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Hi, just wondering if anyone could give me some advice please? I've received my award letter today, been placed in support group but letter doesn't say whether income related or contribution. I requested to be put in this group after having received ESA WRAG for 365 days which finished on 26th December 2016. I applied in January 2017 and only just had my medical I'm 28th October. So been a long time waiting! So don't really know which part of support group I am placed in. I was wondering this as I am on 13 seperate meds and therefore I buy a 3 month PPC. Would appreciate any help, thanks



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Hi there, No one here would know which you are placed . I think the best thing for you to do is call them first thing Monday morning and ask. If you don't have a nuber to call them. I have found these numbers I hope they help you :)

ESA Customer Services – 0345 608 8545

Contact the ESA main customer service team by calling their local-rate 0345 608 8545 phone number. If you are an existing claimant of the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) benefit and you wish to make an enquiry regarding your payments you should call their above helpline.

Mo xx

So pleased you have been placed in the Support Group.

Copied this from the site, hope it helps:-

Contribution-based ESA

Contribution-based ESA lasts one year if you’re in the work-related activity group. You may be able to re-apply at least 12 weeks after your contribution-based ESA ends. You may qualify again depending on:

National Insurance contributions you paid in the last 2 full tax years before the tax year you’re claiming in whether your health deteriorates and you’re placed in the support group

There’s no time limit on how long you can claim contribution-based ESA if you’re in the support group."

Do ring the support line on the nos Dizzy has given you for confirmation as it will put your mind at rest.x

Hi there is only one support group

in reply to Ajay575

Ajay575, there is a support group for both income-related ESA and contribution based ESA.

Oops sorry I thought 1 of them is means tested .and only wrag group and support group. That must be contribution im on

Hi all, thanks for all your help and support, perhaps I should call them on Monday. You are all so kind on here, much appreciated



Pick up HC1 form from GP or do on line

If you are on contribution based you may be entitled to help with Medical costs

Thanks rose, I'll have a look online now.


If you have worked and paid national insurance, which you must have done, you will be put into the contribution based group. Hope this helps x

I think I’m right in saying that if you are on IR, it will mention an income related amount on the last page ( where they show how they’ve worked it out. I’m also in the support group. In my case I’m entitled to contributions based and Income related, so I’ve basically got an IR top up.


Like you my contribution based ESA was stopped after 365 days because my husband worked at the time. He has now finished work to become my carer which now entitles us to income based AND contribution based ESA. I am also in the support group.

When I rang the DWP because it was not clear on the letter, the chap said that even if I only had a 10p income based entitlement it still meant that I could get help with dentist, prescriptions, glasses etc.

I would ring first thing in the morning to be absolutely sure.

Fingers crossed for you.

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