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esa mr. merry christmas my friends!


hi could some one please put my mind at ease.

ive just been put in the wrag group, was not happy and sent of a few lines to say could you please look again at your decision ( Manditory reconsideration) as in lots of pain with fibromyglgia, as just throught i would be in the support group, it was recordeded my esa medical so i have prove what i said, i told them how much pain am in every day.

what i would like to know please, if what happens in the meantime? while they are looking at my claim again ,will they still continue paying the esa wrag,?and how long does it take for them to reply back to me. thanks.

Hope you all had a fab day! xx

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house77 , Being from the US I'm sorry but I can't help.I do wish you the very best. Take care. Peck.🐤

house77 in reply to peck

Thank you Peck,

Hope you're having a good Christmas !🎄🎁xx

Hi house77

I just wanted to put your mind at ease, and have pasted you an excerpt from the *Benefits & Work cache on this issue below:

*If you were placed in the work-related activity group and you are challenging the decision because you think you ought to be in the support group, then you will continue to be paid ESA with a work-related activity component throughout the mandatory reconsideration and, if necessary, appeal process. Important! You need to be aware that if you challenge a decision to place you in the WRAG there is always a possibility that your award of ESA may be stopped altogether rather than increased or left the same, although this is rare.

Benefits & Work Website:

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your mandatory reconsideration my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


house77 in reply to TheAuthor

Thanks a lot Ken..I feel better now I've reed it through..Hope you had a good Christmas day Ken!😊🎄🍺xx

TheAuthor in reply to house77

Good luck my friend x :)

Ken has answered your question just would like to wish you the best of luck with being upgraded to the Support group.x

house77 in reply to rosewine

Thank you Rosewine.

Yes my mind is at ease now! It's not about the extra money, it's the fact that I feel I should be in the support group with my disabilities. I know am not able to work when for one I got 2 poorly arms that give me both temendious pain, that ache ,hurt so much! Wishing everyone all the best in there appeals! Big hugs👪 and flowers.🌻🌼🌹🌷🌺xx

rosewine in reply to house77

I can fully understand that it is the sense that we are believed. We know in our own minds that we are not fit to work but the system makes it so difficult for honest people to get the correct benefits. Fingers crossed for you X🌹

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