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Esa messed with my head


Hi there I recently got told I was in WRAG then I said I would have to appeal against it so then later that day I called esa and they told me the decision maker had reconsidered his decision and put me onto support group. I thought great. Then 1 week has passed I get a call regarding WRAG and I told them I was in support group. After a lengthy phone call they had made it clear to me that me being put in support group was a typo and I was still in WRAG. I suffer from chronic Anxiety and Depression. I got in touch with my local MP and explained the situation to them I am just waiting for a phone call from the MP so he can give me more info on this unprofessional error. Does anyone think what they have done to me is fair or has it happened to anyone else please comment and share with me please. I really am broken at the minute.

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All I can say is you have found the right place here for support, I don't know much about this just letting you know that advice will come along, you are not alone. Best Wishes . Lou x

neilthomas in reply to lou60

Thank you very much I sort of relying on the MP as I haven't got anyone else to turn to. Also it's hard for me to leave the house sometimes because of my Anxiety.

Hi neilthomas

I am so sorry to read that you have been put under all of this stress and anxiety by somebody else's mistake. As lou60 says, you have come to the right place for support and understanding. You are not alone!

All my hopes and dreams for you


Gathering as much support Gp, Citizens Advice, MP etc makes a stronger case, the bad treatment from the DWP is legendary so dont be a stranger here keep talking.

Thanks alot I really need to get in touch with the right people as I have done with the MP I will take everything yous have all said on board and make a few phone calls tomorrow morning. Thanks very much everyone really appreciate it.

Neil, did you make a note of who you were talking to when you were told the decision maker had reconsidered his decision and put into the support group. That information may be useful.


Write down phone calls who u spoke to etc

cab and welfare rights can helps with forms etc.

Also speak to gp' so they are aware of this affect on your health

all the best

The Fact that they have said "The decision maker had reconsidered his decision and put you onto support group. " Would get me to ask how it was a typo? When it was stated to you on the phone it was reconsidered this surly must of been on the forms somewhere to allow them to make that statement?

As people have said it is a very good idea to get time date and names when you speak to DWP.

I got my MP involved in the end and things did get sorted. DWP did throw their dummies out the pram and did some strange things with my wife who was working part time and me for a while but all settled down now.

Be Well


Hi all, I realy must support writing everything down like name time date and what JC you have been put through too. Send letters ext. Save all communication never throw it away.

Though my latest argument with them they state that they have no record of my phonecall to them.!!!?


Hi, This is exactly what happened to me, although I got both by letter. I was also "broken" as I suffer also from chronic depression and anxiety, and have done for 14 years following the death of my little boy. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who just would not let them put me in a place I had not been for quite some time. He found out via google who was the Manager of the job Centre Plus in our region, not town- go above them. He emailed and rung them, we received an apology, and a telephone interview with a new decision maker. I was eventually put in the support group, it was a battle noone should have to fight. Unfortunately we are all tarred with the same brush and appear to be looked upon as scroungers and acting with deceit,couldnt be further from the truth! I worked as a senior manager for the previous 20 years, had a company car, brilliant wage, my life is just a jigsaw puzzle now and no one can find the corners or edges, never mind the middle! Please dont give in, the fact we are ill makes us vulnerable, get some help to fight, dont take it on yourself, citizens advice will gladly assist you, or maybe your gp?

This stress will make everything worse, pain, thought and mood, I fell into deep depression due to it, please dont do the same, its a shame these ministers with the wise ideas dont have to put themselves in our shoes just for one cay, I wonder how they would react if this was their family member? I send my very best wishes to you, here whenever you need.

Kind regards Emm

Emm >>>>> I too, am a bereaved parent, I lost my little girl 13 years ago, people don't understand the pain of losing a child, they don't understand the depth of our feelings and expect us to 'recover'.

When people tell me it's about time I was over it, I respond by asking them which of their children they would like to give up, it often shuts them up..

The DWP are terribly heartless, I recall taking in my daughters death certificate and asked for a funeral payment, they responded by still classing her as alive for ages after and I continued to receive milk tokens for her, which felt like an absolute kick in the guts...

I had to have lots of therapy which made me realise that I hadn't grieved as others hadn't let me, and I was told that it's MY grief, my daughter and that there's no right way to go through this..I also had to accept that life was never going to be like before I lost her, it was all so different and irrelevant now, and if i have to cry for the next 50 years then I bloody well will...once this happened, the ache in my heart and the permanent sick feeling I felt eased. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and other people can't comment on our pain, it didn't happen to them..

The DWP have been twisted by the tories, truth is I think most are scared of losing their jobs, there's a hell of a lot of corruption, golden handshakes and manipulation of the figures going on, I know it's hard but keep pushing, this illness is wicked and robs us of so should be in the support group, I know someone else with this who is....

Don't give up!!!

emmpea in reply to Ellejm

Thank you so much for your kind reply. A lot of people use the phrase " oh yes, I know wat you mean..." but they could not be further from the truth. The only way I will ever feel well again is if my little boy was brought back to life- if they can do this for me I will gladly go to any work interview they want me to! Just like a disabled person with out the use of a limb, I feel equally disabled as I too feel I have a limb missing as he was such a part of me.

Kind wishes to you.


Hi there it takes me back to how scared and unsure I was making life stressful to say the least this wont help your fibro. What I would do is wait for my first payment and the awarded amount if your receive the slightly lower amount then you are WRAG if you get the 246.00 a fortnight then your support group and id also ring to ask for a letter supporting the reconsideration. Hope this helps but remember the telephone conversations are taped to you can refer to that too rally hope this helps. xx

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