Oxycodone and new sleeping tablets

Hi guys not been on nofor a while. Been backwards and forwards to gp lately. Who is so understanding. He tried to speak to pain consultant while I was there but not able to. The pain nurse called me a couple of days later saying she recommended tramadol and would arrange for a fax to be sent to gp. Am still waiting, four weeks laser. Anyway I told my gp what was said and he put me on tramadol and zopiclne for sleep. Neither worked so I went back. He then put me on oxycodone and ziplodem. What wonder drugs, for me at least. The yoplidem, I think that's how it is spelt, knock me out and oxycodone really help the pain. I can also top up with paracetamol. Its quite pointless waiting for the fax now as its not any good. I've tried tramadol and they are rubbish, for me anyway.

I wonder does anyone else take these drugs? Would be interested to hear from anyone who does.

Apologised for and spelling mistakes as writing this on my phone.

Gentle hugs


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  • I take zopiclone for sleep I just started taking the oxycodone and it works ok. Better than tramadol but I think I didn't try high enough dose for that. Also the oxy can make me quite nauseated sometimes. Glad you've found a good combo! Xx

  • Sorry correction. I take zolpidem for sleep. Different med.

  • I like the zolpidem

  • Does the zoplidem leave you with a feeling of beeing hungover the next day? I've tried zoplicone before I hate the side effects.

  • Hi I take Dihydrocodeine for pain and amitryptaline for muscle spasm relaxants and to sleep, but im supposed to be trying gabotantin soon for pain im not sure this will work as well as dihydrocodenie ive also read it makes you put weight on which im worried about as due to not being able to walk for the extreme pain im in with fibro and my spine and hip i dont burn of the weight which is a struggle to keep at a healthy level

  • hi yeah i am on Dihydrocodeine and was on amitryptaline they changed the amitriptaline when i suffered breakdown but went to the pain clinic and they were marvelous however they did put me on gabapentin and yes i have put weight on but i had to reduce the codeine as they thought it was causing me more symptoms than what i suffered with (not the case) its been really difficult like you to lose weight but i am finally getting there the first thing to do is get the right combo.I dont have fibro i have spondylothesis and spondylitis but my daughter has fibro and she wont take nothing shes just not ready to admit her illness yet and is working and partying hard and i keep telling her about this sight but she will only do things like most kids her age (18) but she does take paracetamol and goes to physio and she goes to hydro pool next week but she doesnt even like this.What i am astonished about is the consultant diagnosed her then left the appointment open which i was really upset about as she has been hospital 3 times due to this illness and had some difficult tests (lumber punture) surely theres more hope for us all i am 50 and worried as im gettin older how i am going to get myself out of bed etc but more so how am i going to help my daughter.Good luck regards dot

  • Hi Guys, I've had fibro for a number of years now and am able to manage it with various vitamin supplements, 70mg amitriptyline and codeine 60mg or 100mg tramadol. Most of the time it works.

    However, on 4th Feb this year I had a total knee replacement in my right knee. I hadn't been forewarned of the severity or duration of the excruciating pain, so it was a huge shock. I left the hospital on Ocynorm (Oxcycocodone). Its been 3 months and I'm still on it! This is a controlled Class A drug, extremely addictive and one where your body gets used to it relatively quickly and so you have to keep uping the dose. Whatever you do, do NOT stop taking it once you've started. At six weeks I was told I could drive, but I musn't take Oxynorm when I drive. Due to busyness, I ended up not taking Oxynorm for 2 days and boy oh boy, I went through hell. I didn't know what was wrong with me but I couldn't stop crying, I felt sick, had the shakes, burning hot and skin feeling incredibly itchy, almost crawling. I went into a dark psychological place where I had the most terrible thoughts and considered suicide. It turns out I was in WITHDRAWAL from Oxynorm. No-one told me about the side effects of coming off of it, no-one told me it was a Class A drug...in the same league as Heroin & Cocaine! I went through a living hell. Fortunately, a very good friend recognised the symptoms I was going through and has helped me. I've since seen my gp and have been advised to take my time weaning myself off of it!

    I tried for 2 weeks to wean myself off of it, it was not a pleasant experience to put it mildly. Trouble is the pain in my knee became so bad as other painkillers didn't touch it, I've had to stay on it. PLEASE think very carefully before you consider taking this drug, it is very dangerous.

    Susan xx

  • I too had a very rough ride coming off oxycodone. It's true it's in the same league as heroine and cocaine withdrawal and highly addictive. I thought I was dying and paralysed with pain. During withdrawal my hubby took all the tablets off me and let me have controlled doses weaning off it. It took weeks. One day he was home late and I nearly turned the house upsides down trying to find it and was found pacing the kitchen floor. Never again. It's also quite bad for bone density as weakens the structure over time, so be careful with it guys

  • My daughter was a heroin addict. There, I have said it twice now. She is not now, good for her but, what you all describe is just the same as heroin withdrawal and they get put on methadone for it which is even more addicitve.!

    Please pace any codiene product.

    I have been caught in the co codamol trap of taking more and more and thene realising that the aches and pains are actually my body craving codiene.

    I have decreased them now . in favour of tramadol and gabapentin topped up with a couple of ibuprofens.

  • Hello JT,

    Could I please ask do you take any other medication for your Fibro ? You mention the pain nurse, is this at a pain clinic or surgery based ?


  • Hi Emma. Yes I take 600mg per day Pregabalin, 45mg per day Baclofen, 225mg Venlofaxine and now 20mg per day Oxycodone and 10mg Zolpidem. The last two for just over a week now. Baclofen for about 6 months starting at 15mg a day and gradually increasing. Pregabalin started at 150mg a day 3 years ago and gradually increasing. Have taken all sorts, morphine tablets, pain patches, Amitryptiline, Tramadol to name a few. All stopped working after some time so had to change. Yes the nurse is from the pain clinic. I've had trouble with them tho. I called them in February to ask when my next appt was as I hadn't heard anything and they told me I missed it two days previously! I was furious and upset that is the second time that has happened, but they hadn't written to me. So when I asked when the next appt was, I was told June and that is just to see a nurse, not the consultant! I was so upset. Sorry I rambled on a bit there. Hope that answered your question!



  • Have you had you B12 & Vitamin D levels and thyroid checked recently?

    B12 is needed for the covering of the nerves (myelin sheath) and I personally experienced increased pain when my B12 was low. I was wondering if you have tried so many analgesics whether there is an underlying problem that may be contributing to your pain experience maybe?

  • I had a blood test a couple of months ago and apparently my thyroid is ok. Unless the b12 and vitamin d come under the regular blood test forms then no I haven't had them checked.


  • They are separate bloods, so you may consider asking for them to be checked too maybe.

    Have you ever tried using a prescribed pain relief cream called Capasacin Cream.

    Capasacin cream is known to reduce Substance P , a substance which is excitable when you feel pain. Research has shown that people with Fibromyalgia have 3 times the amount of Substance P than healthy people do.

    I found it very beneficial and thought I would mention it out of interest. Link below


    Please be aware that for people that are sensitive to medications, this may be something that should be avoided. Capasacin is made from Capiscum pepper and you must be careful when using avoiding eyes as it is similar to pepper spray.

    I hope the pain eases soon



  • Thanks for that Emma

  • No problem, you're welcome :)

  • Hi all,

    Re the oxynorm / oxycodine agree with comments above. Over time (two years) My dose was increased to 80mls oxycodine twice a day oxynorm on top 8 tablets plus duloxatine and paracetamol. I was worried about continually increasing this as in previous posts it is highly addictive and your body becomes used to it as it would heroin or methadone (I work in this area, supporting people with addictions).

    Coming off this dosage was hell trainspotting comes to mind!!!!

    Please be careful I know its a no win situation as if you don't get pain relief life can be unbearable.

    I came down to 15mls twice a day and am now prescribed Nabilone (A canaboid) from the pain clinic and it is helpful!

    Good luck I hope it works for you



  • I tried Tramadol but was waking up, up to 30 times a night( yeah I counted one night), changing sides of the bed and itching....then tried codydromol but they make me feel like a zombie the next day and bad tempered. So now I take one of each, less itching and not so heady in the morning...my mood varies. But I need something to help me sleep...I've not had a full night in the past couple of years.

  • Me neither. First I was given Zopiclone but only by taking two did the help me sleep but the after taste of them is revolting. Its metallic and does go away, so that's why I have now been put on Zolpidem and they work a treat. I too haven't had decent nights sleep in 3 years. I took my first one and slept for 13 hours! So I thought I wouldn't take one the next night and didn't sleep, so last night I took one at 9 and at 11.15 it hit me. I was swaying and dizzy so went straight to bed. I woke up at 2.30 to let the dogs out then finally woke at 9.30. Took another one tonight so I should be feeling it soon. I highly recommend them. They are the best that have worked for me.


  • I haven't found the oxycodone to be some magical drug of euphoric measures, which I assume is why some people buy them for. They have taken the edge off the pain but not really doing anything spectacular. Maybe the doc will increase the dose as he wants me to call him this week and let him know how I am doing with them. Will see what he says.


  • i take 150mg of gabbapentin twice a day and 20mg zomorph, the 5ml oramorph when needed as a top up and stil nothing touches my pain just relaxes me and sends me cuckoo lol sleeping is a irregular i fall asleep no prob hen i fgirst go to bed then i wake around 1-30ish and thats it my head goes through all that days avents and wheteher i should get up to take pain killers or just lay there and wait then around 6/7oclock i eventually get sleepy knowing full well its time to be up grrrr

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