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HI All rang esa yesterday and got good news after medical June 2013 and tribrual January 2014 got put in WRAG group appealed again after 5 months of fighting been put into support group, So my advice is don't give up keep appealing and fighting. I am 55 and like many other people out there who are new to claiming benefits as always worked didn't know what to do or ask for help it was my daughter who rang esa and made me a appointment with CAB to help with filling forms in they made me feel so relaxed and helped me so much WHAT WOULD PEOPLE LIKE ME DO WITHOUT CAB AND WELFAIR RIGHTS AND FAMILY for someone like me who was to proud to claim until had no money to pay bills wish you all a good day

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Well done it is so good to have good news at the start of the day!



Fantastic news really hope it helps your stress xx


Well done :P I am so pleased for you sue xx


That is absolutely wonderful news my friend. Well done and congratulations!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi All I would like to thank you all for your kind messages so sorry I did not reply yesterday as been having my commuter was playing up


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