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Missed the pain???

Had a totally painless day today which was great, though I couldn't for the life of me decide what to do with myself. It was almost eerie having a silent, light body for the day. Dare I say I almost missed the pain I'm so used to.

Almost glad I'm starting to get the familiar feeling of heavylegs and arms. Such an obscure way to feel I'm literally laughing at the irony of it hahha :D

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I,ll swap I have a stomach bug :(


Hi Trae

hopefully you will have many more pain free days

VG aha i have rumbled you your MAJESTY

Did you miss your St Davids day visit to Wales today ? :)

i won't tell the others shh its our secret

Get well soon x


Hi irisjoy,

Had to laugh at :-" sshits" our secret!

Made me chuckle!

Have a good night.

Love and hugs Saskia



Drat iris you have rumbled me ... One has had to swap ones throne for a porcelain one



oh dear bless you ,

i love doing code words and the 2 letters today were V G , it was a sign

take care from 1 of your faithful followers xx


Aww sorry to hear that VG. It's rife at the moment hope you feel better soon xxx


Lets hope so... that was the first in a long while... though I think it's rearing its head again, either that or I'm catching the OH's man flu lol xx


It's very strange, it does not happen often does it, it's like you feel

Almost high, energy is back you feel good, but miss the pain how strange

Is it gone, ? no such luck, is it going to be a flare, maybe,

I hope that yours will not come back with a rengence

Hope you have a pain free sleep


Thankyou so much. Unfortunately no such joy. My faithful friend has returned to keep me company the rest of the night. Spoke too soon eh? Ah well it was nice while it lasted. Gave me a taste of normal for a few hours :) xx


hi there,

i too have odd days that are not so bad and think is it gone is gone is gone, whats goign on

i used to say to Dr i get one good week out of 4!! and she would even repeat it for me when i would go back and now its i get 1 good day and today i have been moving my daughters bedroom around and i am in shock , although its happend before and then am laid up for another 3 days and a week to recover! so lets see as got a New custoemr in tomoro for a big clean so i ahve to be on ball (not me doing it my girls do it )

enjoy it whilst its there but remember from experience just becareful because when mine 1st happend i would go on a heavy mission and be doomed for a week.

if you keep your meds in tow and do not miss and use correctly you find that you can have an easy day here and there i think. for me evenings are bad no matter even if i do have a good day always need freshair for burning up like a fever every day. used to it now though.

so a nice soft shaky hug today and ohhh enjoy it and have a cream bun with a cup of tea :-)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cazzie caroline


Thanks cazzie x woke up with a flare up this morning so being very kind to myself :) there's always calm before the storm xxx


Hi, Glad you had a pain-free day, (forgotten what they are??!!), I suspect I"d feel the same as you, would"nt quite know what to do with myself, but have a good few ideas tucked away, just in case, you never know your luck do you!! Hence the pain coming back, so sorry tto hear of that but fun while it lasted I suspose!!

Hope you managed some sleep last night. Sadly my pain woke me @ 1am and no matter what I did or did"nt do no relief until hubbie woke to find me in tears with pain! Out came to good old strong meds I keep for emergencies (which seem to be daily lately!), trusted old hot-waterbottle and finally by 6am basically knocked out by pain-reflief! Hate taking the stuff but would have done anything early hours just to get out of pain and sleep!

At least you gave me some hope that these "pain-free days" do exsist, I live in hope @ moment, as stuck in bed (been here for 4th week tomorrow) with extra pain, just gettting over nasty bout of shingles and UTI, now they are painful too, on top of fibro!

So guess I"m feeling rather sorry for myself @ moment. Thank Gog for this trusted site @ least its a sounding board of people who really understand when we say "I can"t move!" its literally so!!

Hope you experience another pain-free day soon, in mean time cwtch up warm! (Welsh) love BB X


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