • Hi actually hubby came with me in the end. Seemed to go ok but you never know.

    Jo x

  • Jolly good, fingers crossed.

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