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New med

Hi all

Dr visit today.. Had really bad cramping and bloating and could no longer take the pain.

Started on tecta...40mg one at evening.

One gabapentin 300mg and now the tecta.

Boy this is getting a bit much I have to say.

Could be worse !!.

Anyone else taken tecta ???going for fluoroscopy in the morning symptoms are leafing to an ulcer and acid reflux ???questioned hiatus her now I hope not .

But whatever it is I hope its soon under control quite painful.

Major cramping and bloating .starting more probiotics tomorrow.

Bring on the fun.

Thanks for listening.



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Do make sure you are not overdoing the probiotics, it is a delicate balance in my experience. I hope you get some relief soon. xx


I am not taking this myself but I wanted to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck and I genuinely hope that it works well for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


ive never heard of tecta x


Hi dilly dally

Its pantaprazole magnesium 40mg

For stomach ulcers and or acid reflux.

I'm having a fluoroscopy on Tuesday 26th..hopeing all goes well.

The last few days have been brutal

The heartburn and acid reflux have subsided as well as the cramping I'm still hoping I don't have an ulcer.But boy the cramps were just terrible.

Massive burping and belching that didn't want to stop now have subsided a bit.

Tonight its the muscles in my right arm and neck .

If its not one thing its another.

I'm trying to relax

Hope you're doing well



it does seem like one thing after another, easier said than done relaxing, but will keep trying all the best on the 26th x

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Hi dilly dally

Thank you for your kind words.

I hope you are feeling well as to be expected.. I'll post on Tuesday today ended up in emergency room for stomach bloating it was so painful but nauseating. Settled down a bit now.

Today my head feels like its in a vice tense muscles I hope entire head feels tight to the touch and neck also.please be only tense muscles I'm awake as afraid to sleep I need to take s muscle relaxer and see what happens .

Has this ever happened to you?

Major tense muscles in my head.

Sweetdreams1234. Take care of you.


I have calcification in my neck, which causes a lot of rubbing between each disc, causes neck pain and headache, worse at night when lying down. have you ever had an mri scan on your you think any medication you take could be irritating your stomach problems. take care xx

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Hi.its possible about the meds it could be the Advil that I was talk ng that caused the stomach pain .I no longer take it but the pantaprazole is helping a bit no more belching or burping and the stomach cramps have subsided.

PPP the head pain that I now have is Luke a muscle spasms or a pulled neck it is in my shoulders and my head in very tender to the touch even in my face but that could be tmj.

Oh well tomorrow morning I ho for a ultrasound to rule out any other stomach issues.blood work was all good.

Tuesday morning a fluoscopy.well the only thing to find out is my neck issues I have had an MRI on my neck but that was a year ago.

Perhaps I'll have them check this tomorrow at the hospital.

Thanks I'll post tomorrow.



wishing you all the best for Tuesday, x

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Thanks again.

Take care.


Hope the fluoroscopy went okay and that it means you get some useful treatment soon. xx


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