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esa appeal

Hi all i was put into the wrag group after my medical and i disputed it and wrote to them every month saying what will hapen next they never answered me this has been going on since June, I have just had a letter saying it wont go to appeal as they have changed their decision and put me into the support group thank goodness, but no information i was just wondering will they back date any payments or do they contact you again i cannot get through on the phone. Thank you

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Hi there,Yes they should back date you.they did to me and i received two payments in ly account for about £2,000. Good luck xxx


blimey thats a lot was it backdated from when you first applied or from the date of your medical assessment, thanks for the reply x


and did it take a long time as i said i havent had any form of information bar this letter but we know what they are like x


Hi there ,to be honest i cant remember fibrofog lol,all i Can remember is that i kept on their case,with regular phone calls.i know it takes ages for somebody to answer the phone but just keep doing that xx sorry im of not much use xxx


Please don't assume it will be retrospectively paid as this isn't always the case. Please try contacting them on the telephone, you will get through eventually and hopefully they can clarify this for you.

Wishing you all the best. Take care.

(((hug))) xxx



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