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Oxycodone med concern?


Evening everyone, ive finished a weeks course of steroids for an FM / UCTD flare and for a few days I felt almost normal and pain free. Except today the burning down my spine (worse at the base and hips) started again. Anti inflams dont help. I've been on plaquenil for almost 2 months now and that seems to help, but out of desparation this afternoon i took 10mg oxycodone tab which I usually only have as required at night. Within an hour i had huge relief and could carry on with my day. Does anybody else take oxycodone for pain? I worry about the addictive nature of it but if anything I'm more inclined to have a pain free day and be able to work. It's definitely not a medication I would abuse. I'm interested in other experiences please? 😊

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My doctor won't prescribe any narcotics. Here in Canada they cringe and are hesitant. I'm wondering if medicinal marihuana would work

In NZ medical marijuana is illegal. And it might seem very naeive (sp?) but i just have this huge fear if marijuana - it completely destroyed my marriage and left myself and my kids in danger because of my ex husbands associations. But my GP is very good - he knows I work really hard as a single mum and don't abuse what he does give me. I'm just wondering, if one twice a day works, will that always be enough or would i end up needing more? That's what scares me. Its like i have to make a choice between a reasonably pain free productive day and the risk of the meds, or struggling through each day distracted every second by intense pain 😢

Personally I would take the pain free days. There is not just the risk associated with addiction of oxycodone. The more you use it, the more you will need. It's not illegal for medicinal marihuana here, although I've never asked for it. But I heard it works very well for fibro pain, without the usual high.

Theres pushes over here for medical marijuana to be legalised. I guess I would be keen to try it if it didn't affect my mental capacity in any way i.e. No high. Plus I'm looking into as much natural stuff as possible - I've found Dr Murphrees YouTube site on fm. And bought his book on kindle.

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The medicinal cannibis that is legal in the UK is grown without THC so that there is no ' high' . Its called cannibiniol. It is good for moderate inflammation so if lookingforme. has had good results from steroids then it is likely it will help. I use a few drops most days. Message me if you want to know where I get it as there are less reputable suppliers on Amazon who produce an inferior produce.

It is quite pricey but I only take two drops at a time. No side effects and certainly non addictive.


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Thanks Dee but if I tried to get that stuff mailed to me here in NZ likely I'd end up with customs police on my doorstep lol.


I take it and it helps with my pain control.

I'm under a pain doctor here in the UK. I couldn't do without it as my pain is so severe. I have endometrosis, chronic pelvic pain, facet joint probłems, Dercums disease and fibro.

It is addictive in the sense that you do not become addicted to it if you are taking it for pain but your body will become accustomed to it and so if you were taking it for awhile and wanted to come off you would have to do it slowly. I came its sister drug Oxynorm quick release with no problems but everyone is different and you have to do what's right for you. I would discuss it with your pain consultant or GP.


Thank you for sharing that Aurora ☺️

Hi Leemaree44

I am so genuinely sorry to read how you are suffering and struggling and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend. I do not take Oxycodone myself but if you are worried it may help to discuss it with your doctor or medical specialist. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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