How long will I receive ESA?

Hi everyone,

I am a daily reader here and would be lost without it, it gets me thru my days knowing I am not alone with Fibro and pain with all the other bits thrown in. In April I was put into WRAG and receive income based ESA. Does anyone know long long I will receive ESA for? I could have appealed to try for Support Group but unfortunately didn't, as I have depression and anxiety. I wasn't sure if I had the strength to go thru the long drawn out process and be able to deal with it. Now I am worried about what happens when on ESA.

Soft hugs x

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  • WRAG only lasts for 12 months for most people. As you were put in WRAG in April, you may still have time to appeal for SG.

  • Hi

    I know if you are on contribution based ESA and in WRAG you can only get it for 365 days but I don't think there is a time limit if you are on income related ESA. I would try and check with either welfare rights or citizens advice for sure.

  • It is the same for income based, 12 months. That's when you are due an ATOS medical, if you win, payments continue. You know what happens if you lose.

    Cont based only lasts for 12 mts in WRAG, in SG it can last for at least 2 years or more, ie until the next medical is scheduled, as long as you win, they keep paying it.

  • Sorry the deleted comment was me, I wrote it all wrong!

    I know someone who never gets forms or medicals since the first time they applied 3 years ago, it was questioned, and the answer was don't worry it has been renewed again for another year!

    They are one income related esa. Wierd!


  • Sorry but I'm a bit thick lol could u tell e what WRAG, SG, ESA all stand for and what are they plzzzzz gentle hugs nd thanx x

  • Hi

    ESA stands for employment and support allowance and is a benefit those too ill to work can claim. It has two groups, support for those considered the most disabled, who will normally receive a bit more money and those in WRAG which stands for work related activity group where they expect you to undertake such activities such as interviews, workshop sect designed to help you back into work.

    Most people try and get into the support group if they can as no work related activity is required. Hope that helps.

  • They are not classing anxiety and depression (unless you are suicidal and have attempted it) as serious enough to claim on anymore things are changing and quickly , yes 365 days for ESA then another assessment sorry. It is going to be near impossible not to go to work soon as they think everyone no matter what unless you are dying (sorry to be so straight) can do something to contribute to work even if it is part time. What they do not understand the genuine ones among us would rather be at work than sitting around at home or in bed in pain and bored stupid. I know for sure they are keeping a close eye on alot of people who have fibro only as their main reason not to be working and i find it appauling ,you can not know what it feels like unless you have had it .

  • Thank You! for your replies. Sorry I haven't replied sooner, spent the day in bed due to exhaustion and felt very low. I do appreciate your support and will think about trying for Support Group. Difficult to see me getting it when I read what people have been thru in trying for Support Group.


  • I'm on contribution ESA which ends in September. My letter said I would then go on to income based. But I thought I would have to make another claim! I'm also in the WRAG and should have appealed but I don't feel confident enough. I have a number of disabilities as well as fibro and I find the stress of all this soooo much! XX

  • The real difference between the 2 is, you can get cont based paid no matter how much money you have coming into the house, being in SG can extend the life of cont based ESA, for as long as you remain in SG. That is why it is important for people on cont based who are placed in WRAG to appeal.

    Income based, as the term suggests, is only paid to people who have no other source of income.

  • At my assessment I was granted no points. I appealed. In the meantime I moved in with partner and relocated to other side of the country. My appeal was not going to be heard until after my contributions based year ran out. My physical and mental health declined rapidly after the move as my partner started drinking heavily and I was very isolated.

    We separated but have to live in same house.

    I received a phone call from DWP about my appeal and whether I still wanted to as it hadnt got to next part of process.

    The caller asked me lots of questions anx told me at the end of the conversation I would not be going to appeal tribunal, and placed me in the support group.

    The whole thing was incredibly stressful, but worth persevering.

    The changes coming in in respect to change to Universal Credit are going to make people get ready for employment, so it is imperative that we contact MPs and make sure everyone is being placed in correct group.

    I am sure I have copies of appeal I could scan and email if anyone wants a step for a hint as where to start.

    Dontet the b......s get you down!



  • Thanks for your comments, I understand more about what is going to happen. Makes me feel very stressed and wondering how I'll cope. But if I do nothing then I will find myself in a hell of a mess. Must find the strength from somewhere.

    Sending you all soft hugs x.

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