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Hi everyone,

Applied for PIP and ESA in June 2014. I had both my medicals within 10 days of each other in November 2014. I felt the man I saw for PIP was uninterested and didn't believe what I was saying. The lady I saw for ESA was much nicer and seemed to be very understanding of the condition.

I was put in the wrag group of ESA after my medical. I decided to go to mandatorily reconsideration and was put in the support group.

I didn't get PIP because I only had 7 points for care and 4 for mobility. I went for mandatory reconsideration with more evidence from my GP but was still not granted any PIP. I had decided to go to appeal and about 2 weeks after putting in for an appeal I got a phone call from DWP to say that they had looked at my claim again and decided to offer me standard rate for both care and mobility for 3 years. So as you can imagine I am happy with this outcome and especially happy that I no longer have to go to appeal because I found the medicals difficult enough.

Sorry for the long post.


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  • So good to hear your news but its just a shame we have to fight for it i had 12 months of fighting and it dose have a big affect on your health .so it shows dont give up .xxxx

  • I am still fighting. after 18 months.

  • Its great when we here good news. it gives every one hope.

    Well done for keep fighting and winning.

    Sue xx

  • Thank you for your replies. I am especially happy not to have to go through an appeal. I also got my PIP backdated to June and my ESA backdated to the 14th week which I was pleased about because I wasn't sure how far back it would get backdated to. I know it's difficult and does put a strain on your health but keep fighting because its money that you are entitled to because of your illness.

    Sending you all gentle hugs.


  • Wonderful news I am so pleased for you but such a pity like many others that you have had to fight so hard for these benefits. At least you now have 3 years when you can relax and just concentrate on being as well as you can be. Like Mayrose says it gives others hope.x

  • That is wonderful news to read, I am genuinely delighted that you have been successful.

    Thank you for sharing


  • Thats amazing news

    Ive asked for a mandatory reconsideration and on wednesday i received a call from my case worker who says hes looked over my claim and asked me a few questions about my cathater system then said i should get a letter in the next few days

    If they say no im going to appeal because my mum said even if i get any award they owe me backpay from when i first claimed, they just dont want to give away money when its not even theirs

  • Fingers crossed everything goes well for you and you don't have to go to appeal. I just don't understand why they have to make everything so difficult when they can clearly see that we have an illness and are only asking for some help to make our life's more bareable. They are supposed to back date our money to our original claim date and that is what happens with most people. In my case they didn't back date my SDP and EDP to my claim date which was June 2014, they only backdated that until January 2015 for some reason. I did ask them about this but they didn't get back to me and I just didn't have the energy to fight it anymore. Hope you get an answer soon. Carole x

  • Hi Carol 1971....you say you were successful on ESA switch from WRAG to support group after going for mandatory reconsideration. ...can you say what extra info you were able to supply at this stage which led to their change of heart? Much appreciated. All best.

  • I got help from advise works which is similar to cab. They asked a lot of questions and then filled out the mandatory reconsideration on my behalf. I supplied another letter from my GP which stated that my mobility was poor and I suffered terribly from fatigue and pain. It really helps if you have a very good GP that supports you and understands the condition. I also had supporting evidence from my mum although I would say it was my GPs information that made them look at the decision again. I was given the 15 points for mobility. I would advise getting help to put in a mandatory reconsideration and definitely getting as much medical evidence as you can. I am still receiving other medical help so have on going hospital appointments as further evidence as well. Good luck hope it all goes well for you.

    Carole x

  • Thanks Carol. ....I'm using CAB for help currently and finding their expertise invaluable. ....All best.

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