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I was wondering if anyone here has won their appeal over being placed in the work group and have gotten 'moved' to the SG? If so, how long did it take to happen? Also after 'winning' your appeal did the DWP write to you to say you were being shifted groups or did it just happen?

I was placed in WRAG last October, appealed because I fit the SG criteria, DM looked at my appeal and then stood by the WRAG decision. It was passed onto the DWP Head Office and prior to moving onto an independent review board it was reviewed again by the DWP to see if they agreed with either me or the DM.

I got a letter on 13th January saying my appeal wouldn't go ahead as the review board @ DWP had changed the decision in my favour. As I was asserting that I belong in the SG I assume that means that I would then be moved from WRAG to SG.

I've heard nothing since and have seen no change in my ESA since, I'm starting to get really concerned as someone on CB ESA I will be immediately cut off in early October if I haven't been moved over before then.

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sorry about this Lioslaith but i am only commenting on this so i will be notified if you get any comments as i too will be very very interested in this thread... i have just filled my ESA forms in. i am terrified. been on incapacity ben for 14 years and disability the same but awarded for life [though obviously that may change for all i know] so i am in panic mode... consequently i am having a flare... what a surprise. so as i will be following right behind you as you go through this. hope you get some proper info. try welfare rights for your area on google or the CAB office might help... though in my experience theres a waiting list for them round here right now. there should be a phone number on one of your letters regarding ESA that you can phone. good luck and gentle hugs.


i have just come off ib and been put on work related ESA , i am going to apeal as well , I i sounds like ou are now in the sg . xx


you should just ring them up and ask what is going on and tell them you are a little confused, it sounds like you have been put in the sg but you should of had a letter confirming this and your new amount and when they will pay it. i am too in your position i sent off my forms in dec for a reconsideration an didnt get it so i sent more medical proof and the like at the end of march and asked for another reconsideration to be put in the sg but i had not heard a thing so i rang them last week and they said they had no record of me sending anything in at the end of march so advised i send it all again, i really cant put on here how they have made me feel and how mad and stressed out i am so i did it all again and took it to the job centre and told them to fax it cos there was no way this lot was getting lost!!!! so im now waiting to here if they will put me in the sg as i was on cb esa and mine stopped completly at the end of april so i have now no money to live on, i am so sorry for this rant but they get my blood boiling and im also appealing my DLA no wonder im having a bad flare at the mo and feel totally crap!! xx


hi iam new on here but i appealed and got moved from work related group to support group i have had fibromyalgia for 6 years and 'M.E for 4 years also been in for 4 spinal operations they put me in work group i appealed and got another medical still no points then i came out of hospital after anoth operation and a medical form was waiting for me i was so upset i wrote through every page in capitals that i was unable to work or attend any medicals and to contact my gp the pain clinic and my surgeon it worked i was placed in support group , thinking that was an end to it a company to retrain you to work again phoned and said i had to attend or my benefit would be stopped i told them i was on wrg they said it was compulsory after 6 phone calls back and for to them and job centre was finally established i was unfit for work or retraining as i have a degree in my chosen career and if i could i would still be working .. there is a website that helped me with all my forms ect. apart from one i scribbled on lol . its the work and benefits web site you do have to pay for a year but it has been invaluble to me ...... hope you get on ok jen


I read that if you get put on the supported group you are judged unfit for work, but able to do some permitted work...this is what I've been doing for the last 9 years, yet I've been put in the work related group after my atos meeting. I am waiting to start an appeal. I'm contacting CAB and watchdog.

Good luck everyone in this position and I'll let you know the outcome.


This has just happened to me, I had my CB benefit stopped at the end of April but I had sent in a request for reassessment along with a consultant's letter appraising the DWP of the deterioration in my health. After 3 weeks of no benefit I had a letter stating I had been moved to the Support group from the WRAG, so it is possible, although I don't know who is more surprised!

They told me on the phone that my review would be held 15 May 2015 too, so it looks like they won't be sending me any more letters for a few years!


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