Blood test tomorrow

Hi to you all, i am taking hubby to oncology tomorrow he has to have hes bloods done before hes appointment so I will get mine done at the same time.

I had such a sharp bad pain on the right side of my head today it really did take my breath away i hope that accupuncture works on Monday. I am thinking of taking MSM again i'm sure it helped I took it for about 4 months and it certainly relieved some of my symptoms. I have been binge eating as well which is not like me so i won,t attempt the scales for a couple of weeks LOL. Thankyou all for you're kind thoughts and words what lovely people you all are it feels good to talk with other people other than family xx

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  • Hope tomorrow goes well for you both.


  • Menarley , I hope all goes well for you as well as your OH at the doctors. Take care and get some rest. Peck 🐤

  • Thankyou peck x

  • Hope everything is good tomorrow xx

  • Good luck for tomorrow Menarley x

  • I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck for tomorrow.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi! Hope all goes well tomorrow for the both of you.sorry about your head pain it's been awhile since I suffered from head pain it is immobilizing😦I would like to try acupuncture! Oh! And the binge eating now that the weather is changing I can't seam to stop craving food!!!🍞🍖🍔🍟🍕🍌🍰🎂🍪🍦🍜well good luck. Chris

  • I hope all goes well.

  • Good morning Menarley. Hope you are not feeling too stressed about today - just a few hours and it will all be over. Sending you and your husband gentle hugs and wishes for a better day than you are expecting. Anna xxx

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